Wooden Carpet Cat Scratching Post: An Important Game of Pets

Wooden Carpet Cat Scratching Post is very nice model that offers everything of a cat’s heart.

Wooden Carpet Cat Scratching Post is a very new idea for your important home and loving pets.If you want to buy a cool cat shelf for a young cat, you can securely choose catry large activity scratching post that contains of many different components. You can quickly set up the new scratching post even in the living room.

Best Perform

This beautiful catry wooden cat condo will make with a combination of laminated wood and plush that keeps your cat happy and entertained.

Basic Product Information

Material: the material that regularly uses in catry cat furniture is sisal. A solid rope will make of this natural material is usually covered around the tubes, as cats can hold onto them with their claws and pull them up. Actually sisal is dirt-repellent, so the beautiful beige of the sisal is retained for a long time.

Why should you buy Wooden Carpet Cat Rubbing Perch?

The floor-to-ceiling cat scratching post can equip in the basic version with three easy-care hammocks – there is still plenty of space for adjustments, extensions, and modifications according to your personal requirements.

catry cat furniture

Most important Benefits

This Wooden Carpet Cat Scratching Post with several levels offers a great place to relax for your kitten. Such Cat Tree has long variation of stock.

Things you should be concerned about

Your cats will reserve and scared at first, but with a few good words and treats he will start exploring the new playground after a few days. In this guide you can find out what Wooden Carpet Cat Scratching Posts are useful  and how you can clean the play paradise.

Set up the catry cat tree with condo appropriately

The choice of a suitable location for the scratching post is often completely ignored. However, in many cases it is precisely this that is decisive for whether or not the house tiger accepts the cat furniture.

  1. Lookout the cat: your cats choose their favorite place to scratch themselves. If you see your cat’s claws will use in the same place over and over again, you should set up the catry cat furniture with condo in this area.
  2. Giving space to curiosity: Since cats are curious and like to observe what is happening in the garden, it makes sense to choose a place near a window.
  3. Don’t choose separated spots: Make sure your cat can easily reach the scratching post. There should be no other objects or doors in the vicinity blocking access.

My opinion

Since cats often lick the scratching post or nibble on the climbing poles while playing, you should make sure that only natural materials are used for the production. For example, wood or sisal are ideal. If the scratching post has fabric covers, you should make sure that these are washable.

User Experience

►Solid and sturdy for large cat

I have seen several cat trees after they will use for a while. My cat can be found frequently on the top shelf and enjoys it. He even stopped scratching my couch!

Solid construction, cats love it, aesthetics are great.

This will an excellent prefabricate tree. Extremely simple to assemble, and the parts are solidly made.

Best couch saver EVER!!

My kitten loves this tree. It’s super sturdy and was really reasonable! I’d buy this again without a doubt!


►Built to be strong, durable and tough

►Can hold multiple, large-breed cats

►Simple, easy assembly


►The high basket may not be accessible to older or less-agile cats without assistance

►Cushion lining is not removable and can only be spot-cleaned

Frequently Ask Questions

►Can someone tell me the width of the top shelf?


23″ x 12″. Plenty of room for my 11-pound cat to relax.

►What are the heights of each of the levels?


The height from the lowest level to highest level is 7.9inch, 18.9inch, 25.0 inch and 36.0 inch. Total height is 50.0inch.

►I have a 20 lb. cat. Would the resting spots hold him fully or would he be hanging off?


I have several large cats and the resting spots do hold. However, if they run and jump on the tree, it does wobble. Makes me wonder how long this last. It’s not that old.

Final Words

With a Wooden Carpet Cat scratching post, you offer your cat the opportunity to pursue its natural urge to scratch and move around. It also serves as an inviting play area where cats can let off steam.

The high-quality laminated wooden board also makes the base strong and the whole tower construction more stable. Your kitten is safe and can have as much fun she or he would like.

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