Wall Shelves Without Screws: The Beauty of Home

You may look at wall shelves without screws and how to install them but didn’t find proper guidance or ideas. So you have to go through this article to know about your asking. 

You might have a plan to mount shelves, but you have hesitation or do not want to screw up your wall, which makes your wall slight damage. So now you are thinking about shelves without screws

Wall shelves without screws can hold light things; you cannot give an extra weight because it cannot carry much weight. 

If you want to know how to install wall shelves without screws, please keep an eye on the article as long as you cannot complete it. 

Approach Command Strips

One most significant and first solutions are to mount shelves in command strips. These hooks adhere temporarily to walls, and you can easily remove them whenever you wish. You can hang picture frames and lightweight pieces of stuff using adhesive strips. Its strength and stability are good enough. It can hold up to 15 to 16 pounds if you don’t exceed it.

How no-drill shelves work?

Following two ways, a no-drill shelf attaches to a wall.

  • Via High-quality double-sided glue tape.
  • Via suction Cups

Through these two ways, you can attach a shelf to a wall.

  • Another way you can attach a shelf with no drilling is that it will affect your wall slightly. These are self-screwing nails; you only need a screwdriver. 

shelves without screws

What surfaces support no dill shelves?

In general, you can apply no drill or without screws shelves anywhere on your wall, but there are few lines. So what are they?

  • Smooth solid metal
  • Tiles
  • Solid wooden wall
  • Glass surface
  • Marble
  • Smooth Cement wall

And no work properly the following are.

  • Wallpaper wall
  • Painted wall
  • Rustic Tiles
  • Lime wall

How to install wall shelves without screws

If you live in an apartment, you may not be able to drill a ton of holes to mount things like shelves or pictures. So thankfully, 3m makes a lot of types of adhesives that can mount picture frames without using nails or screws. 

Now I have used them to hang picture frames and even a heavy clock, which is still attached to the wall after over a year. So you can add some floating shelves from IKEA in the corners of my room just to put some knickknacks and figurines. Hubs are essential, though they will support the frame from both sides.

command strips

So you have to put this in a corner somewhere, and you can’t just mount it from the back with these adhesives because it will flop over and fall down. So corners are very important in this DIY. Using some 3m command strips for picture frames to attach a wall will work properly. You can essentially stick them on the wall. 

So these strips are similar to Velcro, but they’re much stronger. There is no hook or loop side; instead, both strips have the same or the same on both sides, and then you join them together like Velcro.

The great thing about the 3m strips is that they come off the wall easily just by pulling the tab. These IKEA lock shelves go for seven dollars each, 11 by 10. They are about 11 by 10 inches in size and 2 inches thick. 

The more extended lock shelves, you find out IKIA is probably too heavy. So I wouldn’t recommend doing that even with even if you can support it with two sides from in a corner.

So on the back sides of the shelf, since the strips won’t stick on wood nails or a staple gun can be used to hold the strips onto the ledge. I used four sets of these 3m large command strips for each shelf.

I put a pair on the two sides of the shelf that would stick on the wall. Then on the smooth side, you can use the adhesive to fasten it on the frame. Next, measure and figure out where you want to put the brackets. I leave a gap of about ten or twelve inches between each shelf, but you may make the opening wider if you wish. 

Then all you have to do is stick it on the wall, and then what I do is I pound it in firmly, tapping it in place and make sure you feel that the 3m command strips are sticking to the wall and also that both the Velcro pieces are sticking together. You can tell if it’s actually holding together just by putting a little pressure on the shelf itself.

shelves without screws

And it shouldn’t move at all, and it should be pretty firm, and that’s when you know that the shelf is on the wall nice and stable and shouldn’t fall off.

Tips for using command strips

Command strips or hooks have unique reposition-able strips with purple liners. Use indoors: 50F to 100 F.

  1. Do not hang irreplaceable items.
  2. Are you hanging frames? Use command picture hanging strips instead. 
  3. Do not hang over beds.
  4. Use on clean, dry, and smooth surfaces. Do not hang it on the wallpaper. 
  5. Wait 24 hours to ensure strong enough adhesiveness to the wall or surface. 
  6. The cause of any dust, dirt, or residue can make the shelf fall off, and the steps lose their adhesiveness faster. So clean the surface or wall first. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can you hang shelves without screws?

Nails are necessary to hold or hang up heavy things made of solid or dense materials. But as usual, you can hang up light shelves for light things which are made of light woods such as balsa wood. Nails are strong enough to hang heavy stuff, but light frames do not have much strength to carry heavy objects. 

Can command strips hold up a shelf?

Strong adhesive on command strips can hold wall shelving which is up to 15 – 16 pounds and doesn’t go beyond. 


For installing wall shelves without screws, you can approach Command strips. Command strips can be a fantastic medium for keeping light things, giving your house a bit of a test run. 

Command strips are incredibly easy to attach to wall shelves, and you can easily remove them whenever you want. It took less than 5 minutes to secure. So give your home to life and save from damaging the wall. 

I hope you read it till the end. I have tried to help you to let you know with all my might about the topic. Further, any question if you have let us know without any hesitation.

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