New Wall Mounted Cat Shelves Design Ideas That Cat Will Love

Here we come with modern curved design wall mounted cat furniture for you. It is really great that cats come in all varieties. You can find them in any hammock wall mounted cat shelves of your home. Because they need a special place to mount or scratch.

High up or for the more seasoned cats further down in the shelf, the cat bed can be reached by means of the module shelf or in the progression rack through the means.

The rack blend of cat dozing spot and climbing fun with practical rack can fundamentally loosen up the concurrence of man and cat and give both a ton of joy.

You decide the cat’s climbing ways and the extra room for your home frill and things. The tidy wood comes from affirmed ranger service. The sturdy art paws hammock wall mounted cat furniture can take on new structures whenever.

On the off chance that you find that the house cat likes to rest nearer to the warmer or is searching for new climbing openings, at that point basically recombine the rack blocks!

My opinion

Searching for the correct cat cushion? A hand-sewn cat pad to cuddle with made of tough natural denim and controlled natural development supplements the cat container to an advanced and feasible cat cavern.

Basic Product Information 

Molded new banded Wood Wall Mounted Cat Shelves size 40x30x12 cm (16x12x5 inches), ideal for little cats to main Coon estimated cats. Your adorable cat can climb scratch so easily for the size of the shelves.

Art Paws Hammock

Best Performance

There are many advantages of the shelves. Installation is very easy for any concrete wall. Two covers included look over a delicate fleece cover or a fiber-type cover which normally moves scratching.

Important Benefits

High class definite plan handily connected to the divider by screws and divider secures (included) and is adequately solid to hold the heaviest of cats, up to 15kg (33lbs).

Frequently Ask Questions

►Is it possible to purchase a replacement fiber cover?


I don’t know but I used a pillowcase.

►is the soft bedding actual wool or is it synthetic or some other material? True wool isn’t something I want to buy


It is synthetic the type you find in carpet tiles

►How big are the anchors and screws? I lost my hardware pack.


The 3 screws are 6cm / 2.4 inches long. You can choose longer ones if you like. Choose anchors that are slightly shorter than the screws to ensure that the anchor deploys completely.

Why should you buy wall mounted cat shelves?

The wall mounted cat shelves placed high on a wall is the perfect way to attract your cat to utilize their natural climbing skills. Such racks do not need any additional space as these can be installed in the wall of your any room.

Things you should be concerned about

Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day! Make sure they have comfortable place to sleep in your home. Find the one that’s best for your cat.

User experience

►My cats love this shelf!

Since setting this shelf up a few days ago 10 of my 13 cats love it


Love these

My cat likes it

My cat lives this shelf. It is sturdy and I am not worried that it will break.


►Heavy Duty

►Matches the Small Wave Perch


►Only available in one finish

►Only available in one orientation

Final Words 

Make the ideal wall mounted cat shelves by situating the cat rack in a high spot with a decent view and a touch of sun. We are enthusiastic about our incredible quality and worth items and with phenomenal client support we intend to make your shopping experience with us perfect!

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