Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Shelves That Your Cat Will Love

Buy Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Shelves For Your Lovely Home

Wall mounted cat scratching shelves that turns a cats life into a single adventure.Cats love variety that is why we make it unique for them.Our scratching trees for cats, scratching barrels and toys turn your home into a cat playground.

Wall mounted cat scratching shelves always look good, durable, easy to assemble and cheap to sell, because you buy the cat furniture directly from the manufacturer.

In our wall mounted cat scratching posts shop you can find out what we do for cats.

Organize your modern wall mounted scratching cat tree in small spaces according to your places at home.

Every wall mounted cat scratching shelves from cat shelves idea can be configured according to your thoughts.

Would you like a thicker trunk, a larger scratch barrel or oiled wooden elements? Just tick the desired selection and if you have problems putting together your cat tree as you wish.

The wall climbing cat scratching posts – the perfect retreat!

Construct a superlative cat playground for your lovely cat. With the wall hammock, the wall bed, the climbing aids as well as other wall articles you can develop a completely new cat landscape.

If you invite your friends at your home and once they have a look at your well decorates wall, they will amuse.

The multi-level cat wall shelf is ideally rounded off with the high-quality processed cave. It offers with 42cm diameter enough space for cuddling. If your cat weighs more than 8kg or is planning to become that big, we recommend the 52cm diameter.

The cave will equip with a bed on the top and a pillow inside, which can be ordered with the high-pile cotton fabric or the microfiber fabric.

The fabrics are washable up to 60 degrees, should not be spun, but can be put in the dryer.

Wall brackets for mounting and the terrace for a comfortable entrance are included.

You can also order waxed or oiled birch wood (nut, chestnut, clear) Screw joint will enclose.

The body is 30cm high, including the bed we come to about 40cm. The slabs are 47cm and incl. wall holder the cave is approx. 52cm deep plus terrace (approx. 10cm).

You determine the height of the cave and you can align the terrace in different directions.

Best Performance of wall mounted scratching posts

Natural and safe for home. Natural solid pinewood steps and soft carpet hammock are all safe and tested to human and animal.

Cat scratching post

Basic Product Information

Simple to install and completely extendable and can be adapted to any wall, besides the cat window, behind the door, as long as going with the right screws.

Most important Benefits of new wall mounted cat scratching posts

Every component is replaceable, available, revising, renewing and restructuring is very easy.

User Experience

►  Love it!

At first I was a little skeptical. My humans easily installed this cat tree above the couch but it seemed pretty scary. I absolutely love it! It’s so nice to be able to sit up on my perch and look down at the humans occupying my abode.

Happy cat 

Our cat is happy with it. We have large dogs so our cat is always looking for her own retreats. Installation was pretty easy and it’s sturdy.

Compared to other brands I feel like this is priced very well.

► Cats love their new tree

We needed a cat tree to fit in a tight corner. It was easy to install. The cats took ownership as soon as the last screw was in place.

One of our cats has made it his official bed. Our cats are 11 & 12 pounds. It’s plenty big and sturdy for them. I’m pleased with this purchase.

My opinion

Great nose wall scratching post is a very good design for your cats as we can create a cat path easily by piping the post up.

Cats can climb and jump on the wall while scratching. You will find that your cats
is happier when you set up a cat path for them.

A cat path can lead them run around the house which the normal cat trees can’t.

Why should you buy Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Shelves?

If you are watching for kind of cat tree which is different, functional and durable, our wall mounted cat scratching shelves might be the right choice.

The cat tower will simply design but you can always go with different home styles. It’s slim which is suitable for many different kinds of walls and corners.

Things you should be concerned about

At the point when you set up our alluring and modern and multi-level wall mounted cat scratching shelves, it will reside in corner of any room of your home due to its shape and size, so set up it cautiously.


1. The multilevel design can adjust to pretty much any wall angle.

2. Every piece of it will replace.

3.  Made of excellent materials like solid wood and natural jute.


1. It’s kind of heavy so you really need to place it on a stud that can handle the load.

2.  While the post and platforms are fairly sturdy, the hammock is a bit weak. You may want to remove it if you have a heavier cat.

Frequently Ask Questions

► Do you get the side pieces or just the straight up and down post?

Answer: Both. You get the side pieces and the post.

► How wide are the mounting brackets?

Answer: 5 inches

► Can you hang this on a door or a bed side?

Answer: Well this is a good idea. For the bed side I think yes as you can attach on the bed side wall. For the door as long as you can accept the screw making holes on your door.

► How can I order replacement for one of the scratching posts?

Answer: The seller should be able to help you with that.

Final Words

Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Shelves are important for any healthy, well-adjusted cat. Cats must have an outlet for their urge to scratch, so providing a post for that purpose can save your furniture, drapery and carpeting from destruction.

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