Wall Mounted Cat Bed an Attractive Idea for Pets

Wall Mounted Cat Bed for Climbing Where Your Cats are Lively

Attractive Wall Mounted Cat Bed is the new innovative cat climbing furniture of 3 pieces set for your home. With our huge choice of cat cloud bed, divider loungers, catwalks, scratching mats and scratching and climbing posts, you can plan a whole climbing divider for your car.

Let your thoughts go crazy and offer your cat ray cc cat shelves of cat perch for unadulterated climbing fun.

Nonetheless, you ought to consider the accompanying focuses for a cat amicable plan of the cat divider. Long climbing trunks for broad climbing and scratch posts for honing hooks.

High lying levels for noticing and unwinding. Long catwalks for strolling around at grand statures. Steps or lying levels for safe climb and plummet.

Scratching mats for paw care and for dividers on which your cat has just trespassed.

Or then again you can give your dear an agreeable spot by the window with a window ledge cushion, from where they can watch the world pass by and rest of in the sun.

Wall Mounted Cat Furniture

Best Performance

Wall mounted cat furniture excessive for cat climbing

Make an individual climbing divider as per your desires and the necessities of your cat with a huge determination of divider components!

Cats scratching on the wall

With wall loungers, wall hammocks and stairs, you can create new favorite places for your cat.

Basic Product Information

Ray cc cat shelves steps give your cats an agreeable climate to keep them dynamic and upbeat.

Cat cloud cat bed wall mounted furniture dimension layer board dimensions: 17″ x 12″ (43cm*30cm). Great for climbing, dozing, and working out.

Why should you buy Wall Mounted Cat Couch?

1. The unique thing about profiling cat furnishings.

2. High quality from genuine wood

3. Very easy install system

Most important Benefits

1. Cat bed wall mounted furniture is perfect for (Set of 3) increasing the beauty of your room.

2. Low cost price

3. Saves space

User Experience

■ Size large could work as perch or steps 

These are great especially for the price point! We bought the large size and they seemed a bit small but even our biggest cat can sit on them comfortably

■ These are AWESOME! 

Wanted some simple cat shelves to fill in gap so my kitties would have like a stairway up high to observe the grand kids in their play room. These were PERFECT.

My opinion

Provide a comfortable place to your adorable cats through the  wall mounted cat bed for climbing (Set of 3) and make them healthy and happy.

Things you should be concerned about

Install the product with the wall carefully.


► Top notch materials – best quality – for a cat’s life

►Intended for little and huge cats


Just accessible in one direction

Frequently Ask Questions

►What is the difference between the meshed fabric and the oxford fabric?


I got oxford, but I’m not sure of the difference. In this case, I would assume mesh is a little thinner. I can’t tell you which is better.

►Do these need to be mounted on a stud?


It works best if on a stud. Use an oversize molly bolt.

Final Words

Overall it can be certainly said that cat bed wall mounted cat furniture for climbing (Set of 3) is the appropriate item for well decorated home and your gorgeous cats.

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