Surprise your cat with the refined feline wood furniture

Show your affection to your loving pet with new wall mounted cat shelves

Tall cat climbing shelves and friends-make cat’s soul hang.

The refined feline lotus cat furniture has original high quality and strong design.

With our modern sturdy curved design cat wall perch, we are aimed to people who love good quality and everlasting design as much as their pets.

Our goal is to meet the high demands of cats and at the same time to create objects that can be individually and discreetly integrated into modern living spaces as wall mounted cat stairs.

Modern, stylish and first class in every respect: Offer your darling selected designer best wall mounted cat posts that will make your cat happy and at the same time add style-conscious accents to your living environment.

Because the modern cats is your specialized online shop for modern cat furniture that inspires fur noses and their owners alike.

Our big advantage for you: All designer cat perch is handcrafted and made of high quality materials – this means that they can withstand the play instinct of your roommate particularly well.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are your competent partner for first-class designer cat furniture.

The Refined lotus cat tower specially designed for your lovely pet.

Whether you surprise your cat with a new scratching post, pamper it with a comfortable cat cave, where it simply feels good – the modern cat offers you cat furniture for every situation.

From the gently curved cat lounger to a cozy cat ball to the cozy cat cave made of felt, our range of designer cat furniture for your sleeping place is as individual as your cat.

Because your velvet paws are known to be picky about their place to sleep, doze and watch.

You are guaranteed to find the right retreat for your modern cats. The diverse range includes numerous cat perches in color to match the design of your facility. 


Scratching & climbing

Cat lovers know that your cute robber stretches out devotedly, while of course he also sharpened his claws – preferably on your furniture. So give your cat a scratching post to let off steam.

The new scratching post “The One” is a particularly clever choice because it is ideal for your house cat to climb and at the same time offers more than enough scratching surface.



The refined cat elegant mounted furniture is in the same design family as our top-rated Lotus Cat Tower. The shelf is made of solid wood and bent ply and comes in two finishes, Mahogany and Espresso.

The shelf is covered with replaceable Berber carpet that is attached with Velcro. Mounting hardware and screwdriver are included.

Overall Dimensions: 61”L x 10.5”W x 12”H

Item Weight: 18 pounds


Best Perform

Our goal is to meet the high demands of cats and at the same time to create objects that can be individually and discreetly integrated into modern living spaces as wall mounted cat stairs.

With our cat furniture, we are aimed to people who love good quality and everlasting design as much as their pets.


Basic Product Information

All designer cat perch is handcrafted and made of high quality materials – this means that they can withstand the play instinct of your roommate particularly well.


Most important Benefits

The curved design of The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf makes it the perfect spot for your cat to lounge. The carpet surface adds comfort and traction.


User Experience

► I love the look and my kitty loves it too

I love the look and my kitty loves it too. Tip: Do not try to put this heavy shelf on the wall with the pre-drilled holes through sheet rock with anchor bolts.

Great cat shelf

My cat loves it so much! I received it today and after installing it she has been on it. It’s beautiful and very easy to install. I can’t wait to receive the Lotus branch.

► Much Loved Shelf

Beautiful shelf, very sturdy and easy to install. Initially put it up as a step towards higher up shelves (the metal ones from the same seller), they like it so much that they sleep on it. The curve has all kinds of unforeseen benefits.


My opinion

surprise your cat with a new scratching post, pamper it with a comfortable cat cave, where it simply feels good – the modern cat offers you cat furniture for every situation.


Why should you buy this?

The size of the Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf is big enough to accommodate a very large cat. This sturdy cat shelf is incredibly stable. Multiple Lotus Leaf Cat Shelves can be arranged on a wall to create steps for your cat to climb.


Things you should be concerned about

Wherever we place our Lotus leaf cat tower or shelves, either it is corner of any room of our home or any side, it should be placed carefully because cats move & scratch frequently.



►Smart and innovative

►Enormous surface

►Replaceable Velcro Carpet

►Great for climbing and lounging

►Rock solid




►May be too huge for certain rooms

►Just accessible in one direction


Frequently Ask Questions

►Will this still be sturdy if only one side is drilled into a stud? With the other side anchored?

Answer: If you use a drywall anchor designed to hold a good weight it should be fine. My second shelf will not have any studs, but my anchors will hold 159 pounds. However, the shelf is sized so that it should hit both studs in the normal house, as does the first shelf I bought.

►What is the shipping weight of the lotus leaf?

Answer: Just under 10 lbs. free shipping w/ Prime. Fast delivery, the cats love it!
I also had to drill extra holes for mounting, as the predrilled didn’t quite line up with where the studs hit. I have big cats and didn’t want to risk it with drywall anchors.

►Can it be attached to a fire wall?

Answer: Ours are very secure screwed into studs. I’m not sure how screws would do in brick. Our condo’s firewall is sandwiched by regular walls with studs so the shelves are fine. Maybe check out some cat trees and large scratchers.


Final Words

The Refined cat furniture has a reputation for making quality cat furniture. This heavy-duty cat shelf is built to last a lifetime. When the carpet begins to show signs of wear, it can easily be removed and replaced.

Buy new wall mounted cat scratching shelves hammock

Your cat will love a wall mounted cat scratching perch

Multi level cat scratching post hammock that turns a cats life into a single adventure.

Cats love variety that is why we make it unique for them.

Our scratching trees for cats, scratching barrels and toys turn your home into a cat playground.

Cat wall climbing shelves always look good, durable, easy to assemble and cheap to sell, because you buy the cat furniture directly from the manufacturer.

In our cat tree shop you can find out what we do for cats.

Organize your modern wall mounted scratching cat tree shelves in small spaces according to your places at home.

Every cat scratching post from cat shelves idea can be configured according to your thoughts.

Would you like a thicker trunk, a larger scratch barrel or oiled wooden elements? Just tick the desired selection and if you have problems putting together your cat tree as you wish.

The wall cave for cats – the perfect retreat!

Construct a superlative cat playground for your lovely cat. With the wall hammock, the wall bed, the climbing aids as well as other wall articles you can develop a completely new cat landscape.

If you invite your friends at your home and once they have a look at your well decorated wall, they will be amused.

The multi-level cat wall shelf is ideally rounded off with the high-quality processed cave. It offers with 42cm diameter enough space for cuddling. If your cat weighs more than 8kg or is planning to become that big, we recommend the 52cm diameter.

The cave is equipped with a bed on the top and a pillow inside, which can be ordered with the high-pile cotton fabric or the microfiber fabric.

The fabrics are washable up to 60 degrees, should not be spun, but can be put in the dryer.

Wall brackets for mounting and the terrace for a comfortable entrance are included.

You can also order waxed or oiled birch wood (nut, chestnut, clear) Screw joint enclosed.

The body is 30cm high, including the bed we come to about 40cm. The slabs are 47cm and incl. wall holder the cave is approx. 52cm deep plus terrace (approx. 10cm).

You determine the height of the cave and you can align the terrace in different directions.


Best Perform

Natural and safe for home. Natural solid pinewood steps and soft carpet hammock are all safe and tested to human and animal.


Basic Product Information

Simple to install and completely extendable and can be adapted to any wall, besides the window, behind the door, as long as going with the right screws.


Most important Benefits

Every component is replaceable and available and Revising, renewing and restructuring is very easy.


User Experience

► Love it!

At first I was a little skeptical. My humans easily installed this cat tree above the couch but it seemed pretty scary. I absolutely love it! It’s so nice to be able to sit up on my perch and look down at the humans occupying my abode.

Happy cat 

Our cat is happy with it. We have large dogs so our cat is always looking for her own retreats. Installation was pretty easy and it’s sturdy.

Compared to other brands I feel like this is priced very well.

► Cats love their new tree

We needed a cat tree to fit in a tight corner. It was easy to install. The cats took ownership as soon as the last screw was in place.

One of our cats has made it his official bed. Our cats are 11 & 12 pounds. It’s plenty big and sturdy for them. I’m pleased with this purchase.


My opinion

Great nose wall scratching post is a very good design for your cats as we can create a cat path easily by piping the post up.

Cats can climbing and jump on the wall while scratching. You will find that your cats
is happier when you set up a cat path for them.

A cat path can lead them run around the house which the normal cat trees can’t.


Why should you buy this?

If you are watching for kind of cat tree which is different, functional and durable, our wall mounted cat scratching post might be the right choice.

The cat tower is simply designed but you can always go with different home styles. It’s slim which is suitable for many different kinds of walls and corners.


Things you should be concerned about

At the point when you set up our alluring and modern multi-level cat scratching post it could be corned of any room of your home due to its shape and size, so set up it cautiously.



►The multilevel design can adjust to pretty much any wall angle.

►Every piece of it can be replaced if need be.

►Made of excellent materials like solid wood and natural jute.



►It’s kind of heavy so you really need to place it on a stud that can handle the load.

►While the post and platforms are fairly sturdy, the hammock is a bit weak. You may want to remove it if you have a heavier cat.


Frequently Ask Questions

►Do you get the side pieces or just the straight up and down post?

Answer: Both. You get the side pieces and the post.

►How wide are the mounting brackets?

Answer: 5 inches

►Can you hang this on a door or a bed side?

Answer: Well this is a good idea. For the bed side I think yes as you can attach on the bed side wall. For the door as long as you can accept the screw making holes on your door.

►How can I order replacement for one of the scratching posts?

Answer: The seller should be able to help you with that.


Final Words

A big mounted scratching post hammock is important for any healthy, well-adjusted cat.

Cats must have an outlet for their urge to scratch, so providing a post for that purpose can save your furniture, drapery and carpeting from destruction.

New affordable pet fusion wall mounting cat tree

The Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & cat tree shelves corner



The pet fusion ultimate cat climbing Tower & cat tree shelves intended for cats who love to climb and roost up high.

It’s important for what their identity is. A superior option in contrast to the over-designed cat trees and keep your cat to climb.

That is the thing that a few cats accept drapes are currently for incorporates zinc drywall secures that can be connected to your divider with a sledge and screwdriver and furthermore effectively eliminated with simply a screwdriver.

No penetrating required except if you like to secure in studs or have mortar dividers.



Interactive design to improve your cat’s wellness: For cats who love to climb & perch up high.

Great stimulation for young kittens and older cats. No age discrimination. Stretch, scratch, jump, climb, perch, lounge & play.

Modern cat furniture: Compared to the over-engineered cat trees which clutter your living space and actually limit your cat from climbing. That’s what some cats believe curtains are now for scratching.

Safety first easy wall assembly: (i) Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver.

No drilling required unless you prefer to anchor into studs or have plaster walls. (ii) Estimate 15-20 minute total assembly time.


Product Details

Frame Material: Manufactured wood

Cover Material: Rope; Sisal rope



Product Type                                        Cat Tree or Condo

Shade                                                     Beige

Frame Material                                    Manufactured wood

Wood Construction Type                   Solid and manufactured wood

Cover Material                                      Rope; Sisal rope

Mounted                                                Yes (Wall Mounted)

Product Care                                         Cushioned pads are machine washable

Best Perform

Here’s something that will ensure to help her tone her muscles, trim her claws and provide her some mental stimulation with this sturdy cheap cat climbing wood furniture.


Basic Product Information

Easy wall assembly Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver for your pet fusion cat scratcher.


Most important Benefits

A good scratching post is essential for a healthy cat. Not only does a scratching post give your cat an outlet for their natural desire to scratch, but it also serves as a form of exercise. In particular, it will likewise save your furniture from demolition.


User Experience

►Fantastic climbing post

Fantastic climbing post; very sturdy; the cats took to it right away (they actually started climbing while I was putting it together). It took a little while for them to figure out how to get down from the top shelf but after a few days they were good.

►Great design and quality

Overall this is a great cat climber that doesn’t take up much space and looks great in your shared living space. Quality of construction/materials is pretty good after seeing this review in its original form, I was contacted directly by Pet Fusion and they immediately made things right. I highly recommend this product and brand. This has been my cat’s favorite activity. She loves it.

Cats love it

Bigger than I was expecting, but I should have read the dimensions. But it doesn’t matter. Really easy to assemble, very sturdy and looks so nice.


My opinion

If you haven’t started to already, you can try our cat climbing Tower & cat tree shelves.

There are many options to choose from in cat scratches, but don’t worry: We’ve done the hard work for you in comparing the options to bring you our top picks.


Why should you buy this?

Pet fusion ultimate cat climbing scratching furniture confirms that your cat gets a good, long stretch as she scratches.

The box looking design should satisfy most of the cats. It is certain to afford your darling cat with hours of stress free clawing time.


Things you should be concerned about

When it comes to choosing a cat scratches or scratching post, there are many different models to consider.

Scratching posts may be vertical, horizontal, or inclined, and some of them can be wall-mounted.

Each kitty has their own unique favorites, so don’t be scared to try out a few different options before you make your choice.



Pet fusion cat activity wall shelf is sturdy and will not crash down very easily.

► Easy to clean and maintain. All removable fleece cushions and pads are machine washable.

►The price is good.



►There can be a problem with the fabric after just a few weeks of use.

►The top is slippery.


 Frequently Ask Questions 

►What is the final height?

Answer: The final height is approximately 77 inches. I hope this helps!

►did the materials smell of any chemical upon arrival?

Answer: Not that I noticed.


Final Words

So, if you are watching for a high-quality, elegant-looking, and functional cat scratcher for your cats, then you definitely consider one of the Pet fusion cat scratcher as the best option.

The worth decision: Buy the best cat shelf for cat lovers

Why it is significant buying best cat shelf?

Pet fusion cat activity scratching posts need very small place as they are very eminent for their cat shelves ideas.

Cat shelves are unique cat loungers that may be kept to the wall and combine functionality with comfort.

From one perspective, they agree the cat to rest comfortably and are an oasis where your four-legged friend can sleep in peace without being disturbed by anyone.

On the other hand, pet fusion cat activity wall shelves are a challenge for the cat because of their location, which makes them even more attractive.

As everyone knows, cats have a weakness for higher places, so they like to climb trees, which are not only a great observation point, but also offer lots of fun and the opportunity to sharpen their claws.

They often lack this in the home, so they like to use furniture as an alternative.

Cat wall shelves are an ideal solution as they allow cats to satisfy their natural instincts, promote their development and at the same time protect your furniture at home from damage.


What are the biggest benefits of our cat shelves?

Some cat shelves are affordable along with their stylish & iconic appearance.

Best wall mounted cat shelf offered in our store have been specially designed to provide comfort for these four-legged friends, therefore they meet their needs in an ideal way.

The solid yet lightweight construction ensures safe and long lasting use, while the pleasantly soft mattress provides additional comfort.


Most important Benefits or other advantages of our cat shelves are

► Fashionable design

► Stable holders

► High load capacity

► Ergonomic shape

► Simple assembly

► Lifetime pledge on timber.


Additionally, each of the cat wooden shelf is made of high quality beech plywood, which is a very resistant material. The wood used for its production is FSC-certified – it comes from a responsible forest management.

In addition, the pet fusion ultimate cat mounting perch offered in our store are available in different sizes, shapes and colors, so you can choose a cat bed that perfectly matches your interior.


My opinion

How would you pick the right shelf for your cat?

When choosing the right mounting shelf for your cat, you should first consider the size and weight of your four-legged friend, both the current one and the one in the future, if your cat is young now, so that it can lie on the shelf without any problems and you do not have to replace it with a larger model later.

In this way you save yourself unnecessary problems and money. It is also worth choosing an appropriate color to match the room where the shelf will be placed and the cushion you choose for the shelf.


Best Perform

Pet fusion cat activity scratching posts are very renowned for its suitable positioning & low-priced rate.


Basic Product Information

Sufficient workout and safe spaces fashioner cat climbing shelf for your cat. Accommodating to introduce in any room of your home.


User Experience

►Great item at a decent cost, however a few flaws.

Overall a good product. A nice price for simple good looking cat scratching tree. Good quality woods are provided, I recommend arranging them so at least one screw on each shelf goes into a stud

►Aesthetically pleasing, configurable, solid shelves.

These are the best-looking and most configurable of the cat shelves we have found. It’s not real wood, no, but they are floating shelves with no visible brackets, they look good, and they come in multiple sizes that can be placed in a custom configuration.


Why should you buy this?

A decent scratching post is fundamental for a glad and sound feline. In particular, it will likewise save your furniture from damage.


Things you should be concerned about

Cat wall perch may be many kinds but you should choose pick such product that your cats definitely love and so that they get enough place to move, jump and scratch like wall mounting cat tree.



►Made from durable resources, 32-inch length allows for full stretch, sisal mat is more durable than rope or cardboard, sturdy base prevents wobbling and tipping, provides mental and physical stimulation, simple design and neutral color to suit home decor, quick and easy assembly.

►Made from natural and recycled materials, incline design encourages scratching and stretching, features unique no-mess pads, Eco-friendly and ergonomic, scratch pads are reversible for twice the use.



►May not keep going as long as different scratches, stuck on name might be hard to eliminate, may not help the heaviness of extremely enormous felines, not the most alluring plan.

►May spill if the cat bounces on it, a few cats don’t care for the sisal tangle material (a few cats incline toward rope), a few clients experience difficulty with gathering.


Frequently Ask Questions

►My product arrived damaged, what should I do?

Answer: On the off chance that the harm seems, by all accounts, to be identified with the delivery cycle, it would be ideal if you contact the retailer where you bought the item – simply search “retailer name” returns in a Google search. On the off chance that bundling looks flawless yet the item inside is harmed, kindly get in touch with us so we can help!

►I’m not satisfied with my purchase and would like to discuss more, what is the wright way?

Answer: Contact us and we’ll answer inside 24 hours. We suggest including any subtleties you can in the ‘Message’ box, including an Order ID and where you bought, so we can explore the issue and save you time and less messaging.


Final Words

How would you make and beautify your absolute cat mounting tree?

Plan your shelves online today and let your imagination run wild in our shelves configuration.


What is the best cat tree for large cats

18 Best Cat Shelves: Reasonably priced cat wall furniture

Wall mounted shelf, a small place of your home that your cat must Love.

Catastrophi creations cat dining table handcrafted wall-mounted shelf is one of the beautiful shelves of all cat shelves.

As a pet lover, you know that cats Love High Places, so give them a high perch to ensure they are healthy and happy. In this article we covered Best cat wall shelves ideas to find one that does exactly what you need?

Cats are solitary, capricious emperors. That’s why we love them and give our last shirt for them.

We have few cat furniture creation ideas how you can make your living together functional and stylish. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that your cats will find it better than the one old box they’re probably sitting in.

Cat wall mounted set has a particularly high acceptance among cats.

It is made of untreated pine wood, can be assembled in minutes and, if required, can be easily placed in the room or mounted on the wall.

It looks especially funny when you screw two beds together like a marriage bed or even fix them on top of each other – then your cats look like they are on a class trip.

If you want to give your cats the opportunity to literally walk up the walls, you might be interested in the shelves of wall furniture.

These can be covered with a non-slip material or sisal for scratching or glued and securely attached to the wall.

If you have a big Main Coon or simply a very fat cat, you should have such an especially shelf can withstand not only the weight but also jumps.


Best Perform

Appropriate Spacing.

We recommend the vertical dispersing between racks to be around 12-18″ and the even separating to be around 12-16″.

This should be a simple bounce for most cats, however you will need to remember your cat’s capacities as you choose the legitimate stature.


Basic Product Information

Enough exercise and safe spaces designer cat shelf for your cat. Convenient to install in any room of your home.


Most important Benefits 

Offering a wall based cat shelf system inspires your cat to involve in physical activity, climbing and play, helping them to stay mentally improved and strong.

In addition to being great entertainment for your cat, you will also be entertained by watching your cat climb and play up high.


User Experience 

1. Very easy to install.

Extremely simple to introduce, decent quality and exceptionally light yet strong. I do wish the dishes and the actual unit were greater, yet this item is novel and a la mode. My cat presently has her own raised region to eat and hang out, and we at this point don’t have to stress over our little dog pestering her or eating all her food.

2. Well worth purchasing

My cat was being bullied by the rabbit and freaking out not able to eat and began attacking me, as soon as this was put up, Leo, my cat changed over a few days using the table he stopped being aggressive and now loves to chill eating away from the rabbit who cannot hassle him anymore… Result! Thank you so much.


3. A Great solution to toddlers getting into the cats’ food, but needs work.

It looks pleasant. I don’t know why it dangles from sections, instead of being upheld by them, and I stress spilled food or water can demolish it as it is unlocked. The cloth I use to clear off food turns dark when I wipe it. At the cost paid, it ought to have been fixed.


My opinion

I want to introduce you to few of my favorite decorative cat shelves.

They all have a variety of cat furnishings, however specifically they have some truly extraordinary cat retires that I think set them apart.

They are on the whole high caliber, and there is a value point for everybody in here.


Why should you buy this? 

1. Wall mounted cat shelf is very popular for its shape and size.

2. whatever is your cats size either small or large this cat wall perch for every size cats.

3. Catastrophi creations cat wooden wall mounted shelves are the greatest toy of your cats.


Things you should be concerned about

These cat shelves are very simple to install but when you set up on your wall of home you should be cautious about height & setting.



1. Custom options and packaging. Shelves arrived shrink wrapped together with hardware and instructions.

2. Unmistakably they comprehend us as a whole have diverse measured felines, rooms, and spending plans, and they pack exclusively.

3. Huge racks are accessible in surprising or rectangular.

4. More modest advances are accessible in round or square, also available with the choice of a limited 4-pack.



1. Guidelines need numerous visuals.

2. Deficit of diagrams.


Frequently Ask Questions 

1. Can I install into brick/concrete?

Answer: Cement or block is decent in light of the fact that you have a ton of opportunity to mount any place you might want. In case you’re mounting into block make certain to bore your openings into block and not the mortar between the blocks. That will give a considerably more strong hold.

2. Can I install the furniture outside?

Answer: We don’t suggest our items for open air use, as bamboo is a reed plant that is liable to form development.

3. How does the furniture install?

Answer: We utilize shrouded sections which make a gliding look when introduced. The sections come previously connected and the point by point directions will control you through the cycle.


Final Words 

By introducing Catastrophi creations cat dining table handcrafted wall-mounted shelf one of your home dividers, you’ll give your cats a respectable high spot to relax on, which builds their certainty as well as causes them to have a sense of security.

The wall-mounted shelf can be bought in one of two diverse primary models, confronting either left or right, in case you’re keen on purchasing the refined cat shelves.