New affordable pet fusion wall mounting cat tree

The Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & cat tree shelves corner



The pet fusion ultimate cat climbing Tower & cat tree shelves intended for cats who love to climb and roost up high.

It’s important for what their identity is. A superior option in contrast to the over-designed cat trees and keep your cat to climb.

That is the thing that a few cats accept drapes are currently for incorporates zinc drywall secures that can be connected to your divider with a sledge and screwdriver and furthermore effectively eliminated with simply a screwdriver.

No penetrating required except if you like to secure in studs or have mortar dividers.



Interactive design to improve your cat’s wellness: For cats who love to climb & perch up high.

Great stimulation for young kittens and older cats. No age discrimination. Stretch, scratch, jump, climb, perch, lounge & play.

Modern cat furniture: Compared to the over-engineered cat trees which clutter your living space and actually limit your cat from climbing. That’s what some cats believe curtains are now for scratching.

Safety first easy wall assembly: (i) Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver.

No drilling required unless you prefer to anchor into studs or have plaster walls. (ii) Estimate 15-20 minute total assembly time.


Product Details

Frame Material: Manufactured wood

Cover Material: Rope; Sisal rope



Product Type                                        Cat Tree or Condo

Shade                                                     Beige

Frame Material                                    Manufactured wood

Wood Construction Type                   Solid and manufactured wood

Cover Material                                      Rope; Sisal rope

Mounted                                                Yes (Wall Mounted)

Product Care                                         Cushioned pads are machine washable

Best Perform

Here’s something that will ensure to help her tone her muscles, trim her claws and provide her some mental stimulation with this sturdy cheap cat climbing wood furniture.


Basic Product Information

Easy wall assembly Includes zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver and also easily removed with just a screwdriver for your pet fusion cat scratcher.


Most important Benefits

A good scratching post is essential for a healthy cat. Not only does a scratching post give your cat an outlet for their natural desire to scratch, but it also serves as a form of exercise. In particular, it will likewise save your furniture from demolition.


User Experience

►Fantastic climbing post

Fantastic climbing post; very sturdy; the cats took to it right away (they actually started climbing while I was putting it together). It took a little while for them to figure out how to get down from the top shelf but after a few days they were good.

►Great design and quality

Overall this is a great cat climber that doesn’t take up much space and looks great in your shared living space. Quality of construction/materials is pretty good after seeing this review in its original form, I was contacted directly by Pet Fusion and they immediately made things right. I highly recommend this product and brand. This has been my cat’s favorite activity. She loves it.

Cats love it

Bigger than I was expecting, but I should have read the dimensions. But it doesn’t matter. Really easy to assemble, very sturdy and looks so nice.


My opinion

If you haven’t started to already, you can try our cat climbing Tower & cat tree shelves.

There are many options to choose from in cat scratches, but don’t worry: We’ve done the hard work for you in comparing the options to bring you our top picks.


Why should you buy this?

Pet fusion ultimate cat climbing scratching furniture confirms that your cat gets a good, long stretch as she scratches.

The box looking design should satisfy most of the cats. It is certain to afford your darling cat with hours of stress free clawing time.


Things you should be concerned about

When it comes to choosing a cat scratches or scratching post, there are many different models to consider.

Scratching posts may be vertical, horizontal, or inclined, and some of them can be wall-mounted.

Each kitty has their own unique favorites, so don’t be scared to try out a few different options before you make your choice.



Pet fusion cat activity wall shelf is sturdy and will not crash down very easily.

► Easy to clean and maintain. All removable fleece cushions and pads are machine washable.

►The price is good.



►There can be a problem with the fabric after just a few weeks of use.

►The top is slippery.


 Frequently Ask Questions 

►What is the final height?

Answer: The final height is approximately 77 inches. I hope this helps!

►did the materials smell of any chemical upon arrival?

Answer: Not that I noticed.


Final Words

So, if you are watching for a high-quality, elegant-looking, and functional cat scratcher for your cats, then you definitely consider one of the Pet fusion cat scratcher as the best option.

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