Multi Level Cat Scratching Post: Classy Choice for Your Pets

Multi Level Cat Scratching Post could be the finest item for your loving cats. It is the usual nature of a cat to mount.

There are plenty of opportunities to touch almost the skies and get a bird’s eye view for an outdoor cat. For the house cat however, it can be a little more difficult to find suitable climbing places. Curtains, bookshelves, Christmas trees, and furniture do make good perches for most circumstances.

So provide your cat the perfect climbing place. If you want a top caliber Cat Climbing Tree, then get your cat the door mounted Cat Climber.

The smart multi level cat climbing tree is a reasonable cat shelf and cat mounting answer for little to average-sized cats. Since the bound plan of the shelf, the Smart cat staggered cat climber may not be appropriate for huge or stout cats.

With that being thought of, the hanging cat climber is famous in multi cat homes with space requirements.

Best Performance of Elegant Cat Climbing Post

The smart multi level cat scratching post provides pet lovers a space saving product that satisfies all of the furriest family member’s needs.

Most important advantage of multi level cat scratching post

Smart multi level climber tree holds tight any entryway in the home and gives cats four stages to climb or sleep on just as characteristic sisal present cat’s love on scratch.

Things you should be concerned about

Safety Measures 

Try not to hop on Smart Multi Level Cat Climbing Post. This can’t expect for Children.

Try not to change this item. It was intended to introduce in the way demonstrated in the establishment guidelines.

Try not to substitute equipment. Smart Multi Level Cat Climbing Tree was intended to be introduced with the equipment gave. Well being glasses will ware to forestall eye injury when gathering.

The entryway and casing will primarily solid preceding introducing item.

Try not to surpass the greatest weight impediments of 24lbs per shelf.


The Smart Multi Level Cat Scratching Post appends to any standard entryway utilizing a spring-stacked section framework. This cat furniture is a non-lasting establishment that can without much of a stretch to move from house to house.

Cat Climbing Tree

Basic Product Information of Multi Level Cat Scratching Post

Four wooden shelves that are canvassed in the flimsy rug are lurched to give vertical climbing an area to your feline. A 6″ wide sisal scratching post makes up the foundation of this racking framework. Mounting equipment can incorporate.

Generally Dimensions: 23.5″L x 9″W x 80″H

Rack Dimensions: 17″L x 9″W

Dispersing between Shelves: 14″

Item Weight: 30 pounds

User Experience

► Best Cat Climber!

My Cats love this Cat Climber. They utilize all of it.

► Fun for cat

It’s easier to assemble with two people and I did put one screw through it and into the door to keep it from bowing but other than that it is a good cat climber my cat does not lay on it much so far but will climb it

Sturdy, good for wall mounting too

Pieces are very sturdy and quite heavy I am super happy with it.

My opinion about multi level cat scratching post

Fashionable multi level cat climbing tree is an awesome plan for your cats as we can make a cat way effectively by funneling the post up. Cats can climb and bounce on the divider while scratching.

You will find that your cats are more joyful when you set up a feline way for them. A feline way can lead them go around the house which the typical cat trees can’t.

Why should you purchase multi level cat rubbing post?

One of the best things about this cat climbing frame is that it can move from room to room, and I know how much cats love to have things changed around a bit.

Frequently Ask Questions

►Can it will wall mount for better stability?


Yes- we will drill 3 holes in the top, middle, and bottom sections of the climber and bolt it into the wall. It much more stable than using the door mounts.

►can this be mounted on an outdoor fence?


No. I don’t think so unless the fence is as thick and sturdy as a door.

►Will this work for larger cats? I have a Maine Coon who weighs around 17 pounds.


It should be fine. I have one cat who is 15 pounds and another that is 6. They can be on their together without any problem.


1. Reasonable

2. Novel, space-saving design

3. Easy for climbing


1. Too small for large cats

2. Not very stable

Final Words 

How are you providing and making stylish multi-level cat climbing tree?  Design your shelves online today and let your mind run wild in our multi model shelves configuration.

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