Modern Cat Tree Gives Your Cat Maximum Ease

Modern Cat Tree For Your Adorable Pets


Modern cat tree offers a sense of privacy for your cat. Our best cat shelf is ideal for your kitties with the place of its own and security inside your home.

This cat tree tower features two hanging toys and two sets of also has 10 posts covered in natural sisal rope to fulfill its natural characters.

Why should you buy modern cat tree?

This wonderful wall mounted modern cat tree may be set at any edge of your home and will suit most home decor. A five-layered structure, this cat tree perfectly accommodates multiple cats.

It has two condos, where your pet can hide or relax after a tiring session of play. Then scratching posts provide to your pet’s natural habit to scratch their claws.

Modern cat tree’s top performance

This cat tree is non-poisonous. Thus, it is OK for both, your family and pets. It is easy to assemble too. The wall mounted cat tree is available in various colors to choose from Also, this cat tree features two ramps, which helps your pet to go up and down the cat tree quickly.

The cat tree is available from pet club, a famous name standard for producing outstanding quality cat trees, condos, and pet beds.

wall mounted modern cat tree

Basic Product Information

This soft beige cat tree is simple to assemble and includes step by step instructions and tools.

This best cat shelves features three perches for comforting, double cat condos for hiding or quiet time, and sufficiently of natural sisal rope-covered posts for scratching. Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions.

Most important Benefits of new cat tree

  1. Go pet club 72’’cat tree features several levels of fun for your partner.
  2. Gives your furry friend space and privacy inside your home.
  3. Posts covered in natural sisal rope to withstand playing.
  4. Promotes exercise and fulfills natural instincts to scratch and climb.
  5. Provides a sense of security for your cat.

My opinion

Your cats can ease on various levels of this modern cat tree or get some privacy in the covered area. Easy-to-setup and comes in colors to match any decor, this tree from Pet Club is the perfect addition to any home with one or multiple cats.

User Experience

►Very Sturdy

Well! I couldn’t of been more wrong, sturdy, big and great quality!, my cats absolutely love it!

Cats love this

I have three cats, two seven month kittens and a large cat, all three love it and the large cat manages to fit into the top platforms and the larger of the two houses, the two kittens run up and down the poles and really enjoy all platforms and cabby holes.

your cat will love this!

The quality is very good and withstood kittens charging up and down chasing each other

Pet Club 72 modern cat tree

Things you should be concerned about

If possible, the perfect place to install this cat tree is right in front of your window. This way, your furry friend can climb up to one of the top perches and simply sit and watch what is going on outside.


  1. This comes with several levels of fun for your furry friend.

2. Provides your cat enough space as well as privacy inside your home

3. The ten posts are covered in sisal rope that is able to withstand playing.


1. Sometimes it may be slippery

Frequently Ask Questions

► My cat is a long kitty, possibly a Maine Coon but only weighs 10#, will the box be big enough to fit him comfortably?


oh yeah definitely, the one on the bottom is decent sized, my 22lb cat fits in that one comfortably, the one up top is a little smaller, my other cat weighs about 11 and she sleeps in there

► what are the dimensions of the box?


The box is shorter squarish box, not very difficult for 1 person to carry (size and weight wise) – probably around 3ft x 2.5ft x 2ft. All the pieces are layed flat with the pillars layed on top with 3 ‘screws’ to use a driver.

►  Can this be taken apart for moving?


We just moved and were able to move without taking it apart but since it has to be put together after it is delivered shouldn’t be a problem

Final Words

Go Pet Club 72 modern cat tree is indeed one of the best products available today for your furry friend.

It is tough, durable, and very spacious, giving your cat the privacy and safety he deserves.

This cat tree also favored by many cat lovers; in fact, it has a high rating on various online reviews.

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