Innovative Floating glass shelves designs

Best Floating Glass Shelves for your Home


We all have some type of shelf in our home by floating glass shelves will increase becoming more popular than any other type.

Floating Glass shelves are cheaper than wooden shelves and they can match virtually any decor you currently have. In this case, if you do have shelves that lack sophistication or are just really boring, you may want to consider glass shelves with sturdy brackets for your walls.

If you have items you wish to display and do not want anyone to touch them, a glass shelf with a lock and key would be perfect for you. Moreover, if you have an autograph football or an important piece of family heirloom you want to be protected, then you need some sort of protection.

We all know how children can be and keeping your collectables safe from grabby hands is very important.

One of the most stable and durable types of glass will temper. Tempered glass is thick, which mean it will take a lot for a piece of tempered glass to shatter.

Tempered glass shelves will make a great addition to any living-room, bedroom and any room you choose to install your tempered glass shelves. Because tempered glass is so durable you can place heavy objects on televisions. This will ensure your valuable collections will remain safe and sound for a very long time.

If you want to spruce up your home office, you may want to consider glass shelves. When you install glass shelves it will give you the freedom to add an accent decoration you wish – which will give new life to your home office.

Try to fill up your wall space with quality, tasteful decorations you can be proud. A home office should look as professional as possible. If you surround yourself with a professional looking work environment, you will accomplish more during the day. If you surround yourself with your children’s toys and with general clutter you can’t think clearly, thus, you won’t accomplish as much work as you would like.

There are numerous ways to create an elegant, more spacious looking room with glass wall shelves. If you have a small office of bedroom, you can place mirrors behind the glass shelves in order to create a more spacious room. This is a very old trick that is still being done today. Why is this still done? Because it works.

You can install recessed lighting and translucent objects such as crystals and vases. This will give off interesting reflections and give your bedroom or office an entirely different look. You may want to consider a wood edge to the mirror to match any other woods you have in your room also.

Not all glass is the same either. You may not want the boring, typical plain glass you see every day but tinted glass. You can choose a tinted black glass over the basic clear glass to make your shelves more interesting.

If you look at your walls and see huge gaps with nothing there, then a floating glass wall shelf in your future. You can’t go wrong with adding your private collectable’s for your guests to see or beautiful decorations for your office. You can add as many or as few glass shelves as you want to create the look you’re are trying to establish, let your imagination soar.

Modern Floating Glass Display Shelves


When shopping for new furniture for displaying accessories and storing ornamental items in the meantime, glass display shelves are the best choice.

As compared to wood or metal shelves, precious items on the wall mount floating glass display shelves can be viewed from all angles without hassle and may easily blend into your home decor.

Floating Glass Display Shelves

Not only do floating glass display shelves enhance the viewing of items, but create a stunning under lighting effect by allowing lighting to shine through from above and below. By doing so, the reflective light through the shelf can give off extra under lighting as well.

Most floating glass shelves will make from tempered glass which is generally four or five times stronger than standard glass.

However, if you want to store items with significant weight on glass display shelves you should have to take care that the manufacturer’s specification before you purchase them.

On the market today, you don’t have to buy traditional plain glass. This is because you can find glass that is colored, angled, curved, twisted, mirrored and beveled.

Besides, there are various options available, you have to choose the type that meets your needs.

The glass display shelves with chrome frames or brackets are a wonderful way to enhance the modern look of your room while wood frame add a warmer homey feel to your home. Also, you can buy brackets and supports to combine them to match your taste.

To keep your glass display shelves clean then you should maintain them from the moment you buy them. If you want to make this tedious job easier, you should look for shelf that allow you to remove the glass without the need for handling brackets.

With glass display shelves, the interior design will more versatile for storage and display purposes.


Glass Shelves for your Home


Glass shelves can help improve the way any room looks by introducing a modern touch of class. However, the choice of a suitable shelve will depend on a number of factors.

  1. First of all, you have to put into consideration the nature of whatever is to display on the shelves. For instance glass shelves will not the best option if you are to display heavy objects since it is fragile. In this case, metallic or wooden shelves will work out well as they are stronger in terms of load bearing capacity.
  2. Secondly, you need to look at the affect to achieve and the other furniture already in the house. In this a glass shelve may get the job done well as glass is known to be a good complement to a vast number of designs with a wide range of interior decor and styles. Glass shelves will add that modern touch to complement the cozy and rustic furniture in the room.
  3. Thirdly, look at the safety will attach it implementation of shelves in a room. If the shelves need to be fixed a bit too low where children can easily reach then Glass Shelves are not recommended for they pose threat to children’s safety. However, these days we have better glass shelves which are stronger: made of strengthened and toughened tempered glass.
  4. Particularly, glass shelves will suit to small bathroom fixtures which do not display bulky or heavy items. But glass shelves still remains to the choice of many since:
  5. They can easy to clean and maintained even without use a varnish as it is the case with wooden shelves.
  6. Any chips or scratches can be put in place.
  7. They allow light to pass through make viewing of displayed items easy since you can view them from any side without having to pick them up from the shelve. This makes them less obstructive as compared to wooden shelves.
  8. Glass shelves provides a striking look of high elegance with mirrors fixed behind them to enhance further reflection of light and the objects displays.
  9. Mirrored glass shelves looks more dramatic with introduction of spot lighting at night.
  10. With the modern technology which supports advanced glass cutting and handling techniques you can easily customize a glass shelve to fit your needs and wishes, with all the wavy edges and imaginary curves.
  11. Floating glass shelves which are supported by a groove and tongue system can also introduce a look of high elegance in the room. The look is also very clean and non-obtrusive.
  12. Glass Shelves will say to ubiquitous as they can use in various situations. For example:
  13. Bathroom wall mirrors will integrate with a glass shelf that looks light and dramatic as it reflects everything in the room including items placed on.
  14. Glass shelves can also uses in the making of elegant TV stands.
  15. Glass shelves can also look very dramatic when combined with wood or any other material such as metal. For example a bamboo strip combines with glass shelves.


Choosing and installing glass shelves.


Most modern houses and apartments are very good for installing glass shelves as compared to the old designs of houses which have a lot of wood work making the installation of glass shelves a little tricky but glass shelves are sure to produce a significant transformation upon proper and thoughtful installation.

This requires a creative mind that will guide the choice of the glass shelves which will go with a particular house and this is true for both the modern and the classic house designs.

Before settling for particular Glass shelves design, you should consider the decor that already exists in your house.

This will lead to the type of glass shelves that will produce a stylish effect. An individual’s house could be having fixed cabinets and mounted designs that will render the use of the wall mounted Glass shelf jetsam and lead to the decision that the glass shelves unit to stand on the ground is most appropriate, similarly the wall space can limit and mount wall shelves could lead to overcrowding the elegant wall hence a wrong decision made.

This is a consideration that is essential in producing the beauty that the glass shelves will design to exude.

The kind of Items an individual intends to shelves will also dictate the glass shelves to pick, in which case if the items to be displayed are heavy such as ceramic sculptures then the glass should be heavy enough to provide a strong support to the heavy items.

Magazines and books require shelves that are within easy reach and as such may be most appropriate with the glass shelves unit that can be set next to the settee.

The positioning of the glass shelve is also very crucial in the choice of the glass shelve design.

Corner shelves are very exquisite in any given room and will utilize with artistic brio to give the house more aesthetics, one will encourage to pick very eye catchy design for corner shelves. The installation of Glass Shelves is in safe places because there is always the impending danger of the glass shelve falling along with its contents.

The choice design is one which is user friendly especially the round edged glass shelves which will not scratch or cut anyone reaching for an item on it.

The installation of glass shelves requires careful direction or the knowledge of a specialist to ensure that the glass shelves will anchor strongly.

This also calls for very sturdy brackets for holding the glass shelves.

Installation in places like bathrooms will necessitate that the shelves will place at safe heights and that the glass shelves used will make of a material that is not prone to breaking or chipping off.

There is also the comfort of having the advice of the various Glass shelves store and one will very free to consult with them concerning the installation of the glass shelves they are about to buy.


What You Should Know About Wall Mounted Shelves?


There are many different types of wall mounted shelves. While these shelves cannot hold as much as large storage shelves or bookcases, they are extremely useful.

Wall mount shelves can be put up in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage or even the bathroom. These shelves can be made from wood, metal or glass.

Following is an overview of some different types of wall shelving and tips on choosing the right ones.


Metal Wall Shelves


Metal wall shelves are not particularly aesthetic but they can be very practical.

Specialized corner wall shelving in the living room can be used to store CDs, cable boxes, stereo components and the like.

Metal wall shelves are ideal for garage storage, as they can hold a fair bit of weight and are quite affordable.

Some metal shelves have ornate designs and can use for the living room, but will not use together with wooden furnishings.

Wooden Wall Mounted Shelves

Wooden wall shelves are by far the most common. Floating wood shelves are particularly aesthetic. These will not hold brackets or pieces of wood and will give a room an elegant appearance. These shelves will make in varying shades of white, black and brown, although one can paint the shelves any color that he or she wishes. Wooden shelves can use in any room of the house, including the bathroom. However, if these shelves use in either the bathroom or the kitchen, then they will treat so that the moisture will not rot the wood.


Glass Wall Shelves


There are both floating glass wall shelves and regular glass wall shelves. These cannot hold much weight but are quite beautiful.

They can be either rectangular or semi-circular in shape. Some wall shelves consist of a single shelf while others are a two or three shelf unit.

Glass wall shelves are ideal for the bathroom, as the humidity will not ruin them. They can also use in the bedroom, kitchen or living room.



Well Known and world class Wall Shelves

There are many furniture makers that specialize in making wall mounted shelves.

Wood form specializes in making regular wall mount shelves that contain two or more shelving units.

Four levels floating wall shelf is particularly aesthetic and will give a living room a touch of elegance and class.

On the other hand, makes mostly single unit wall shelves. Some of these are floating shelves and others are not. These shelves are rectangular in shape and come in varying colors and styles.

Oppositely, specializes in manufacturing metal wall shelving. Stainless steel shelving units are not particularly cheap, but they are well made and surprisingly good looking.


Tips on Choosing the Right Shelving

There are so many shelving options that it can be hard to choose the right one. Following are some things that one should consider when choosing wall mounted shelves:

  1. How practical is the shelving unit?
  2. Can it hold the weight of the items that will keep on it?
  3. Does it have enough space for the items that will keep on it?
  4. Does it match the room’s decor?
  5. How much does the shelving unit cost?

Prices vary depending on the brand name of the shelving unit, its size, what material it will make from and where it will purchase.

Online retailers often have better prices than the average store, but not always. It always pays to do some comparison shopping before investing in expensive wall shelves, as doing so can save one a considerable amount of money.

Aesthetics are also very important, unless the shelves will install in the garage. Shelves modern display are ideal for a contemporary style home. Ornate shelves will reserve for an elegant home.

A wise homeowner will also make sure the shelving unit color matches the existing room furniture. If the furnishings in the room are wood, then choose either wood or glass wall mount shelves.

Metal shelves are perfect for a kitchen that has a stainless steel refrigerator and other stainless steel furnishings. It is surprisingly aesthetic and gives the kitchen a clean, modern look.

It is also important to make sure the shelves can held the weight of the items that will place on them. If the shelves make from glass, then one will not want to place heavy items on them.

Wood and metal shelves can usually hold quite a bit of weight, but it is always a good idea to check what the shelves’ weight allowance is before buying them.

Those who are looking for shelving that is both aesthetic and practical should consider investing in wall mounted shelves.

These shelving units may contain a single shelf or as many as five shelves.

They can use for storing kitchen spices, recipe books, tools or even a soap dispenser and toothbrush. They are uses to display vases, knick knacks or hold plants.

A person buying wall shelves should make sure the shelves are both aesthetic and practical. The shelves should match with the other furniture in the room and will able to hold the weight of the items that will place on them.

Floating Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves are becoming more and more popular in homes nowadays, and with good reason.

For this reason, they look great no matter where they can install, and they give the illusion that they are floating in mid-air.

They are bracketless shelves, and this really appeals to many people nowadays as they look unique and stylish in the home.

In this case, they provide a great storage solution other than furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, drawers or boxes, as they do not take up any precious floor space.

Floating glass shelves will commonly see in bathrooms, and the main reason is because they are generally more light weight and can hold a lesser load as compared to wooden shelves with proper brackets.

Those wooden shelves can hold heavier objects like books, printers, magazines whereas a glass shelf is more suitable for a display area for your photo frames, awards, prizes, and smaller objects like car keys, wallet and your mobile phones.

Chances are you have some old decorative ornaments that you would like to put up for display, but are unable to due to the lack of space in your home.

With a glass shelf, this is no longer a problem since you have a platform to showcase your prized possessions, instead of keeping it in some carton or box and stowing it away in your basement or attic.

Floating glass shelves are not only functional, they are very aesthetic as well. Place it in the living room, and it will fit right in with your decor.

It can even go well in your study room or bed rooms. Glass is a pretty neutral material, and it will not stand out so obviously as compared to wood or metal.

It is transparent, and can go with any color scheme you have in your room.

There are other alternatives to floating glass shelves, if you require slightly heavier objects to place on it.

There are still glass shelves with chrome, aluminum or even wood brackets that are able to hold more weight as compared to floating shelves.

When you pair a glass shelf with a wooden bracket, it really brings out a unique look and charming appeal that is timeless and is sure to add to the stylish appeal of any room.

Contrary to popular belief that glass shelves are fragile and might shatter easily, the glass used is actually very strong and durable. In this case, it makes of tempered glass, which increases its durability and it will not crack easily.

It is about a quarter of an inch thick and has a slight green tinge to it.

For this reason, it will suitable for most purposes unless you intend to put really heavy objects on it.

If so, a wooden shelf would be a better choice. Glass shelves are also not as expensive as most people think.

The cost is relative to the design and function, and you would expect to pay more for a more elaborate design or pattern.

However, a plain glass shelf is well within the budget of most people, and people should consider getting some floating glass shelves in their home.

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