How to Remove Floating Shelves? Some Easy Steps in 2023

Removing Floating Shelves from Wall: Do It carefully for the safety of your home

Are you facing trouble with how to remove floating shelves? Then I will tell you the easiest and most effective process to do that. It is not challenging, but you have to get the right idea to do it.

I have faced the problem several times, and you can do it yourself without any expert attachment.

Do you think it is tough? Not at all; you have to use some tools and remove the hooks, screws, and clamps properly, then you will be able to remove any floating shelves properly. I will tell you the step-by-step process to do it, and you need none to help.

How to remove shelves?

Removing shelves is not that complicated; you have to know the process. The primary thing you have to identify that if that is a floating shelf or a standing shelf.

If that is a standing shelf, you need not do anything tough; empty the shelf, hold it tightly, and move it away. This is so easy. The process is a bit different in the case of floating shelves.

floating shelves

We install Floating shelves in different methods; they are hung, screwed, or clamped on wall. You have to find the way it is hanging, then unscrewing and removing the clamp will help you to remove the self properly.

Here keep one thing in mind, never try to remove it forcefully. If it is hanging, you can remove it easily. When you see there are screws, you just remove the screws and then move away the shelf.

Similarly, when you find clamps holding the shelves, you have to remove them; it may require removing a screw or glue, then you can detach the floating shelves easily.

Remove floating shelf with no screws

now we are talking about the floating shelves with no screws, then we have to understand the process of its hanging. If it is glued, we must remove the glues, so they are easy to remove properly.

If it is hanged on a hook, then we need not do anything; we have to push it upwards and pull the shelf.

floating shelves with no screws

No screws- have two other solutions. Is there any hidden screws? If there is, you need to remove them. On the other hand, there are clamps for holding the shelves. We need to remove the clamps first, and then the shelves are loose to open.

How to remove the corner shelf?

Corner shelves bring a more addictive look to our room and bathroom. Also, these are good places to put things in an organized way. So, you need to remove a corner shelf, be sure it is a standing one or fixed one.

If there is no attachment, move it away with your bare hands.

On the other hand, you must find the screw or hook attached to the wall and remove them with a screwdriver or other tools. Then it is easy to move away or remove the corner shelf.

remove the corner shelf

You have to find the installation type, and then you can work on the removal process. I have faced the same problem several times and solved it with the above mentioned process. I will share more processes in this article.

How to remove a shelf with hidden screws?

Hidden screws keep our floating shelves intelligent and clean. We cannot see the screws at all. In a few cases, the screws hold the shelves on the wall through back side holes.

But there is another process too. Find the hidden screws; you will find them hidden behind the floating shelves. Then unscrew them with screwdrivers, and removing the shelves with hidden screws is easy.

Never try to open or remove shelves without knowing the attaching process. You will damage the back side or the shelves without proper planning.

How to remove a floating corner shelf?

Many of us use floating corner shelves; these are excellent home attachments. But we have to understand how you have installed your corner shelf. once you find glue solution, we need to remove the glue slowly.

If you find screws, unscrew them, there is no other additional task.

If there is any hook, then we should not unscrew it, we have to hold the shelf upwards, and we can take it away. In this way, we can bring it down from the wall. Also, we use clamps to attach shelf on wall in some cases. Check there are screws to hold those clamps, then we have to unscrew it, and then the corner shelf is easy to remove.

How to remove floating shelf Ikea?

IKEA is a large furniture manufacturer and has an extensive product line of shelves, and there are a lot of floating shelves in their collection. When using or dealing with a similar product, you need to find the hanging process.

The rest is the same; you have to find if there is any glue, screw, hook, or clamp. Then as per the previously discussed process, you can unscrew it easily. These processes are the same for all types of floating shelves.

What if the floating shelf won’t come off the wall?

The screws or clamps generally get rust after a long time. Also, there is the possibility of getting rust on them too. So, in this case, we can use thinner oil or alcohol to make them softer, then we can take a chance to remove them. But if there is old rust and you think it is not easy to remove, you may seek expert help.

Some technicians can remove all these floating shelves without hampering the wall or any shelves. So, if you fail, call them to get help.

Final Words

Here I shared all my knowledge and experience about how to remove floating shelves. Now you know how to deal with it and have better access to all solutions from this article. So, please do not lose hope and finish it with less effort.

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