How Much Space between Floating Shelves? Details In 2023

How Much Space Should Be in The Floating Shelves

How Much Space Between Floating Shelves? Great Information of Floating Shelves for Organizing Space for you because if you want to store your items on floating shelves, make sure you have enough space to set them up.

Open shelves that do not have visible fasteners are called “floating”. They seem to hover in space and serve as a practical solution for a modern interior. With the help of floating shelves in the apartment, you can easily update the walls and place all sorts of accessories and decorative elements on them, such as books, flowers, souvenirs, paintings. These handy shelves are great for both large and small spaces.


Floating shelves make it easy to update the walls of the house and beautifully showcase your favorite souvenirs, books, dishes and accessories. See for yourself with our new selection of 25 photos representing different ways to incorporate floating shelves into interior design!

1. Floating shelves in a small space

If you need shelves for storing things in a small room (for example, in the bathroom, hallway or on the balcony), then narrow and light floating shelves placed strictly under each other are just what you need! They make the room look much more spacious than it actually is, and at the same time allow you to conveniently arrange a large number of items.

2. Unique wall design

Floating shelves made of dark wood simply look amazing on the light and fresh color of the wall, and vice versa. At the same time, the asymmetrical way of hanging these shelves gives the room a cheerful dynamic and uniqueness.

Design-wall-with-floating-shelves unique-wall-with-floating-shelves

3. How Much Space Between Floating Shelves in the kitchen

Installing floating shelves is the easiest way to make the kitchen seem more open and airy, and it’s also one of the latest trends in kitchen design! Open shelves create a sense of extra space and make the items stored on them more accessible.

4. The decoration of the wall above the sofa

Enhance the design of your living room by hanging a pair of long floating shelves above the sofa. They will be the perfect place to display your favorite photos, works of art, and other decorative items, such as candles or indoor plants.

5. Simple solution for the corner of the room

Since floating shelves can be of any size and are quite easy to install, they can be used in any free space, for example, in the corner of your living room or bathroom.

6. Perfect addition for furniture

With the choice of the same wood color as the rest of the furniture in the room, such as a nearby cabinet, floating shelves are the perfect addition to the room, while giving it a more interesting structure.

7. To strengthen the central element

If your wall has a fireplace or any other central object (mirror, painting, etc.), then it will look even more advantageous if you place unobtrusive floating shelves on its sides.

8. Asymmetric focus in the interior

The following photo clearly demonstrates how floating shelves can be the main element of a room’s design. Put all your electronics and other unsightly items in a closed cabinet and let your favorite vases and other decor come to the fore with stylish floating shelves!

9. Low shelves to lift the mood

If the floating shelves are hung low above the sofa or under the ceiling, but slightly below eye level, they will create a more comfortable and light feeling, making it easier to access the objects standing on them.

10. Combination with wall patterns

The simple shape of the floating shelves can beautifully accentuate the wall pattern, allowing it to appear more neat and warm in appearance.

11. Mountaineering wall

A simple bookshelf suddenly appears in a new light with the addition of several floating shelves that rise up the wall. The clear contrast between the color of the shelves and the walls adds an interesting effect to the room.

12. Floating shelves for narrow walls

When you add a vertical row of floating shelves to a narrow section of the wall, for example, between windows, you can create an original open block for storing almost any things. Sometimes floating shelves provide the same capacity as a bulky cabinet or shelving unit.

Floating Shelves

Beautiful 10 best Floating Design ways to decorate the wall

Designing a room can be challenging and fun. Given the wide range of models currently available on the market, it is difficult to choose the perfect furniture for a room. However, there are options!

If you’ve never heard of the floating shelf, it’s important to note that it’s not a floating piece of furniture.

In contrast to the conventional square-shaped shelves, wooden enclosed in brackets, floating shelf, they are not.

This is a shelf attached to the wall, and you usually won’t see its supports. Thus, the design is called “floating”, as it seems that the shelf is stuck in the wall by itself.

At the same time, here are 10 reasons why you need to install floating shelves:

1. They don’t take up too much space

Ordinary shelves, large and bulky in size, take up too much space in the room. And, if you already have a small room to start with, having such a shelf can reduce the space.

The room should have a place for you to move around. If you choose floating shelves, you will save so much free space, as they are really just wooden planks or metal planks attached to the wall, as opposed to space.

Save up normal shelves. This type of shelf is also ideal if you prefer a minimalist lifestyle.

2. Unconventionally stylish

An unconventional looking shelf that seems to float in the air will definitely make your room look modern and stylish.

Floating shelves can be simple or very attractive. It has both potentials, because this stick will test your creativity.

This is a piece of furniture that can be easily combined with anything, so it can have a variety of styles.

For example, you can hang floating shelves at an angle to make them look more unique and create an atmosphere of playfulness in your room.

However, be careful not to stack it so that the items on your shelves don’t fall off. Basically, with floating shelves, you can have as many stylish ideas as you want.

3. Pleasant to the eyes

Regular shelves take up too much space due to their large size. They also give the impression of shelves in your local library.

If you are someone who has such a shelf at home, and it becomes annoying for you, then for sure now it is also an eyesore.

Stop being irritated and switch to floating shelves. They are the complete opposite of normal shelves; pleasant to the eye, light and, most importantly, compact.

If you do not want to settle for regular shelves, because it will annoy you, choose floating shelves instead, as they are a sure decoration for the eyes.

4. Emphasizes the width or height of the room

Depending on how and where you place the floating shelves, if you do it well, you can allocate the space of your room to make it look bigger and taller.

Since the floating shelves are lines, they create an illusion for the eyes that can complement the shape of your room.

If you have a small room, floating shelves will help make your room look bigger in the photos.

Another way to emphasize the size of your room is to allocate space for shelves in it, arrange shelves from floor to ceiling and arrange things in this one part of the room.

This will free up space in your room when most of your stuff is on one side of the room. It’s also a great way to keep track of where you can easily find your stuff.

5. Gives your room a minimalist look

When you talk about a minimalist room, this does not mean that there should be little or almost nothing of furniture and other things in it.

Minimalism is basically about keeping things that serve you with value and don’t burden you. If you want to create a room in a minimalist style, buy a floating shelf.

This type of shelf is perfect for creating a minimalist look, as it is comfortable, stylish, and doesn’t make you worry, such as taking up a lot of space.

Since minimalism is about preserving valuable things, give up on the usual shelves that only take up space and don’t add value to your life.

6. They fill the void

Have you ever looked into your room and felt that something was missing?

For example, a clean wall gives your room a feeling of emptiness or emptiness. Moreover, it can also make your room “boring” if it looks too simple. It’s good that floating shelves exist!

They do exactly what it takes to fill the empty spaces in the walls of your room.

This will give your room a more three-dimensional feel compared to simple walls that have nothing attached to them, making it two-dimensional.

7. Organize your business with the help of floating design

Floating shelves not only make your room more beautiful, but also serve a specific purpose.

Like regular shelves, they are also organized. You can place books, picture frames, and any other little trinkets you want.

Here are some creative ways to organize your stuff with a floating shelf:

  1. If your wall is white, use the same white color for your floating shelf, so that any non-white thing you place there will have a stunning color.
  2. If you want your home to have an earthy shade, choose brown wooden floating shelves and put flower pots on them. It will really bring an outdoor atmosphere to your room.

To help you maximize space when organizing your belongings, use triangular floating shelves in the corners of the room.

  1. To make the most of the floating shelves, use both surfaces for your items. For example, you can place hats on the top surface, and attach hooks and hang scarves on the bottom.

If you have a staircase with a blank wall to the side of the entrance to your home, consider placing shelves along the stairs.

You can also put things on it that you usually grab before leaving the door, such as keys and umbrellas.

8. Show off your stuff

Floating shelves display things better. That’s because, unlike regular shelves, they don’t block your stuff when you look at it from any angle, because there are no staples or cases in it.

So, if you want that beautiful vase or your important trophy to be the focus of your room, a floating shelf can do it for you.

As well as being able to see your display at all 360 degrees, it’s also an easier way to see if your shelves or exposed items need cleaning.

You can instantly see if your items have dust or need to be washed. A dusty shelf is not something you want to flaunt with pride.

9. Easier access to stored items

Avoid the hassle of opening and closing glass doors that regular shelves have, and use floating shelves because they don’t have enclosures and things can be easily accessed.

Imagine that you easily pick up your favorite book from the shelf when you rush to the street. It can really make your room more efficient.

If you think through where to place them, you can also make effective use of floating shelves.

For example, if you usually forget your glasses when you leave the room, putting them on the shelf by the door to the room, you may not forget to bring them.

This way, you can easily pick up your glasses while heading for the door.

10. Adjustable and easy to move design

Since the floating shelves can be easily adjusted as you like, you can enhance your room from time to time with different styles. You can also change its height and alignment. With regular shelves, you won’t be able to set them up yourself.

Instead, you should bring it to a furniture maker to have it changed, which can be quite expensive. However, with floating shelves, you can easily move it around the house. The only thing you will need to work on is to unscrew its supports from the wall.

Final Words

Furniture can create or destroy the integrity of your room. In addition to the aesthetics that pieces of furniture bring to your room, you should carefully consider their purpose, effectiveness, and whether it can fit well into the space.

Do not buy pieces of furniture that do not function fully and are a waste of space.

Always choose the ones that can serve you well. This is why it is recommended to purchase floating shelves, which will not only improve the design of your room, but also give you other benefits, such as saving space and better organizing your things. Buy yourself floating shelves, and you will definitely not regret it! I think now you got much knowledge about How Much Space Between Floating Shelves?

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