Floating Cat Shelves Make Exciting Games for Your Lovely Pets

Floating Cat Shelves Make Happy Your Cats

Floating cat shelves idea has become very popular in present time.Curved design cat perch bed or cat cavern? What our cats like most, they decide for themselves. But offer your cat floating shelves and climbing possibility and use the space in the living room together.

Our curved cat hammock can be installed individually or in the shelf as a cat cave, so that no pussycat can resist.

High up or for the older cats further down in the shelf, the cat bed can be reached via the plug-in shelf or in the step shelf via the steps.

The floating cat shelves combination of cat sleeping place and climbing fun with functional shelf can significantly relax the coexistence of man and cat and give both a lot of pleasure.

Only you know your cat’s preferences and with the work floating cat shelves system and the cat bed as a shelving accessory, you have the opportunity to plan a custom-made shelf for you and your cat.

You determine the cat’s climbing paths and the storage space for your home accessories and belongings. The spruce wood comes from certified forestry.

The durable cat furniture can take on new forms at any time. If you find that the house cat likes to sleep closer to the heater or is looking for new climbing opportunities, then simply recombine the shelf blocks!

Looking for the right cat pillow? A hand-sewn cat pillow to snuggle with made of sturdy organic denim and controlled organic cultivation complements the cat basket to a modern and sustainable cat cave.

Floating cat shelves dimension

Shaped new curved wood floating cat shelves size 40x30x12 cm (16x12x5 inches), perfect for little kittens to Main Coon sized cats.

Two covers included choose from a soft wool cover or a fiber-type cover which naturally inspires scratching.

High class detailed design easily attached to the wall by screws and wall anchors (included) and is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of cats, up to 15kg (33lbs).

My opinion 

Make the perfect bed by positioning the floating cat shelves in a high spot with a good view and a bit of sun.

We are passionate about our great quality and value products and with excellent customer service we aim to make your shopping experience with us flawless!

Best Perform 

Pleasure your cat to this superb quality, wall-mounted cat shelf made of curved wood material. 

Art of Paws Cat Perch

Basic Product Information

Shaped new curved wood floating cat shelves size perfect for little kittens to Main Coon sized cats.

Most important Benefits 

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for something larger, like a cat tree, art of paws cat shelves might be the answer!

User Experience 

►  Perfect 

Love these! Cats love these. I love their price compared to another brand I also have. Make more sizes!

My cat likes it.

My cat lives this shelf. It is well made and looks really nice on my wall. He is a fairly big cat and he fits nicely on it. It is sturdy and I am not worried that it will break.

The cats LOVE them!

Really isn’t that all that matters when it comes to cats? They both love sitting, sleeping, and bird watching from this window. Love it when a cat purchase works!

Why should you buy this? 

It is no secret that cats enjoy besides to the window.

Our art of paws cat furniture enables you to provide your pets with an area to relax next to a window. Just attach it to the wall by screws and wall anchors.

Things you should be concerned about

When you install the art of paws cat perch with curved and hammock design on wall, set up it very carefully because of its special design and instruction. 


► Easy to clean and maintain

► The price is reasonable


► Some cats don’t like it

Frequently Ask Questions 

► What color is the shelf?

Answer: The color of the shelf is actually the same color in picture, Dark brown.

Is the soft bedding actual wool or is it synthetic or some other material? True wool isn’t something I want to buy?

Answer: It is synthetic the type you find in carpet tiles

► Does it need to be screwed into a wall stud?

Answer: I haven’t received my shelf yet, but when I do, yes it will need to hit at least one stud, drywall anchors are not to be trusted.

Final Words 

When you think of home design, you can try our elegant wood wall mounted floating cat furniture, made of beautiful curved polished wood, is amazing to look at and a superb addition to your living room!

Art of paws cat perch with curved and hammock design is very easy to install simply drill small holes for the anchors and screw the shelves to the wall, using the screws your cat bed is ready!

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