Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas In 2023

Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Units are More than just Shelves

Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas is now very easy to find the right type and design for either your home or office.

While you may need to visit a lot of stores in the past just to know your options and compare prices, all you need to do now is to spend quality time in front of a computer and browse the many options and providers of Best wall shelves for books online.

You can now choose from a wide variety of shelves that have already flooded the market. You just have to find the right unit that will fit the theme of your room.

The usual purpose for installing shelves is to keep and organize books but now, they can use as decorative pieces for your room. Some units are creatively done that they become the main decoration in a certain room.

Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas will really make a difference in the appearance of your room especially if they perfectly match the color and theme of the walls. 

Wall mounted bookcase as Space Savers

There are a lot of ways to make your room attractive but why not consider decorative pieces that are also functional and the perfect examples would be floating book shelves.

Shelves are not only used as places to keep books and stuffs, they also serve as decorative units, space savers, and sometimes good support for the walls.

A lot of best bookshelves designs attract customers because they are creatively made to add up beauty and decoration for a certain room.

These decorative pieces are considered as necessities in rooms where there is limited space. You can save a lot of space in small bedrooms, study rooms, and kitchens. They are even more important if you live in an apartment where you need to organize a lot of stuffs. In our lifestyle right now, most people have a lot of items to hold and organize in their homes and so they find the need for Shelves Wall units.

Modern Book Shelves Wall Units

New book shelves wall unit play important roles to a certain household as they make walls more useful when it comes to management and storage of different stuffs such as books.

Most of these affordable bookshelves are made from steel, wood and enamel while a few are delicately made from glass. Modern styles have become extraordinary as well since you may find one that looks like a staircase or upright ladder to hold on to different stuffs.

New book shelves wall

There are also some wall shelves for books units that are adjustable to be moved in different angles do they can fit to whatever space they are needed to be placed.

Their primary purpose is to serve as storage spaces and organizers but they now come in different styles that you would think of them as wall decorations only. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs after considering the theme and size of your room or your walls.

You can definitely find the right book shelves Wall units for any purpose.

Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas for your stylish home decor.

Book Shelving should fit in your space and lifestyle. Here are some ideas to help you better utilize the available wall-hung, freestanding, and modular shelves.

Fashion wall-to-wall shelving

Simply flush three open shelf units to the wall to get look of a built-in storage that doesn’t rule the room  and needs no effort.

Stylist’s tip

Light-colored wall provide a contrast to dark shelving. Offer a backdrop for ornaments. Divide the room and add space for everything. Make use of freestanding shelves to partition the living area from the dining area. You get additional storage that can be accessed from either side.

How to choose the right unit

Leave a gap of 3-5cm above the books to facilitate their retrieval.

For ease of use, limit the height of units to 21cm keeping the top shelf at 180 cm.
Shelves should be 30cm wide to accommodate bigger books and 20cm for paperbacks, CDs and DVDs. Keep a gap of 25cm to 30cm between each shelf.

How to style your shelving

  1. Flaunt objects in between books -that lightens the overall feel.
  2. Present a neat look by slipping away small items to storage boxes.
  3. Organize books by size – visually it’s pleasing to have large ones at the bottom in deeper shelves.
  4. Have wallpaper at the back in case of closed-back bookshelves to give a personal touch.
  5. Keep extra-large books horizontally, that reduces the stress on their spines.
  6. Keep display items on eye-level shelves.


Light-colored shelves partition without being too dominant; go for a darker unit to get better impact. Fashion a focal point by grouping flowers in the middle of the unit mix and match vases of different shapes and sizes for an eye-catching effect.

Let box shelves form an important point. Paint box shelves to match the color of your wall and hang them above your desk, you won’t require bookends again.

Stylist’s tip

To customize your Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas, line the backs of the cubbyholes with bold-print wallpaper
you can almost double the capacity of your shelves simply by raising the level of books in the back row by inserting a piece of wood beneath them.

Stylist’s tip

Painting of floating shelves in the color of the desk below gives a mod look to the dresser

Keep your items out of sight, behind sliding panels.
Have dramatic but economical sliding fabric panels that’ll look incredible drawn across alcoves. Give IKEA a chance for the tracks and fixings.

Stylist’s tip

Coordinate the fabric on the panels with the wallpaper on the chimney breast to give the impression of a feature wall.

Renovate plain shelves into a bespoke bookcase.
Give your shelving a tailored look – and camouflage fittings – by fixing skirting board with the same finish around the front edges.

Stylist’s tip

A strip light over the ornaments draws interest to the display area and generates mood lighting

Go for modular storage that can expand with your growing needs over the years.
Incorporate drawer inserts to hide clutter

Stylist’s tip

Laid back on their sides and provided with a seat pad, the modular units create a handy window seat plus storage

Wall shelving systems serve the dual purpose of providing storage while adding to the decor of any home or office.

For deciding the kind and style of shelving, it is important that you decide its location beforehand. When you go out buy one, carry the measurement of the location along with.

If you keep shifting the arrangement of furniture in the intended room, you may consider having a free standing shelving unit that can conveniently be placed to suit the shifted position of rest of the furniture.

The other point that you should consider while buying best wall shelves for books is to know what all are you going to keep in that.

Small and lighter items like photos, trinkets or family heirlooms can be displayed in wall units of appropriate size. These may be wooden or glass shelves. Larger items like linen can be better stored in wire shelving units.

While choosing shelving for any room, you should keep its decor in mind. The wall mounted bookcase should jell with the surroundings of the room.

Some of the options available for wall systems are: freestanding, adjustable, hanging, fixed and modular. You get them as corner units, hanging shelves, track systems, floating shelves and adjustable wall units.

But, a track system offer maximum flexibility. It allows adjustment of height, depending on the size of the items to store. It means that you can change the arrangement of stored items at your convenience.

This is one safety precaution you should not ignore for the safety of the wall systems and its contents, some of which could be breakable.

Make your own Bookshelves Design at your Home

There are many different kinds of home wall mounted bookcases, out there that are worth the money in fact just about anything that will help in keeping your house both modern and efficient is most definitely worth it.

But with so many home wall mounted bookshelves available, you might not be sure where you can even begin. This is where it becomes important to be aware and understand all of the different possible projects and their benefits as well as the all-important cost of any particular project you wish to undertake.

However, it would be prudent to have one project in mind when you have a house with a lot of space around the walls built in bookshelves. Many families often gather plenty of books, which often end up being either packed in the attic or inside chests, but that makes it difficult to remove.

Best wall shelves for books are the solutions to the problem by allowing you to get any book you would like from the walls.

So there are definitely plenty of benefits of having best wall shelves for books.

However, when it comes to projects that are worth the money, best wall shelves for books are the best examples when it comes to making these kinds of decisions.

Organize your Shelves under stairs By Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas

There are many ways you can add more storage space to your home.  One of these ways is by adding storage book shelves under your stairs.

The first thing you should do is to measure out how big the bottom of your steps are, that’s to make sure that it’s even worth doing.  If you have an unobstructed way to the side of your stairs it will be that much better.

Once you find out how much space you will gain by doing this you should draw a rough sketch on the drywall of what area you want gone and what you want to keep.

Best bookshelves design will be much easier at the end if you keep all the lines nice and neat when tearing it apart.  You can do this by either using a recuperating saw to cut out the opening or a hand held drywall saw.

Once back, you will secure the top and bottom pieces of wood to the side boards that you have cut out. Then you will need to cut the ply-wood to size and secure it on the back of the frame you just made.

There are so many bookshelves for sale that they can complement any kind of decor or budget.

This Origami bookshelf is unique because it folds outwards instead of requiring heavy assembly. The shelves can also hold up to 100 lbs. each.

While I love more fashionable pieces like ladder shelves they usually have a low weight requirement where you really can’t put more than a few books on it. However, the side detail keeps this piece fashionable.

Final Words

Display Exceptional and Decorative Book Shelves Ideas are the perfect solution if you need to fill up a large area or your room lacks a focal point.

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