Cat Window Perch Makes Your Feline Happy Information In 2023

Cat Window Perch Makes Your Cats Cheerful


Cat Window Perch is a new creation of modern era for your cats. We make every piece of our cat furniture with your cat’s convenience in mind. You can see our Bundalow Cat Window  Perch! If we could understand the language of cats, we would be able to fill their demands as they can’t speak so they deserve all the best things from us.

Best Perform

Our easy-to-install kitty sill will be your cat companion’s new favorite spot in the entire house. Made with tough metal stand structure and a super soft and warm cushion on top, there is no reason that cats shall not like our cat perch!

They’ll truly enjoy their new favorite place beside the window. In no time, you’ll find them sleeping in their own little new haven. It’s a sure treat for you and your loved one.

Product information of Cat Window Perch

Tested to be durable by the heaviest of our whiskered friends up to 35Lbs.As well as holding weight up to 15

Cozy resting for your cat: A new level of super soft velvet luxury they’ll love .They’ll play around the very spacious space that’s 23 3/4″ x 12″.

Most important Benefits

Hand washable seat: Your pet deserves to relax in a clean & fresh fabric every single time. Experience easy worry-free and convenient washing with our removable wash-friendly cushion!

My opinion

Give your royal companion the comfiest and safest bunk where they’ll enjoy the best views from your window effortlessly. Certainly, your kitty highness shall be pleased.

Why should you buy this?

Easy to install: It only takes a few minutes for you to complete the installation with the help of the clear instructions we’ll give to you. And when the pad needs cleaning, you can just quickly remove it and toss it in the washing machine. No stinky kitties. No problem!

Bundalow Cat Window  Perch

Here are more amazing benefits for you

  1. High mat cushion on your cat’s fur.
  2. Additional cat entertainment when they can look out the window.


  1. An elegant addition to your home.
  2. Saves you a lot of space.


  1. Pricey

User Experience

1. My cat loves it

My cat loves this perch. It makes him so comfortable to take naps by the window and is soft for him to sit on while his bird watching. It was super easy to install and fit my window perfectly.

2. Kitten Approves!

This cat perch was very easy to install. My kitty absolutely LOVES it

3. Pretty

Once installed its sturdy, my cat is grown and she has plenty of room, IT’S pretty and easy to hang up, only problem I got 2 cats I will have to buy another

Things you should be concerned about

Bundalow cat window perch may be many types but you should take such product that your cats definitely love and so that they get sufficient place to move, jump or play. 

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Is the cushion removable?


Yes, the cushion is removable

2. Can this be used with the window open?


Absolutely. That is what makes it so special. My cat loves looking though the open window and screen. She can hear and see all the critter activity outdoors!

3.what does this attach the window sill?


Clips on with 2bracea underneath

Final Words

The Best Cat Window Perch for large cats! Breathable, Stable, Strong And Easy To Clean! Bundalow Window Cat Perch Is longer and stronger than most other cat window beds.

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