Cat Wall Shelves Provide Beautiful Space To Climb


Cat Wall Shelves idea is a very stunning conception for the present era. If you need wide rang of variety of wall shelves for your home, surely Cat Wall Shelves could be the right choice.

Cat lovers obviously want to get the best of the best of everything for their darling cats, but as they may not know much about distinguished Cat Cloud Wall Mounted Shelves, the decision to choose the right one can be challenging for your home decor.

Here we hope to make refined cat wall mounted perch much easier for you.

Cats are special house pets, they don’t need as much work and attention as dogs usually do. However, these curious little felines also quickly make a mess when their owners least expect it.

Cat wall shelves may offer you a variety of wall shelves in your room which improve your home furniture.

As extremely curious animals, cats can quickly get bored, and whenever that occurs, they try to find something “funny” and “enjoyable” to do, which can ultimately involve climbing and running all over your precious furniture, like bookshelves or dinner table for example.

However, instead of having their furry friends knocking everything over from bookshelves and coffee or dinner tables, cat owners can give their cats the perfect spot for them to climb by having something like the refined cat cloud shelves.

Today, we are reviewing the Refined Feline Cat Cloud cat shelves for wall, which is thought to be one of the best cat wall shelves on the marketplace. If you trust in getting good value for your money, you can choose our best cat wall shelves.

Cat wall shelves Specifications

Each Refined cat cloud shelves unit measures a total of 38 inches long by 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall and the unit can support up to 70 lbs. of weight. Additionally, each Cat Cloud Cat Shelf includes two large platforms that measure 20” x 10” each.

Why should you buy cat shelves for wall?

Easy to install

The refined cat cloud shelves are very easy to install and use. Create more floor space while letting your on the Cat Cloud Shelves.

The strong, durable metallic platforms sport comfortable pads with a replaceable magnetic bottom. This will not only give them a specific place to climb at, move around, and rest, but should also help to drive your cats attention away from the rest of your furniture.

Best Implement

You can help your cat relieve stress and tap into their natural instincts with the cloud wall mounted cat Shelf.

Basic Product Information

This elegant, floating cat perch provides the perfect place for your cat to lounge and rescuing your furniture from fur and claw snags.

Most important Benefits

Create more floor space while letting your cat lounge on the Cat Clouds Shelves.

User Experience

► Sturdy well-made and perfect size

This shelf is very well made my cat weighs 15 pounds and no issues with movement. It has great instructions for installation. Looks great

very sturdy! It’s also VERY heavy!

I was not expecting them to weigh so much. One thing I’m pretty sure about is that they won’t bend or break! I’m sure the cats will love them!

Very decorative

I love the nice way it looks it does not look ugly or distasteful. Very decorative.

Cat Cloud Shelves

My opinion

Our beautiful refined cat wall shelves is made of 100% Wood.

Don’t risk the safety of your cat with a cheaper model. When you use our shelf, you can feel assured your cat is safe at play. We use it in our own home with our four cats.

Things you should be concerned about

When you set up our attractive and sophisticated cat wall mounted perch it may be corned of any room of your home because of its shape & size, so set up it carefully.


1. sleek, modern design

2. Multi-cat friendly

3. Lots of color options

4.Replaceable magnetic pads

5. Heavy-duty


1. Pricey

2. Very heavy

Frequently Ask Questions

► What is the distance between the bottom shelf and the upper shelf? Thanks.


When measured vertically between the two shelves in the small section where the upper shelf is directly above the lower shelf, it is about 9.25 inches.

► how badly does this damage the wall? Thanks!


Its four screws. I haven’t taken it off the wall yet, but I expect the only damage will be the four holes from screws. I live in an apartment so I may have to pay a little money for the holes to be filled.

► What is the maximum weight capacity if installed on sheet rock wall with included hardware?


Depends on what you use to anchor into the sheet rock with. My biggest cats are 15 pounds each & I’ve had them both on one shelf without any issues.

Final thoughts about cat wall shelves

By installing Cat Cloud shelves one of your home walls, you’ll provide your cats with a decent high spot to lounge on, which not only increases their confidence but also makes them feel safe.

The Cat Cloud shelves can be purchased in one of two different structural models, facing either left or right, if you’re interested in buying the Refined Feline Cat Cloud Shelves.

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