Cat Shelves No Drilling

Have you ever installed cat shelves no drilling? Or you want to know this, is it possible to install cat shelves without drilling? Don’t mix up drilling or no drilling; there are huge differences between and in the case of installing.

Drilling is typical and traditional for installing cat shelves. A box of instruments you need to install cat shelves such as screws, hammers, and studs. But maybe you are going on an apartment friendly cat shelf. There are much more options out there.

There is no substitute for keeping your cats tidy, and happy and giving them a feel of the outdoors where they can easily climb trees and here and there without shelves.

In this entire article, I will tell you about cat shelves no drilling. You are close to knowing about this topic, so read thoroughly.

Why does a cat need shelves?

When you are living with animals, it means your life and living style affect them directly. Then how can you decor your room without affecting your beloved animals or cats? To answer these questions, cat shelves are made for cats especially. Cats usually love to jump high and stay on walkways. However, cat shelves help them feel secure.

By installing cat shelves, you are making high places for your cat where they feel safe and secure. Through these shelves, a cat can escape when they feel threatened or panic!

When you are placing cat shelves in your home, it makes a big difference from before. It saves your home space and broadens the reach for cats with enjoyment. But make sure that when you want to get down the cat, you can do and if your cat is being chased from a different route cat can quickly come up or get down. So for sure, it can be said that a certified room is not a good placement for your cat but also adds a different look to your room.

cat shelves

Can I put up shelves without drilling holes?

Cat without drilling holes is pretty possible there. Weight-bearing shelves require drilling holes to support heavy objects such as books, picture frames, mirrors, vases, and so on. Drilling holes is essential for attaching brackets to the wall. Carrying heavy stuff is never possible without drilling. But if you want to build a shelf without drilling, use adhesive glue to hold things above the shelf.

Know the difference between walls for no drilling

Know correctly what type of walls you work with drywall or plaster wall! For knowing, knock on the wall lightly using your fist. Be conscious, don’t hurt your hand or the wall; do it lightly.

What is the sound the wall produces? If your wall has a hollow sound, it would be drywall. Or the wall does not make any hollow sound, which means you are working with a plaster wall.

Drywall allows nails with little resistance. A plaster wall allows taps to slide in. Choosing your exact hardware will be easier if you can correctly identify your wall.

shelf without drilling

How do cat shelves stick to the wall without drilling?

Don’t you sometimes wonder how a heavy piece of wood sticks to the wall? The adhesive mounting strips help to attach the wood to the wall. 

More robust mounting strips help to support large objects such as mirrors and pictures. Check the adhesive strips’ capacity to ensure that your shelf is secure.

One side of the strips is sticky, and another side is a grippy and rough surface like Velcro. You can find different types of adhesive strips on the market according to your needs, for instance, Velcro, command, and scotch. They are available at a craft store or an office supply store.

Attaching cat shelves to the wall is effortless without making a hole into walls.

Installing cat shelves without nailing or drilling holes

For certification, your home brings Ikea and sticks them on top of each other. You have to attach them to the wall but make sure that all sides adhere perfectly; if not, cut holes so your cat can jump up or get down to the shelf. To attach perfectly for all units of the frames, use E6000 to glue down, cup up a rug, and glue those to the shelves. 

Complete installing? So, for now, attach some dangly toys for your cats and set a nice bed in one of the sections for your beloved cats. If you want to put the cat bed near a window with a suction cup cat hammock above the window, make sure that your cat can hop from the shelving unit onto the hammock. The same thing goes for hammocks to shelving.

Note: Cat shelves no drilling only works for lightweight home items.

Cat shelves no drilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats need shelves?

Installing cat shelves keeps your cats away from lifeless environments. Cats love to high up, so naturally, they do it outside of the home, but in the case indoors, they get bored, affecting their physical or mental health. So, cat shelves make them feel they are in their favorite place.

Do cat shelves work?

Yes, they can work. Moreover, you need cat shelves if you want to keep your cat from scratching your furniture. Cat shelves prevent your cat from scratching or climbing on the table. Cat shelves help them climb, jump high, play, and enjoy.

How do you hang floating shelves without making holes?

Scotch re closable fasteners, Velcro removable mounting strips, and adhesive strips, including command picture hanging strips, are standard in this area. You can buy them easily from office supply stores and most crafts. As another option, you can use Sugru, its works like adhesive glue. 

Can I Hang floating shelves without drilling?

The short answer is “Yes.” you can install floating shelves without drilling or damaging the wall. Using command strips or Velcro removable mounting strips, you can go on; the cause is that don’t require drilling.


Maybe you are living in a rental home or your own; whatever it is, cat shelves no drilling protects your wall from damage or any spots. 

There are many more options for cat certification in your home without drilling. You can go based on your budget. For instance, Scotch re closable fasteners, Velcro removable mounting strips, and adhesive strips, including command picture hanging strips, you can apply them to install your shelves. 

I hope this article truly helped you. If then, please put your thoughts in the comment below if you have any quires or questions.

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