Can you hang shelves with command strips?

You might wonder, how can I hang something here without damaging the wall? Cracked walls spoil the beauty of the room as well as it is very irritating. Keeping this problem aside, the question comes with a solution Can you hang shelves with command strips?

The first thing to say in answer to this question is that since you are going to hang the shelves on the wall without nails, something else is needed. What is the else without nails? Hooks and strips. Quickly you can put lightweight things with stripes on the wall. But don’t use heavy things cause it can result in falling down the items you are putting on.

Now I will explain how you can hang shelves with command strips. Let’s break the ice!

What are command strips, and what do they do?

Command strips are standard nowadays. Most people perhaps have seen command strips in their life once, whether they know about it or not!

Command strips work for attaching home items on the wall to surfaces.

Usually, the use of command strips for hanging home items like pictures and lightweight items. Standard strips are solid and double-sided so that they can turn things quickly from both sides.

You can hang home items on different types of wales tile, glass, bare walls, and including painted walls, etc.

How do you use command strips?

Can you hang shelves with command strips

As I have said about command strips, it may create a hassle, and many people don’t know how to use them. So how do you use command strips?

Strips and hooks come in varieties—Velcro and double-sided. Before applying to the clip, you must peel off the red prong (the protective sheet). Next, peel off the black print (the protective sheet) before attaching it to the wall.

Pull on the rounded tab to stretch the command strip; It releases the wall side adhesive.

How much weight can command strips hold?

Usually, people use these command strips for light things such as bathroom shower items and room displaying items.

Twenty-four inches to 36 inches, this kind of large item with 16 pounds weight can hold a large strip, but small strips can carry only 4 pounds.

A versatile and robust commands strips can hold heavy items (up to 20 pounds), including concrete surfaces, painted cinder block, and painted walls.

If you are thinking about hanging 50 pounds items, it shouldn’t be because of the maximum 20 pounds it can hold in case of large command strips.

How to hang shelves with command strips

how to hang shelves with command strips

Hanging shelves with command strips common question just in case. People want to try it out cause they don’t want to drill or make a hole into their apartment. After all, it spoils the beauty of the room. Then how to hang shelves with command strips without drilling or nailing? Following below:

Firstly, clean the wall well where you wish to see the shelves. This is important for strips to adhere well and clean the dirt or dust from the wall equally. For cleaning the wall, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Then marginalize the shelf width and the wall where you will hang your shelves.

Have you located the area? Then peel off the command strips back and firmly press them onto the wall for 30 seconds at least.

Not done yet? Separate items from the strip. Press each strip firmly for 30 seconds and wait 1 hour for the adhesive to bond. Religion the things and press firmly for 30 seconds again.

Can command strips dry out?

Yes, Over time, command strips can dry out. By using, its sticky part dries up, and it wears out.

In the initial state, the command strips at least last a couple of years. Moreover, there is a bit of a chance that strips can lose their stickiness. It does not dry out fast if the room temperature and moisture levels are stable.

If your room is too dry, cool air, humidity, and dust behind the strips can affect and result in losing the stickiness of the strips.

Are command strips worth it?

Who does not love to see walls without holes? But holes are essential to keep things to the surface and increase the room’s beauty.

There are different types of command strips such as heavyweight, adjustable, general purpose, clear, decorative, Metallic, Home wares, Outdoor, and so on. According to your need, you can use command strips.

Sticky Velcro strips cost more than nails. Velcro strips are a rapid and easy solution for home decor and connecting frequently used home items. Velcro strips come in different sizes and colors.

Velcro strips are best for hanging pictures. They stick to the wall perfectly and securely leave your items without any support.

Which is better, command strips or nails?

Command strips don’t work well on every surface; different types of surfaces require nails or other alternatives to command strips. Some command strips include Adhesive Hooks, Wall Anchors, Drywall Hooks, Hard wall Hangers, Double-sided Tape, Adhesive Putty, Magnetic Dots, and Shelving; among them, the nail is one!

Command strips are durable and don’t fall down your belongings. They are easy to use and remove. But sometimes you need extra weight on your surface. That’s the moment you should avoid command strips. In just the case of heavyweight, don’t use command strips; instead of command strips, use nails if you don’t mind damaging your wall a bit.

What’s the summary of which is better, command strips or nails? Command strips are okay with lightweight such as pictures, but in case of heavy items, you need pins.

Command strips

The six mistakes you are making with command strips

Command strips are the best option for your home decor. The strips attach to the wall without damaging the wall.

But to adhere to command strips requires perfect preparation to get the best result. Here are some mistakes you should avoid while using command strips:

Please don’t use them on Rough Surfaces

You can only use command strips on smooth surfaces. Don’t apply them on concrete or timber, brick walls, or textured wallpaper.

Didn’t prepare the surface properly?

When you clean the surface properly, the strips give you the best work. Clean the wall with rubbing alcohol and make sure that adhere the strips to the wall properly.

Do you have any rush?

Have you just painted your walls? Then wait at least a week to dry out the wall to use command strips. Don’t make any rush. After attaching the command strips, wait until one hour is gone.

You don’t press hard enough

The harder you press the strips onto the wall, the better result you will get. Please read the instruction for using command strips and press them firmly.

You disregard the weight guidelines.

For every command strip, you need to follow some guidelines. How much weight you can put is given. So follow the instruction to get better results.

Frequently asked questions

How do you hang things on the wall without making any holes?

Are you thinking of hanging something on the wall without making any holes? Command strips are there. Command strips adhere perfectly without causing any spots. But they are for small kinds of stuff. If you want to hang heavy home items, make holes; don’t get panic about making holes. They are easy to fill up.

What is the best thing to keep on wall shelves?

As you like, you can keep the things on shelves which will open up your taste in front of people and the beauty of your home. I can give some examples as suggestions such as books (most of the time, people keep books there), Vases, pitchers, bowls, baskets, and other vessels, Vase fillers, Picture frames, Small mirrors, Plants, Candles, Lettere or monograms. What you put in depends entirely on your taste.

Can command strips hold up shelves?

It depends on how much weight you are putting on your shelves. Usually, command strips work for lightweight items. Two strips can hold 8 pounds, and four can hold 16 pounds. The amount of stuff you can keep on the shelves you will see on the leveling packet.

How much weight can two command hooks hold?

Usually, two command hooks can hold 8 pounds, and just in case of 4, they can hold 16 pounds.

When should you not use command strips?

You can use command strips only to smooth surfaces, not rough ones. Rough surfaces, brick walls, concrete or timber, and textured wallpaper tries to avoid.


When things get challenging to hang something on the wall, command strips, come with the solution.

For using command strips around the house in ways, you may not think of before. Can you hang shelves with command strips? I am covering everything from the what is command strips to avoid some mistakes while using command strips.

To use command strips, measure the correctly your shelves and surfaces. Before attaching strips, ensure your surface is clean, smooth, and dust-free to avoid the hassle.

If you are seven heavens for this article cause all the needed information you have already got there, please let us know below.

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