Best Floating Shelves Ideas

New Ornamental Best Floating Shelves Ideas Reviews

Best Floating Shelves Ideas are recent way for presenting different items on your room’s wall in the crisp and clean way.

Floating wall shelves appear clean and can take plenty of weight based on your home’s wall structure.

For the past decade using new floating shelves have become popular because of its clean and organized look that can desire for most people.

What are the Best of floating wall shelves?

  1. Best Photo Ledge Shelf: Contemporary Design Presentation Ledge.
  2. Wall Stand Floating Shelf: Make your wall beautiful.
  3. Crystal and Mirror Pure Floating Shelf: High-quality strengthened and gorgeous design.
  4. Corner Shelf set: Shelving Corner Wall Shelf Set provides a new look.
  5. Unseen Floating Bookshelf: Create extra place of home.
  6. Rustic Shelf: Domestic Wood Moving Shelf.
  7. Different Cube Shelf: Wood Shelf set.
  8. Ornamental Zig Zag Shelf: phenomenal selection for corners.
  9. U-designed Shelf Set: Floating Shelf Set of 3.

The word floating shelves”  term uses for any kind of shelving, wherein the support structure is not seen. They will attach to the room’s wall through the shelf’s back.

Floating Wall shelf can find in numerous wood veneers and colors. Finding solid wood type of floating shelf can be very uncommon due to its weight. However you can find authentic wood veneer type of floating shelf, it closely resemble a real wood, light weight and affordable.

Basic Product Information

Among the different colors, oak, white, and black are the most in demand.

Using oak colored floating shelf can cross the barrier between the traditional and modern, thus having conventional home with contemporary fitting and fixtures, adding a nice oak shelf might beautifully enhance the appearance of your home.

A black colored floating shelf can be a perfect choice for a bachelor pad with techie look, however if your room’s wall can cover with wall paper having dark pattern, floating shelf well look great on it.

A white colored floating shelf will be excellent for any style of interior and there is no way for you to get wrong when using this shelf.

My opinion

You can have a tough floating shelf however it will customize.

If you cannot make one on your own then you need a professional help on it. In order to attain strong shelf with that impressive floating appearance, you have to fix it on a wall using strip bracket for multiple kind of shelving solutions.

You have to chisel the wall for the shelf ‘ s strip to fix under wall ‘ s plaster line then attach this strips on your room ‘ s wall. You can fix the arm in a certain position you like then attach it on the strip slotted. At this phase, you will only have shelf brackets emerging from your wall.

The next thing you should do is to make box shelves, which will be placed over the support structure. Now you have your customized floating shelf that can take plenty of items and can withstand the weight. This option is suitable if you are planning on placing many shelves above each other to keep your AV on it. The benefit of customizing your floating shelf is you are given the freedom to choose what size, shape and color you feel is suitable for your home.

Storage Sheds and Shelves

Indoor and Outdoor Storage Wood, Plastic and Steel Storage Shelves, Sheds, Cabinets and Closets

Everybody has something to store. Whatever that is, surely it needs a space. And it shouldn’t just be any space but one that is sure appropriate and can accommodate the one or ones that need to keep.

There is a very wide variety of items that at a point must store. In this case, there are those personal items such as clothes and accessories.

There are all those that are for the use of your whole family like kitchen wares, books, garden tools and other home equipment.

In a sense, even a car or a bike must also store even just overnight or for days to keep it protects.

The basic idea of having all these things stored is for them to last longer. The storage space for these items can keep them away from destructive elements. And so, though indirectly, it can make you get the full value of those items.

Generally, your storage space can either be indoor or outdoor. As obvious as it is, indoor storage spaces are for indoor items and outdoor storage are for outdoor items.

The former protects your things from indoor elements that could damage them like dusts, stains and others. The latter are more into protecting outdoor items from varying weather conditions.

Among the indoor storage that you will mostly need are shelves, cabinets and closets and for outdoor there are the sheds.

All of them basically differ in what they can make of. They also differ in sizes as well as in designs.

Let’s take a closer look into them according to the materials they can make of.


Cabinets often uses in the kitchen though they can also install in other home parts.

The one type that prefers by many is the wood storage cabinet as it both can be useful and decorative.

Often, you can see them mounted on wall for storing kitchen wares.

As wooden home furniture, this type often sells with a high price. Nevertheless, as the industry of cabinetry grows, many cheap kitchen cabinets are now available for purchase.

Best Floating Wall Shelves


There are many variations of shelves according to the material uses to produce them.

For example, there are wood wall shelves, glass corner shelves and steel storage shelves.

The materials use on them do not just vary their looks but also their capacity and to where they are most appropriate to use.

For instance, though wood wall shelves can be as decorative as glass corner shelves, they can hold items of heavier weight than the latter.

And compared to both, steel storage shelves are more appropriate to use in large kitchen as those in restaurants as they are heavy duty and can sure deal with the everyday demand of a large kitchen.


As you already know, closets are more for storing personal items which includes clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

There are many types of closet organization systems that you can adopt to make that storing more effective and convenient.

They vary in sizes and designs, so it’s sure that there would be one that will exactly meet what you need.

Bedroom closet organizers can also be either made of plastic, metal or wood.

Like with other furniture, what they are made of can also affect their particular use and length of service so be sure with the type that you will pick.


Same with others, there are also three types of sheds that you can choose to have. There are the wooden garage sheds, metal storage sheds and plastic garden sheds. In addition to them, there are also vinyl sheds that are now available.

Often, these three types uses as tool shed for garden tools and equipment though they can also shelter other things.

Among those other things are products that may not be safe if stores inside your house such as cleaning solutions. For a more stylish shed, wooden garage sheds are often the first choice of many.

However, if just what you really need is something that will protect you outdoor things, plastic garden sheds are a fine pick. If you prefer a long lasting one though, then metal storage sheds are the ones you should be looking for.

In general, the storage equipment that you can have for both your indoor and outdoor items can be made in just three materials wood, plastic or metal.

For shelves though, glasses can add to that list and vinyl for the sheds. Each of these materials, in one way or another, affects the effectiveness of your storage so you have to wisely choose which one to use.

Why should you buy this?

The name floating shelf does not literally mean that it is floating but still needs to fix or attach to your room ‘ s wall.

This shelf works in numerous ways. If you are the type who enjoys creating things and have available time, you can easily create a nice durable floating shelf, which can handle any weight. But you can also choose the easier way, which is purchasing ready made floating shelf equipped with a bracket.

This bracket is a metal strip with a length the same with a post and has two poles emerging from it. The shelf part possesses two holes to accommodate the pole in fitting it.

Many of these floating shelves have hollow construction so it has lesser weight, which means you can place many items of various weight on it.

The real shelf does not determine the specific weight of the items that can place on it, the one that will determine as how much weigh to place on your shelf is the type of wall you are going to attach it with.

Things you should be concerned about

During fitting your floating wall shelves you only need to be careful of hitting the pipes and cables.

You have to search for wooden joist locates at the plasterboard’s back where you will fasten its support bracket or you can also try to strengthen your wall by using plywood or board at the plasterboard’s back.

In whichever cases is your plasterboard walls, this shelf cannot take too much weight unlike a shelf attached to a wall of brick form.

Frequently Ask Question

  1. Can I put floating shelves to any wall?

You can definitely place your floating shelf to any type of walls it all depend on the effort you are willing to give for it.

  1. Can I remove these shelves from brick or set another place easily?

If the wall of your house is of brick form, attaching floating shelf or removing will never be a difficult task. If you r home has walls of plasterboard type, you will encounter some problem in fixing floating shelf.

Most important Advantages

  1. You might have already experienced installing shelves on your room ‘ s wall then find out later that brackets will not allow you to install them. No matter what you do to solve it you cannot get it done. There is an available good method of shelving, which will aid you in preventing such dilemma; these shelving are known as Best Floating Shelves.
  2. The floating shelves do not possess the conventional brackets that typically hinder your attempt in making a wall design that is beautiful. They use internal brackets, which typically run the shelf’s whole depth. They can install in a way, wherein you will not see any of its bracket.
  3. Floating wall shelf can perform by just sliding the shelf into the brackets through an opening located at the shelf’s back. In this way, you create a sleeker and cleaner look on your shelves. By utilizing this way of shelving, it will provide you the means of placing your shelves in any location you like. Even the narrow areas in your home will not appear messy when you attach floating shelf.

User Experience

  1. Beautiful

In a sentence if it can say that these new floating shelves are beautiful for any room, either it is your home or office.

  1. Awesome

These modern floating shelves are very nice looking. In my home I attached different types of wall shelves in every room. These are really awesome.


  1. To one’s naked eye, best floating shelf may look delicate due to their placement on the room’s wall. The entire work of brackets can not see that is why it appears as if the shelf floats on your room’s wall.
  2. In truth floating shelves have stronger foundation compared to other shelves being supported with the conventional screws and brackets.
  3. In designing floating shelf, the makers understand and know that type of shelf is hanging and does not have any external support. Thus it can particularly design and construct to support. This can be easily performed by placing extra screws on your room’s wall and internal brackets used on this shelf are composed of quality materials that can withstand heavy items places on it.


1. Few times it seems to these shelves taking extra places of your room.

Final Words

They can well extend to provide the best support need to the shelf. Having this design and construction, you can place heavy items or things on your Best Floating Wall Shelves without worrying that it might fall off.

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