How to adjust apartment friendly floating shelves?

It is crucial when you shift to a new apartment and find inadequate shelves for your use. Then you need to get some extra floating shelves, and your first query will be, how to adjust apartment friendly floating shelves?

Today I will share my experience in this matter; I hope it will make your work easy.

Why do I need apartment friendly floating shelves?

Generally, you can ask, why do I need floating shelves? In a rented apartment, you need to set up adjustable apartment friendly floating shelves as you can remove them and take them away when you are shifting again. So, we will use these to make our life comfortable here.

On the other hand, your landlord will not allow you to set up fixed shelves for your use, which will affect the decoration and fixtures of the apartment. Then you need to proceed with your requirements and find a preferable solution. Yes, apartment friendly floating shelves are the only solution in this case.

Even if you need to set up a desk, you can easily install a renter friendly floating desk in your living room. Things are easy, and you can set up a shelf, wall shelves or a desk without nails or screws. So, come on, I will tell you how to adjust a floating shelf in some easy steps.

How to install adjustable apartment friendly floating shelves?

At first, you will need some tools to get your work done. So, let’s make a list and then go through the process.

  • Power drill with different sizes of bits
  • Hammer
  • Screwfinder
  • Leveling scale
  • Stud finder
  • Measuring tape
  • Painter’s tape
  • Marking Pencil
  • Other necessary things are required for shelves.

Before proceeding, we must keep a few things in mind, such as finding the right place to install the shelves. We can choose a corner or an open wall to set the shelf properly; here, we can consider a few things. The shelves should not make the apartment congested, or it should not hamper the regular movement in the room.

Also, you can put these shelves where you need them most.

apartment friendly floating shelves

The process of adjusting floating shelves is given below:

  • We have to first choose the right place where we want to adjust the shelves.
  • Then we have to measure the points where to drill the holes and where to put the screws on the wall.
  • Now we will make holes on the wall with a power drill with the appropriate bit size.
  • Then we need to clean the place properly and finish the paints if any adjustments are needed.
  • We will set up the floating shelf on the wall for longer use.

In this way, we will be able to adjust these shelves; here, you need to look for the right type of floating shelf.

It would help if you also remembered that there are different models of renter friendly shelves at IKEA from which we have to choose the right one, or we can go for other options. Let me tell you that, too, as you can go through these options.

What are the options for floating shelves?

Until now, we have seen that we have to go through such a tiring process to drill the wall and adjust floating shelves. But there are also floating wall shelves available that we can install without drilling. For that, we need to go through a different process.

If you look at the nearest stores or online for floating adhesive shelves, you will find many models. Choose one from those, and you will get the necessary adhesive attachments with the shelf; it is quite easy to install and better for a rented apartment where the landlord may not be happy when you start to drill on the wall.

Also, you will find a lot of renter-friendly storage and shelf model that can make you decide and choose from several options. I have mentioned that you can use a floating shelf, storage or desk according to your need.

Here you can easily go for the no drill shelves option based on your apartment owner’s choice, be sure about not harming the apartment or any of its fixtures.

Apartment Friendly Floating Shelves

How to be safe while working on a Floating Shelf adjustment project?

Safety first is the main motto when we work on any DIY project. Be sure that you do not hurt yourself. I will tell you about my experience here that will keep you safe.

  • Use protective gears that keep you safe while working with a power drill and other equipment.
  • If needed, take help from your friend or roommate with your projects; an extra hand will help you to work comfortably. Also, he can help in measuring, marking and adjusting the shelves.
  • Keep the place clean; use extra mats or sheets to help keep the surroundings clean as much as possible. It is not good if you scatter things and make the place dirty.
  • Follow the process carefully and avoid all possible mistakes. It will save you money and give a complete look to your project.
  • When you feel the task is complicated and you cannot do it alone, I suggest you take paid assistance. These people will get your job done professionally and maintain all these correctly.

I hope these tips will keep you safe on your project, save your extra cost and get it done.

Where to find Adjustable Apartment Friendly Floating Shelves?

Adjustable Apartment Friendly Floating Shelves

It is wise you choose your shelves by yourself; you can try the nearest hardware stores where you can find several models. Also, you can try online stores and interior design firms that make this kind of shelves. It will be easy for you to know the specs and design before buying it.

While buying on the internet, you will get many offers such as discounts, promotional codes and an easy return policy. So, it will help you go through your choices and make up your mind.

Feedback on Floating Shelves

You can get authentic reviews online to find the right product; when you buy online, you will find buyer reviews. For example, Amazon is a reliable online store where you can find user feedback before buying a product.

Also, you can join some forums where people talk about shelves and interior decoration. You can easily find renter-friendly shelves-related discussions on Reddit, and real users will share their comments with you. These are the most authentic source where you will find your product based on reviews.

Final words

I have shared my knowledge on the adjustment process of apartment friendly floating shelves and after step by step guide. Also, I have shared my opinion on different models and related issues that will keep you updated on your project. I hope now you can easily complete your projects without any trouble.

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