Alternative to Floating Shelves: prominent solution of 2023

Alternative to Floating Shelves: A Different Idea for your Home

The first thing that comes to mind about organizing home items shelves! Mostly, floating shelves are always popular. But you may look for rusting and more organizing alternatives to floating shelves!

Shelves decorate your home items, and you can easily reach out or find them. But you may find a more prominent solution for business or industrial purposes. 

Traditional shelves solve minor issues in the case of organizing items. But out of there, we need some alternatives of floating shelves for office, industrial, and home. 

However, I will show you some alternative to floating shelves that makes your industrial or office items more organized and easy to reach out to. So why are you waiting? Let’s go through the details!

What are alternatives to Floating shelves?

We all know the use of floating shelves, but floating shelves cannot bring a complete solution to make our daily work easier. Sometimes we need more storage space in case of industrial or office items. And this is why we have to look for alternative to floating shelves. So the question is, what is the alternative to floating shelves? I will meet you with the answers to these questions below.

Rustic Beech Chain Shelf

You can decor your home with a rustic vibe shelf and don’t need the actual wooden chain shelves. A Rustic Beech chain shelf is installed by two rural black chains that you can quickly fix to the wall and top of the frame. 

Features of Alternative to Floating Shelves

It has many different features such as an anti-tilt, establishing bolt back into the shelf to ensure that always you can handle this shelf functionality according to your needs and there is no problem you would face. 

A pre-eminent Beech chain shelf brings a rustic vibe to your room, whatever you want to hang it. Moreover, the rustic feel gives the house a different look.

Handcrafted shelf 

There may be slight size differences cause the shelf is handcrafted, and some grooves, minor dents, notches, or cracks in the wood. This original form of wood doesn’t make the wood less durable but shows its originality. 

We all think about how to beautify our home with complete necessity. Furthermore, beautiful rustic decor adds a finishing touch to your home. Thus, these alternatives fill the need and provide a rustic vibe that makes you feel homey! 

Umbra Cubist Shelf

The cubist shelf is an eminent small shelf and is a reasonable price for modern home and office decor. These product materials are Beech wood and plastic and a wall-mounted rack. 

 A huge storing shelf 

Simultaneously, it will provide you with functional shelving and storage as well. The Umbra Cubist Shelf is perfect for fitting a few books and decorations. It is not much larger or smaller. You will like the plain design and the uncomplicated installation; this small and handy shelf holds dry-erase markers for your whiteboard calendar. 

In addition, it is a beautiful little utterance to multiplier the other rural industrial design element you would have in your room.

Displaying various things 

It is a black metal shelf and looks very effective on a neutral background. Surprisingly, a cubist frame is ideal for storing and displaying various items, including magazines, books, figurines, souvenirs, and many more. It adds color and life to your indoor living space. 

alternatives to floating shelves

Easy installation 

It comes with simple and handy step-by-step mounting instructions and all the necessary brackets and hardware to easily mount it to virtually any wall in your home or office in minutes.

Marble wall-mounted shelves 

Marble wall-mounted shelves are affordable art and objects of interest with natural cool. It has raw material, color, and veining will vary: each is unique and classy. It has metal brackets with a brass finish. Its looks and price are beyond your imagination. 

You can purchase it for your small business to display merchandise and add elegance to your kitchen, bathroom, walls, or living room. 

Rustic Pipe Floating shelf

Rustic pipe floating shelves are made with Iron and wood. These floating shelves come in all one box, which is so HEAVY. One more thing you will discover is plumbing-style shelves. It comes at a reasonable price. 

If you want to decorate your home with an industrial look, you can catch it. 

Wide storage option 

It will be great storage for your home items such as photo frames, flowers, books, pots, utensils, ornaments, and what is suitable for the living room, bedroom, kitchen pantry, office, laundry room, or even above the toilet. It is easy to install and remove. 

And one last thing, you will shock it has zero negative reviews from Amazon!!

Wire shelving

Wire shelving is made of wire platforms and aluminum or steel. For manufacturing with aluminum, it is light and durable, too. However, you want to place your light items in separate bins so that they cannot mix up or become disorganized while used. 

An organizing bins

Wire shelving with bins comes with impressive benefits that make your work or organization items easy. It is a long-lasting shelf and has plenty of ventilation, too. 

A kitchen shelf

People primarily use Wire shelving for light or small items such as bowls, pots, plates, and cups. 

Customizable according to your need

It is a customizable shelf where you want to place them according to your needs. You can move this shelf quickly here and there as your need because it has mobility purposes with wheels. If you are freaking out about dust and rust buildup, then wire shelve is best for you, without a doubt. 

Steel shelving Mezzanines

The title of “steel shelving Mezaniness” says it is made of high-quality stainless steel. A steel shelving mezzanine is designed to meet your additional storage needs and maximize floor space use. Install this shelf and increase your floor space with the existing height of your building.

Suits with building heights 

Steel shelving Mezzanines are made for you and suit your existing building height. You can use steel shelving mezzanines in warehouses, distribution centers, and other similar establishments. 

Good for heavily/larger items

The steel shelving mezzanines knew as catwalk systems. It is ideal for storing heavier/ larger, individual items that require stacking. 

Separate portion 

It has a multi-level system; the intermediate levels are catwalk systems, the top floor is open, and the bottom portion stores items. It is an excellent offering to store additional items! 

What more? You can accessorize your items with stairs, handrails, and catwalks. Lastly, these other opportunities allow you to reach your items stacked up high quickly. 


Floating shelves are ideally suited for your home decor or regular decor items. It also maximizes your existing floor space, and you can stack the things in a minimized area with great organization. 

But in other words, we need at least an equivalent solution for more extensive problems. That’s why we need alternative to floating shelves for industrial or office items. All the other options I mentioned above are some used for a home that lets a rustic look to your home, and some are industrial.

In brief, these alternative floating shelves give you additional tests and bigger space according to your needs. So which alternative do you want to go for? Comment below to let us know!

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