What are the best kitchen shelves shaping designs in 2021

How to choose the right shelves for your kitchen?

It is no secret that often the kitchen in an apartment or house is the most favorite and cozy corner. Housewives pay a lot of attention to the furniture and equipment of the kitchen.

After all, everything should be harmonious, thoughtful, convenient and functional. Fortunately, the choice of kitchen furniture, appliances and all sorts of devices today in specialized stores is huge and is able to satisfy the most demanding, refined or non-standard requests.

And what could not be found in the finished form, is made to order or made with your own hands, including shelves for the kitchen.

How to choose shelves Cabinets or shelves?

Kitchen furniture, as well as kitchen utensils, is not enough. But the question arises: what is more convenient and functional cabinets or kitchen shelves.

It is more rational to equip the bottom of the working wall with cabinets with internal shelves or drawers. Such kitchen furniture is very practical and roomy and looks great in the interior of the kitchen.

In the floor cabinets, it is convenient to put bulky kitchen utensils, install containers for garbage and waste, store bags of vegetables.

Hanging kitchen cabinets can be safely replaced with open shelves or closed, and it is good to combine all three types. It should be noted that the open shelves in the kitchen are lighter and do not clutter the space. This is especially valuable in small kitchens or in studio apartments.

Part of the floor cabinets can also be sacrificed by installing open shelves.

However, it is necessary to make the shelves themselves more massive and thicker than the mounted ones, because massive kitchen utensils and appliances are always stored below: a juicer, a meat grinder, pots of various capacities and pans.

The location of open kitchen shelves can be very diverse. They look great between regular hanging cabinets or from the sides. Small open shelves will be appropriate under or above the cabinets.

For example, you can place flower pots, cups, glasses or containers with sugar, salt, spices, and cutlery on them.

Wooden open shelves located above the kitchen table can be used as an additional decor of the room, and quite a practical thing, placing vases with flowers, scented candles or frames with photos of all family members on them. Such designs look advantageous in the interior of the kitchen.

Kitchen interior style

Kitchen interior style there are a lot of styles in which you can equip a kitchen with open shelves: minimalism, Scandinavian style, high-tech, retro or classic-it all depends on the wishes of the hostess. Each style of kitchen has its own materials, colors, and shapes.

For example, when choosing a Scandinavian style, the hanging shelves should be made of natural materials, wood, stone (special attention should be paid to the fasteners and the choice of place, the structures are quite heavy).

As for the color scheme, you should choose beige, light gray, light blue, light green, light brown, as this style is aimed at maintaining warmth and comfort in the house. Such a combination of colors and materials, of course, will be an exclusive solution in the interior of the kitchen.

High-tech or minimalism is a modern style and materials that are used in them, as if they better reflect modern realities. Plastic, metal, glass, a lot of right angles and lines, a combination of black and white with splashes of bright colored details is most suitable for these styles.

You can also use lighting for hanging cabinets and open shelves, this will make the kitchen more modern and practical.

Hanging shelves made of glass, whether completely transparent or frosted glass, will look particularly impressive. Like the shelves in the interior of the kitchen will look more fresh and simple.

One thing: the glass open shelves in the kitchen should be reliable. Therefore, it is not reasonable to take glass less than 6-8 mm, there is a significant risk that the shelves will crack under the weight of the placed items.

In addition to the open shelves on the mounts, there may be shelves that are mounted in the wall. Such a move will help to save space in the kitchen space and make the room as constructive as possible.

Such shelves are usually made of drywall. They look good, are functional, and can withstand considerable weight. The main disadvantage of the design is the stationary installation.

Painlessly dismantling such kitchen shelves is quite problematic and you will have to use them until the next major repair.

Plastic kitchen shelves are light, mobile, they are easily attached and dismantled. But it is worth remembering that plastic is not strong enough material and is not suitable for installing heavy kitchen utensils on it.

On such kitchen shelves, it is more reasonable to place small items or dishes made of the same plastic, since there will be no problems with the choice. To date, high-quality plastic tableware for the kitchen is not inferior to porcelain or earthenware, as well as glass.

A particularly interesting detail of the kitchen interior will be small, wooden hanging shelves, they are perfect for storing condiments and spices, teas or coffee beans, it will look incredibly cute and sophisticated, such designs are characteristic of kitchens in the Italian or English style.


Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to fill the kitchen shelves with recipe books, thereby saving time and space. The hostess has everything at hand, and to get the necessary item is very easy and simple, without leaving the kitchen.

Materials for kitchen shelves

Kitchen shelves differ not only in size, color, but also in the material from which they are made. As mentioned above, it can be.

  1. Tree. Perfect choice for the kitchen. Natural material, Eco-friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, durable enough and easy to operate. It definitely needs an additional moisture-resistant coating, which is designed to extend the shelf life and simplify maintenance. Such a protective coating can serve as a wood varnish or oil paint.
  2. Chipboard or fiberboard. In its qualities, it is slightly inferior to wood, but it is also quite attractive and functional. Kitchen structures are reliable and easy to maintain.
  3. Glass. It is better to use hardened reinforced, then there will be no problems with open shelves and filling capacity. And of course pay attention to its thickness. Thin glass, less than 6-8 mm, is inappropriate and impractical, and also unsafe. It may crack. The glass shelf should not be hung in close proximity to the stove or oven.
  4. Stone. Quite bulky and massive material. Carefully hang the structures and pay close attention to the fasteners. It is more reasonable to mount on the load-bearing wall of the kitchen than on the piers and do not strive to raise such shelves to the ceiling, closer to the floor they will be the most place.
  5. Drywall. To create a stationary kitchen interior for a long time. Suitable for lovers of classics and conservatism. These are kitchens in the English colonial style. In order for the kitchen shelves to last for a long time, the coating must be moisture-resistant.
  6. Plastic. Lightweight, mobile material. It can imitate wood, stone, glass, and even mirror surfaces. You cannot hang shelves over the gas stove and near heating devices. Do not overload. Remember that cheap plastic easily changes its color, especially white becomes yellowish over time, which spoils the overall appearance of the entire kitchen interior. Ribbed plastic is easy to get dirty, but difficult to clean.
  7. Metal. Quite new and not universally appreciated material. Such open shelves can withstand significant loads, are not afraid of high temperatures or moisture, and are quite easy to care for. They are easily cleaned of grease and soot. Shelves do not require additional decoration and finishing. From individual open shelves, you can create interesting designs to create an exclusive kitchen interior.
  8. In the interior, it is allowed to use one material or a combination of two, at least three types. For example, the shelf itself can be made of wood or glass, and the fasteners can be made of metal. Glass kitchen shelves can be combined with metal or wooden ones. Stone shelves, as a rule, are used by themselves, and it is allowed to supplement them only with wood. Drywall is appropriate with plastic or glass. When selecting the material, it is necessary to take into account the general direction of the style of the kitchen set and the interior as a whole. A lot doesn’t always mean necessary. The kitchen should not be overloaded.

We make kitchen shelves ourselves

Open shelves for the kitchen can be purchased in the store, purchased using the Internet, or made with your own hands.

Open shelves in the kitchen made of wood with their own hands can make even a layman well, or made of plastic. To work, you must have the following materials and tools.

1. A tape measure, a piece of paper, a simple pencil, a ruler.

2. A hacksaw or a jigsaw, metal corners for fixing, a drill or a screwdriver, self-tapping screws or screws, sandpaper.

3. A stain (drying oil), a waterproof wood varnish, a brush or two.

Stages of work.

1. To begin with, it is necessary to decide in which place the kitchen will be placed on the shelf and their total number. The tape measure carefully measures the length of the intended product and the width. The dimensions are fixed on paper. Then they are marked directly on the board with a pencil, the excess is removed with a hacksaw (jigsaw). The place of the cut and the corners of the future shelf are carefully cleaned with sandpaper, they should be smooth, without roughness and burrs.

2. The shelf blank is covered with a stain when a dark-colored stick is needed, or with drying oil to preserve the natural color and pattern of the wood, in two layers. Allow to dry thoroughly. In the absence of staining, use a solution of medical iodine.

3. When the base coat dries, the work piece is covered with a wood varnish with a moisture-resistant effect, which is important. Kitchen furniture must be kept clean, and without the appropriate coating it will be difficult to do. Frequent wet cleaning can cause damage and shorten the shelf life if it is uncoated. The first layer of varnish after drying is treated with fine sandpaper and apply the second layer.

4. Step back from both edges of the structure by a couple of centimeters, mark the places for fixing the corners. Twist the metal corners. The shelf is ready. Use self-tapping screws and a drill to hang it on the wall at the chosen location. Check the strength of the fasteners and only then arrange the necessary items.

If desired, the outer edge of the shelf can be decorated or left clean. The decor is applied with oil paints or burned with a special burner.

It is advisable to abandon the three-dimensional decor. The settled fat on such a surface will be quite difficult to remove and the kitchen shelves eventually become sloppy. What will affect the appearance of the entire interior of the kitchen?





Shelving Ideas diagram that are attractive and Useful

Types of shelves in Modern life


Wall shelves become a very important part of our modern life. They are made of wood, plywood, laminated chipboard, fiberboard, there are shelves made of glass.

The same materials are used as racks, but they are also made of metal, plastics and other absolutely incredible things — for example, pipes or bottles.

In living rooms, it is not so important what material the shelf is made of. It is important that its design is in the same style as the interior. Even the functionality is not always important: some play only a decorative role. On them, if there is something, then one or two items. Their role is to give the interior of the home a special style and color.

If we talk about the shelves in the technical rooms-the kitchen and bathroom, in particular, then the aesthetic considerations are almost everywhere added to the requirements for practicality. Even decorative shelves in the kitchen should be well washed.

For shelves in the bathroom in general, the requirements are high: periodically there is very high humidity and materials are required that transfer it without any harm. There aren’t many of them. It is plastic and stainless steel. They also make decorative shelves for the bathroom made of MDF, but they are normally operated with good ventilation in the bathroom.

What to make shelves out of?

Perhaps, for the implementation of the task of creating shelves on their own, almost any material is suitable, of course, within reason. It is hardly appropriate to attach bulky structures made of bricks, since this will additionally hide the free space. However, any of the relatively different materials is quite suitable:

A tree is a classic option, since the vast majority of users choose it. It is very easy to work with such material due to its low weight (with small dimensions of the product) and it will last a long time if you operate the wooden shelf in optimal conditions, that is, at a normal value of humidity in the room.

Glass-these shelves look very modern and will never go out of fashion. However, to create products from this material, you need to have a special tool for cutting on glass.

Plastic is an affordable material. It is easy to handle and is not susceptible to mold formation, as in the case of wood. Especially if the shelves are built to be placed on a loggia or balcony.

Metal-to work with such material, you need a welding machine, if you plan to have a completely metal shelf. For combined products, it is enough to use a standard set of fasteners, and it is better if these areas are not visible to the eye.

Chipboard or an alternative

Option-chipboard. The second of these materials is more wear-resistant due to increased resistance to indoor humidity, temperature changes and mechanical deformations, such as abrasion.

Drywall-most often used when the shelf is part of the design of the room, that is, through this material, a niche in the wall is formed.

The choice of the option should be determined not only by the financial capabilities of the owner of the premises, but also by his skills in the construction field.

Otherwise, the material will be irretrievably damaged, and the product at the output will turn out to be sloppy and generally unsuitable for operation, especially in a prominent place.

Shelves on the wall

In any room on the wall there are places on which you just need to hang something.

After all, most modern furniture occupies only the lower part — sofas, tables, couches. The upper part remains empty and there is a dissonance: the overloaded lower part of the room and the half-empty or completely empty upper part. These voids on the walls are organically filled with shelves.

The corner shelf is an excellent solution. Structurally, most shelves consist of the actual shelves and lintels. But these components are combined into so many variants that it is impossible to count them. Simple design is good: you can make any shelves with your own hands. Moreover, these products can be the first self-made things. It’s really simple.

How and what to attach it to

We do not start with fasteners for nothing. The design of the shelf on the wall depends largely on the type of attachment. Or maybe it’s the other way around. It depends on what to dance from traditional loops.

Traditional hinges for hanging shelves

There is a traditional way-on the loop. It is suitable for wood and fiberboard, any other materials that are thick enough to attach them. They are screwed with screws on the side parts.

Then, the distance between the centers of the loop holes is measured, and it is placed on the wall (keep an eye on the horizontal position).

At the marked points, holes are drilled for the dowel, a dowel is inserted and a dowel nail with a small cap is screwed into it, which is included in the loop or bracket (a pin slightly bent up). Then a shelf is hung on them.

Not all materials can be drilled. For example, glass shelves. You can’t really screw anything into them. Fasteners for glass shelves are special: they consist of two parts, between which the glass is inserted. Often, elastic gaskets are installed between the holders. At the bottom of the fastener, there is usually a small pressure screw for fixing.

Fasteners for glass shelves

The most popular mount for glass shelves is called “pelican” – for its peculiar shape. It looks good itself, it is available in different colors. The thickness of the glass that it can hold is from 8 to 34 mm. You can insert into it not only glass, but also any other material of this thickness. Just with glass, it looks stylish.

It is easy to make glass shelves on the wall with it: you buy a mount, in a glass workshop you order the right size and shape pieces of glass with processed edges (or cut them yourself, if you know how). The actual assembly remains.

Attach the pelicans to the wall. Two dowels each. The case is collapsible — the decorative cover is removed, and there are two holes in the mounting plate. One in the case above, the second-below. Fixed it, installed it in place of the trim.

The glass was inserted.

We screwed up the screw. That’s it.

There is another form of similar fasteners. The photo below shows a few of them.

Decorative brackets

Another type of mounting is brackets. They are reliable, some are decorative, and so much so that they themselves are an ornament.

Countersunk mounting-shelves without support and the most amazing device for secret mounting. It allows you to hide the fasteners. At the end, a seat is cut out for the pin and the holder body, and the shelf is simply put on it.

As you can see, even a simple board or a piece of glass on such mounts is already not bad. But there are still a lot of ideas.

7 Key Information for Choosing Wall Shelves: Design, Types

The main objects of the Glass Wall Shelves

  1. What are wall shelves?
  2. Types of material
  3. Mounting types
  4. Scope of wall shelves
  5. Variety of shapes
  6. Tips for choosing wall-mounted shelves
  7. Advantages and disadvantages


The design of wall shelves is by far the most unimaginable, ranging from classic horizontal shelves to wavy shapes or labyrinth shelves.

The types of wall shelves are also very diverse: bookshelves, shelves for the bathroom or for the kitchen, shelves exclusively for decor or functional shelves for a children’s room.

To make the right choice that will combine external beauty and aesthetics with strength and durability, you need to be well oriented in basic criteria. Let’s consider everything in order and from the very beginning.


As Wikipedia says, a shelf is a piece of furniture without a front wall, with or without a back wall, for storing books or other items. Shelves can be made of materials such as wood, chipboard, MDF, glass, metal, drywall, or combined. Can be with LED back light. There are also different types of mounts: hidden, open, removable or modular.


The choice of material will determine, firstly, the purpose of the shelf, and secondly, the style of its execution. Also, the choice of material depends on the room in which the shelves will hang.

  • Wood, chipboard, MDF. A safe bet for almost all interior styles, there are and always will be wooden shelves. It’s a timeless classic. Such shelves guarantee safety and environmental friendliness, with proper processing it is easy to take care of this material, the tree has a pleasant appearance and texture, and most importantly – such a product will last a very long time!

Plastic. The only drawback of plastic is its unnatural composition. Otherwise, it is almost a universal material. It is lightweightdurable, moreover, it can easily externally imitate various types of coatings, such as wood or stone, and even be textured. The price of plastic products will also please.

Metal. This material is very durable, products made from such material are very durable and reliable.

The cost of a metal product will also be within reasonable limits, unless, of course, you opt for shelves with wrought iron elements.

Such products look very expensive and interesting, but you need to choose them only if the style of your interior is fully consistent with them.

Wrought iron shelves, combined with the overall classic interior, will look out of place. The only “but” is corrosion, which will begin to appear on the metal over time, so do not forget that the shelves made of iron must be painted.

Glass. Glassware deservedly fell in love with both designers and ordinary people.


The strength and reliability of your shelves will depend entirely on the choice of mounting them to the wall.

Be guided depending on the degree of workload of future shelves. Different mounting options can also be used to achieve different visual effects.

It is up to you to focus on the fastening and specifically emphasize it or not. Consider the main types of wall shelf mounts:


  • Rigid fixation. In this case, the shelves are attached to the wall using special fittings, this type of fastening is the most durable.

The shelves can be attached both to the wall and simultaneously to the ceiling and floor.

This makes it possible to load the product from the heart and not be afraid that the shelves will sag or not at all withstand the load and fall off.

This is the most successful solution for bookshelves, especially if they look more like a rack, or for shelves in the kitchen, because kitchen utensils are also not the easiest thing.

  • Removable fixation. In this case, the fastening is carried out using special brackets and hooks

The hooks are attached to the wall and the brackets are attached directly to the shelves.

Then you can either simply put hooks on the shelves, or use a more interesting option.

If you place the brackets not only on the back side of the shelf, which is adjacent to the wall, but also on the front, and add a couple more hooks to the wall, you can make, as it were, a hanging shelf, but at the same time, it will still be strong and stable.

You can hang such a shelf on leather belts, on a decorative chain or rope; you can also adjust the length of these elements by choosing the height of additional hooks. With this type of attachment, you will not have any difficulties if someday you want change the location of your shelf.

  • Modular mount. This is a very convenient and modern type of fastening, which gives you the opportunity to independently choose the number of elements and, if necessary, remove and replace some of them. The fastening principle is very simple – the upper elements of the composition are strung on the lower ones.

You can create your own unique composition.

  • Concealed mount. With this type of fastening, the shelves are attached to the wall using special hidden fittings, which makes them completely invisible

These shelves look like they were glued to the wall. When choosing this type of mount in the future, you may have difficulties with dismantling, if suddenly you want to outweigh them.

And the installation of such shelves is not an easy task and you are unlikely to be able to cope without the help of a specialist, if you yourself are not an expert in the manufacture of furniture. But the visual effect, of course, deserves credit.

  1. Scope of wall shelves

When choosing a product from this material, pay special attention to the edges of the shelves. They must be chamfered and smooth to the touch, this will help you avoid numerous cuts both during installation and during subsequent cleaning.

You should also pay attention to the thickness, shelves with a thickness of 5 mm or more will be durable, choose products made of tempered glass, and this will give them additional strength.

With the help of glass shelves, you can visually relieve space and create light, weightless compositions.



The choice of form depends entirely on the purpose of the wall shelves and their placement. Consider the most practical and common options:

  • Cantilever shelves. Basically, but not necessarily, such shelves are designed to store dishes or various utensils. There are 1, 2 or 3 levels with the ability to independently adjust the distance between levels.
  • With a back wall. These are multi-level shelves, which are divided into sections and have a back wall. Such shelves, in their appearance, are more reminiscent of racks that fit perfectly into a dressing room or personal library, or are suitable for built-in appliances, for example, for a TV and speakers.
  • One of the most common types of wall shelves. Depending on the material chosen, you can get both a classic wooden shelf and a more interesting glass one or with forged fixtures. Such shelves can be either single, or make up a composition of several shelves located diagonally with a certain pitch. Can be used to position any items.
  • More roomy and more compact than the previous ones. By placing such shelves around the sofa, and at the same time using different heights between the sections, you can arrange beautiful vases, books, and photographs and abandon the wall in the living room.
  • They can be mounted on both inner and outer wall corners. It looks especially interesting and original when the corner external shelf is a fragment of the wall.
  • This is probably the most compact type of shelves. Such shelves will be indispensable in small rooms or in the bathroom.  No less beautiful and varied, both in shape and in the combination of materials. They can have both practical and purely artistic applications. It all depends on your preference.

Original shelves. Do not think that only famous designers can create original shelves.

You just need to show a little imagination, and your apartment can be decorated with a wall shelf and the most unimaginable materials at hand, with or without illumination, or even with a built-in aquarium, made by hand!

There are no limits to your imagination. On the Internet, you come across photographs on which shelves even make their old TVs or pianos, and after all, someone invented it all! One thing is for sure – such a shelf will never go unnoticed by your guests and never get bored.


  • Before purchasing, you must know exactly the future location. After all, if you come home, it suddenly dawns on you that you probably should have hung the shelf above the sofa, and not on the opposite wall, and you have already purchased a product that is almost the size of the entire wall, then you will at least have to exchange it, and then think again before next purchase.
  • It is also necessary to clearly determine the size and number of the distance at which the shelves will be attached to the wall should depend on the items that will be located on them. Think ahead of what your wall shelves will serve you for, measure the tallest object and add a few centimeters for the stock. This will make it easier for you to place items on the shelves and they will not rest against the top shelf.
  • And most importantly, the style of execution of the wall shelf must fully correspond to the style of the room in which it will be located. Better not to experiment, otherwise you risk losing it.


Undoubtedly, the advantages of wall shelves are not small!

  • They can easily replace cabinets, while they will look much more compact and more interesting.
  • Shelves, even a few, are much cheaper than
  • Suitable for use in any room.

Great Information of Floating Shelves for Organizing Space

If you want to store your items on floating shelves, make sure you have enough space to set them up.

Open shelves that do not have visible fasteners are called “floating”. They seem to hover in space and serve as a practical solution for a modern interior. With the help of floating shelves in the apartment, you can easily update the walls and place all sorts of accessories and decorative elements on them, such as books, flowers, souvenirs, paintings. These handy shelves are great for both large and small spaces.


Floating shelves make it easy to update the walls of the house and beautifully showcase your favorite souvenirs, books, dishes and accessories. See for yourself with our new selection of 25 photos representing different ways to incorporate floating shelves into interior design!

  1. Floating shelves in a small space

If you need shelves for storing things in a small room (for example, in the bathroom, hallway or on the balcony), then narrow and light floating shelves placed strictly under each other are just what you need! They make the room look much more spacious than it actually is, and at the same time allow you to conveniently arrange a large number of items.

  1. Unique wall design

Floating shelves made of dark wood simply look amazing on the light and fresh color of the wall, and vice versa. At the same time, the asymmetrical way of hanging these shelves gives the room a cheerful dynamic and uniqueness.

Design-wall-with-floating-shelves unique-wall-with-floating-shelves

  1. Floating shelves in the kitchen

Installing floating shelves is the easiest way to make the kitchen seem more open and airy, and it’s also one of the latest trends in kitchen design! Open shelves create a sense of extra space and make the items stored on them more accessible.

  1. The decoration of the wall above the sofa

Enhance the design of your living room by hanging a pair of long floating shelves above the sofa. They will be the perfect place to display your favorite photos, works of art, and other decorative items, such as candles or indoor plants.

  1. Simple solution for the corner of the room

Since floating shelves can be of any size and are quite easy to install, they can be used in any free space, for example, in the corner of your living room or bathroom.

  1. Perfect addition for furniture

With the choice of the same wood color as the rest of the furniture in the room, such as a nearby cabinet, floating shelves are the perfect addition to the room, while giving it a more interesting structure.

To strengthen the central element

If your wall has a fireplace or any other central object (mirror, painting, etc.), then it will look even more advantageous if you place unobtrusive floating shelves on its sides.

  1. Asymmetric focus in the interior

The following photo clearly demonstrates how floating shelves can be the main element of a room’s design. Put all your electronics and other unsightly items in a closed cabinet and let your favorite vases and other decor come to the fore with stylish floating shelves!

  1. Low shelves to lift the mood

If the floating shelves are hung low above the sofa or under the ceiling, but slightly below eye level, they will create a more comfortable and light feeling, making it easier to access the objects standing on them.

  1. Combination with wall patterns

The simple shape of the floating shelves can beautifully accentuate the wall pattern, allowing it to appear more neat and warm in appearance.

  1. Mountaineering wall

A simple bookshelf suddenly appears in a new light with the addition of several floating shelves that rise up the wall. The clear contrast between the color of the shelves and the walls adds an interesting effect to the room.

  1. Floating shelves for narrow walls

When you add a vertical row of floating shelves to a narrow section of the wall, for example, between windows, you can create an original open block for storing almost any things. Sometimes floating shelves provide the same capacity as a bulky cabinet or shelving unit.


Beautiful 10 best Floating Design ways to decorate the wall


Designing a room can be challenging and fun. Given the wide range of models currently available on the market, it is difficult to choose the perfect furniture for a room. However, there are options!

If you’ve never heard of the floating shelf, it’s important to note that it’s not a floating piece of furniture.

In contrast to the conventional square-shaped shelves, wooden enclosed in brackets, floating shelf, they are not.

This is a shelf attached to the wall, and you usually won’t see its supports. Thus, the design is called “floating”, as it seems that the shelf is stuck in the wall by itself.

At the same time, here are 10 reasons why you need to install floating shelves:

  1. They don’t take up too much space

Ordinary shelves, large and bulky in size, take up too much space in the room. And, if you already have a small room to start with, having such a shelf can reduce the space.

The room should have a place for you to move around. If you choose floating shelves, you will save so much free space, as they are really just wooden planks or metal planks attached to the wall, as opposed to space.

Save up normal shelves. This type of shelf is also ideal if you prefer a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Unconventionally stylish

An unconventional looking shelf that seems to float in the air will definitely make your room look modern and stylish.

Floating shelves can be simple or very attractive. It has both potentials, because this stick will test your creativity.

This is a piece of furniture that can be easily combined with anything, so it can have a variety of styles.

For example, you can hang floating shelves at an angle to make them look more unique and create an atmosphere of playfulness in your room.

However, be careful not to stack it so that the items on your shelves don’t fall off. Basically, with floating shelves, you can have as many stylish ideas as you want.

  1. Pleasant to the eyes

Regular shelves take up too much space due to their large size. They also give the impression of shelves in your local library.

If you are someone who has such a shelf at home, and it becomes annoying for you, then for sure now it is also an eyesore.

Stop being irritated and switch to floating shelves. They are the complete opposite of normal shelves; pleasant to the eye, light and, most importantly, compact.

If you do not want to settle for regular shelves, because it will annoy you, choose floating shelves instead, as they are a sure decoration for the eyes.

  1. Emphasizes the width or height of the room

Depending on how and where you place the floating shelves, if you do it well, you can allocate the space of your room to make it look bigger and taller.

Since the floating shelves are lines, they create an illusion for the eyes that can complement the shape of your room.

If you have a small room, floating shelves will help make your room look bigger in the photos.

Another way to emphasize the size of your room is to allocate space for shelves in it, arrange shelves from floor to ceiling and arrange things in this one part of the room.

This will free up space in your room when most of your stuff is on one side of the room. It’s also a great way to keep track of where you can easily find your stuff.

  1. Gives your room a minimalist look

When you talk about a minimalist room, this does not mean that there should be little or almost nothing of furniture and other things in it.

Minimalism is basically about keeping things that serve you with value and don’t burden you. If you want to create a room in a minimalist style, buy a floating shelf.

This type of shelf is perfect for creating a minimalist look, as it is comfortable, stylish, and doesn’t make you worry, such as taking up a lot of space.

Since minimalism is about preserving valuable things, give up on the usual shelves that only take up space and don’t add value to your life.

  1. They fill the void

Have you ever looked into your room and felt that something was missing?

For example, a clean wall gives your room a feeling of emptiness or emptiness. Moreover, it can also make your room “boring” if it looks too simple. It’s good that floating shelves exist!

They do exactly what it takes to fill the empty spaces in the walls of your room.

This will give your room a more three-dimensional feel compared to simple walls that have nothing attached to them, making it two-dimensional.


  1. Organize your business with the help of floating design

Floating shelves not only make your room more beautiful, but also serve a specific purpose.

Like regular shelves, they are also organized. You can place books, picture frames, and any other little trinkets you want.

Here are some creative ways to organize your stuff with a floating shelf:

  1. If your wall is white, use the same white color for your floating shelf, so that any non-white thing you place there will have a stunning color.
  2. If you want your home to have an earthy shade, choose brown wooden floating shelves and put flower pots on them. It will really bring an outdoor atmosphere to your room.

To help you maximize space when organizing your belongings, use triangular floating shelves in the corners of the room.

  1. To make the most of the floating shelves, use both surfaces for your items. For example, you can place hats on the top surface, and attach hooks and hang scarves on the bottom.

If you have a staircase with a blank wall to the side of the entrance to your home, consider placing shelves along the stairs.

You can also put things on it that you usually grab before leaving the door, such as keys and umbrellas.


  1. Show off your stuff

Floating shelves display things better. That’s because, unlike regular shelves, they don’t block your stuff when you look at it from any angle, because there are no staples or cases in it.

So, if you want that beautiful vase or your important trophy to be the focus of your room, a floating shelf can do it for you.

As well as being able to see your display at all 360 degrees, it’s also an easier way to see if your shelves or exposed items need cleaning.

You can instantly see if your items have dust or need to be washed. A dusty shelf is not something you want to flaunt with pride.

  1. Easier access to stored items

Avoid the hassle of opening and closing glass doors that regular shelves have, and use floating shelves because they don’t have enclosures and things can be easily accessed.

Imagine that you easily pick up your favorite book from the shelf when you rush to the street. It can really make your room more efficient.


If you think through where to place them, you can also make effective use of floating shelves.

For example, if you usually forget your glasses when you leave the room, putting them on the shelf by the door to the room, you may not forget to bring them.

This way, you can easily pick up your glasses while heading for the door.

  1. Adjustable and easy to move design

Since the floating shelves can be easily adjusted as you like, you can enhance your room from time to time with different styles. You can also change its height and alignment. With regular shelves, you won’t be able to set them up yourself.

Instead, you should bring it to a furniture maker to have it changed, which can be quite expensive. However, with floating shelves, you can easily move it around the house. The only thing you will need to work on is to unscrew its supports from the wall.

Final Words

Furniture can create or destroy the integrity of your room. In addition to the aesthetics that pieces of furniture bring to your room, you should carefully consider their purpose, effectiveness, and whether it can fit well into the space.

Do not buy pieces of furniture that do not function fully and are a waste of space.

Always choose the ones that can serve you well. This is why it is recommended to purchase floating shelves, which will not only improve the design of your room, but also give you other benefits, such as saving space and better organizing your things. Buy yourself floating shelves, and you will definitely not regret it!

Mirrors Information of Glass Wall Shelves

Important information about Glass Wall Shelves

Shelves Mirrors and More produces a wide variety of wood shelves, wood mirrors, and wooden home decor accessories, on a custom order / commission basis.

We specialize in oak gallery shelves, maple gallery shelves, cherry wood shelves, pine wood shelves, as well as exotic wood shelves, all with a variety of decorative brackets.

We also produce the most beautiful wood mirrors you will find anywhere. The woods used on our wood mirrors are hand selected for their unique qualities.

Whether you choose a domestic wood mirror, or an exotic wood mirror, you can be sure that we will hand-select wood of high grade and figure for your mirror.

The “More” part of our name refers to our high-end wooden home decor accessories. These include media storage solutions, curios and displays items for collectables, as well as larger pieces such as fire place mantles, fish tank stands and home entertainment centers.

But the mainstay of our Internet business remains our wood shelves and wood mirrors. Quality wood shelves and wood mirrors offer a distinctive touch to the home, and we offer wood shelves and mirrors made from the finest domestic and exotic woods available, all made to your specifications.

The pictures you may see on this site are wood shelves we have made for other customers.

These include several wood gallery shelves made of oak or maple with various brackets and some other traditional pine wood shelves.

As previously stated, we typically offer gallery shelves in oak, maple or cherry, and other shelving solutions in just about any wood available. We manufacture our own brackets, so all manner of wood shelves are possible for the asking.

Our wood mirrors can be manufactured from any available domestic or exotic wood, to whatever size suits your requirement.

When providing exotic wood mirrors, we typically stick to simple and elegant and let the wood speak for itself, but we will also go as elaborate as your vision takes you.

What sets our wood shelves and wood mirrors apart from the rest is quality. We do not consider ourselves in competition with “home decoration party” products. Those products are made overseas out of garbage woods and are poorly finished, if at all.

The same thing applies to many of the sites you may find on the Internet. If that is what you are looking for, then that is what you should buy, however, you won’t find it here.

Our wood shelves and mirrors are made with the finest materials and finishes.

We offer a wide range of finish options that span the range from standard satin lacquer, which is what you see on most good commercial furniture, to high-gloss proprietary finishes that allow wood to really show its stuff. We also offer specialty finishes like hand rubbed Tung oil.

We never use stain on our exotic wood shelves and exotic wood mirrors, and only use it when requested on certain domestic woods, such as pine.

We should believe the beauty of the wood should speak for itself. Several of the oak wood shelves, in the pictures on this site, are unstained with a Tung oil finish.

To properly achieve a good oil finish requires patient sanding to at least 800 grit and then at least 6 coats or more of Tung oil. Each coat is rubbed in, allowed to set briefly, and then thoroughly rubbed out and allowed to dry before the next coat is applied. It is a painstaking process, but if you want the look and feel, it’s the only way to get it.

It is this kind of attention to detail that sets us apart from the others.

Brilliant Information about Bookshelves

Ladder Bookshelves: For All Your Organizing Needs

Book collectors and owners of used or new book stores are usually amazing at acquiring classic titles and books that people love.

However, they are not always very good at organizing them in such a way that they don’t become lost forever in the many shelves of books.

Whether you are a private book collector or a business owner, you will be able to benefit greatly from ladder bookshelves to increase the organization and accessibility of your books. No more dangerous step ladders for you.

A ladder bookshelf will make it possible to navigate through your many books to organize them more successfully.

Some people avoid upgrading to ladder bookshelves because they believe it will be very difficult and expensive to install.

However, if you already have bookshelves, the only other part necessary will be the tracks and the ladder. They are built to glide across the floor on the tracks and make it possible for you to access every single inch of your shelves safely and efficiently.

People with extensive book collections should be able to organize their books in such a way that allows them to keep tabs on everything they own. Installing those ladders will help a person do exactly that.

Cleaning is also much easier when ladders are involved. Imagine being able to dust the tops of your bookshelves regularly so dust doesn’t cake up on your books.

Dust can be especially damaging to the older books in your collection. Over time dust can eat away at the color and look of books, sometimes damaging even the pages on the inside. Old books can even begin to decay if they aren’t cared for properly.

Ladders to install over the tops of your bookshelves are also not terribly expensive. An entire system can be installed often for less than $500. These ladder bookshelves are also proven durable so you will probably never have to replace them as long as you take good of them.

About the only maintenance a quality ladder system will need over the years is oil to keep the tracks lubricated.

Beyond that, once they are installed, they take care of themselves. Plus, showing off your collections has never been more enjoyable and easy. Bring some friends over and have a small get together with wine, cheese and a bunch of books.

Not every book collector or business owner knows that they can install ladders to the tops of their bookshelves in order to make them more accessible overall.

Many people just assume they are stuck with the hard to navigate shelves that span the entire exterior of rooms. Meanwhile, the books on the tops shelves gather dust and become dirty with lack of use. If books are something you are passionate about then you will be just as passionate about ladders for the tops of your shelves.

Bookcases and Shelves

My home office was a mess. There were books and papers everywhere, so I decided I had to dedicate some time organizing and throwing out or donating excess “stuff.”

I needed some bookcases and shelves, especially bookcases. I read a lot as well as have a lot of reference books for work. Also, as a blogger, I regularly receive free review books in the mail. I simply had way too many books all over the place, ranging from piles in the corners and against the walls, to mounds on my desk and every other available surface!

There are plenty of choices available in bookcases, and as you might guess, you usually get what you pay for. Bookcases for sale are available widely. Cheap bookcases from the office supply stores and discount stores don’t really last that long especially if you overload them and occasionally move them for cleaning or reorganizing, but they are OK.

They are usually made of some kind of pressed or particle board material. The bookcases Lowe’s I have are pretty good for example, and a good deal, but certainly not top quality.

What I really wanted were built in bookcases, but I wasn’t quite sure what configuration I wanted. Built in bookcases have several advantages, including that they use your available space optimally, can be built to your exact specifications, are usually beautiful, and you don’t need to worry about them falling down. Price is not usually one of their advantages however; they tend to be expensive!

Solid wood bookcases are much more durable and can last even more than a lifetime. We actually have a couple of antique bookcases downstairs my wife has refinished that are beautiful and durable. I bought some unfinished wood bookcases for one of the walls and spend a few evenings finishing them.

I also bought a finished corner bookcase for one of the corners in the room which matched my decor and fit perfectly.

I may eventually add a barrister bookcase from my parents’ house. These are enclosed bookcases. My parent’s has glass doors in from which is quite common. Unfortunately it’s an ugly fake antique green color so I’ll need to strip and refinish it – it’s just too ugly!

For now though I added shelves for additional storage. Shelves can be made of various types of materials, including glass, wire, and wood. You can even have beautiful custom made shelves, for example out of cherry wood or other beautiful materials.

I added a long wire shelf in the closet, and two wood shelves on one wall above my desk. I’m also considering adding a set of free standing shelves for storing equipment like printers and other office and electronic equipment.

One popular option I use elsewhere in my home is adjustable shelves that attach to wall mounted brackets, sometimes called “standards.” My wife uses these to display her pottery.

In my office I seem to have an odd mix of Staples shelves, Office Depot shelves, and Office Max shelves, They are all OK, and I bought whatever was on sale at the time.

My room is far more organized and cleaner now that I’ve added bookcases and shelves. Their configuration will no doubt change as time goes on, and I may eventually have bookcases built in on one wall, my parents barrister bookcase on another wall, and some better looking wall mounted wooden shelves, although I’m very happy with what I have now!

Amazing Information about Bathroom Shelves

Five things you must consider to get the best collection of Bathroom Shelves

  1. In order to get the best collection of bathroom shelves you need to use the internet which is an easy and available means to get information through. Internet would be helpful for you in a way that it would give you a broad idea about different types and styles of bathroom shelves, how to install them and repair them as well as it would also provide you with so many different pictures and videos of this item.
  1. Another important step to consider in order to buy the best bathroom shelves around is to visit different manufacturer companies to know the different available bathroom shelves they have. By visiting more than one manufacturer company you would know more information about bathrooms helves and be able to choose the best one. Asking about the reputation of the company is quite crucial because if its reputation is trusted it would provide you with the best item around.
  1. It is very important to ask about whether the company is going to provide you with the guarantee or not. It is quiet crucial to ask about the guarantee in buying this item or any other one. The guarantee the company would give is a strong symbol of insurance, so never hesitate to ask for your rights.
  1. It is very essential for the company after it delivers the item to you to provide you also with a professional person specializes in shelves in order to install this item for you and teaches you also how to repair it if something is not working well.
  1. There is also a common way among people which is to ask your friend or a neighbor if they have already got such an item, if yes, they would help you pretty much, give you information about bathroom shelves such as how to repair it and clean it quickly and effortlessly.

The listed above information are important to know when you intend to buy bathroom shelves because they help you either make a step further and buy the bathroom shelves or push yourself back and change your mind if what is available is not convincing. Therefore, you need always to carefully checkup things before you take any decision.

Five things you must know about Bathroom Shelves

  1. Before purchasing bathroom shelves you need to know that there are different types and styles with different prices and different qualities as well. Therefore, there are the cheap simple bathroom shelves and the more expensive well designed ones, so you have the choice to get the more suitable one for you in terms of your personal taste and the budget as well.
  2. There is an important thing you should also keep in mind and be aware of is the fact that bathroom shelves like any other equipment or item is available in different types, designs as well as different qualities. Thus, while you are on the process of buying bathroom shelves you must take into consideration this and attempt to get the best bathroom shelves that would last for a long time and keep its good shape.
  1. Another thing you must know about any equipment you want to buy and bathroom shelves is no exception is the fact that the manufacturer company you consult to buy the item from should provide you with the guarantee because the latter is very crucial in ensuring the solidity and the good quality of the bathroom shelves. So, it is your right to ask for the guarantee since it is a major part in the operation of buying bathroom shelves.
  1. Bathroom shelves are available in a modern sophisticated style and also in a traditional simple design. So, when you are choosing bathroom shelves you will be more aware of this and try to get the more suitable one for you according to the other pieces of furniture you already have in your bathroom as well as your personal the color of the wall.
  1. Getting some information about the material the shelf is made of would be helpful for you and you will be more aware if you want to install it or repair it. If you know the type of the material bathroom shelves is made of you would know how to deal with it more and spend less time and energy on repairing it.

These advises listed above are very helpful for you to be able to match the best bathroom shelves around.

Tips on how to pick up the best Bathroom Shelves!

  1. The most important thing to bear in mind in order to pick the best bathroom shelves is to look for the good manufacturer company which should be specializes in such equipment, Therefore, a good company would surely provide you with a solid bathroom shelves that will help you pretty much in making your wash room look more tidy and elegant.
  1. There are many types and designs of bathroom shelves. Woody, glassy and metal bathroom shelves are the most common ones and they provide the space with a special and elegant look and if you choose a well-designed one it would be much better.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a solid wooden, glassy or mental bathroom shelves that can be installed and repaired easily and keep your wash room more organized, so you will feel much more comfortable taking your daily showers. Thus, better to choose a good one even if it is more expensive than a cheap simple one that would cause you problems later one. That is why, it is very important to choose the more suitable bathroom shelves to your bathroom.

  1. In order to pick the best bathroom shelves, one should take in advance the appropriate size of the space where you will place it in. This step is very important because it helps you to get the exact suitable bathroom shelves.
  1. Another important thing to consider when it comes to buy a bathroom shelf is the fact that they are very versatile in terms of design and quality. So, it is very important to consult several manufacturer companies and stores before you pick the exact one you want. Therefore, it is important to take some time to have a look at different companies to match the best bathroom shelves around.
  1. In order to match the best bathroom shelves one should consider the materials the shelf is made of because there are high quality bathroom shelves as well as low quality bathroom shelves which is very important to know before you by one. Therefore, a good quality bathroom shelf would be more comfortable in use as well as it adds a good look to the space.

In my conviction, bathroom shelves are crucial to have. Thus, you should pay a great attention to some basic things before you choose any one because if you do so you will be more comfortable in your bath room, the latter which would look more elegant and organized thanks to a good designed and appropriate bathroom shelves.

What is the best shelving for garage?

Give a nice look your garage area

Most homeowners with garage tend to consider having garage shelving because that’s one part of the house which remains underutilized and can be put to better use.

Another feature of having shelving in the garage is that it helps getting rid of the clutter therein and gives a neat well organized look to the whole area.

You get shelving systems in many designs that can organize as varied items as tools to winter clothing.

Shelving is easily the first step in getting things organized and giving a neat look to the garage.

Installation of a shelving system helps to minimize the clutter there making it easy for you to locate any item therein and thus saves your time. Shelves allow you to allocate a definite space for different items.

If your box fan, baseball bat or any other item goes missing from its allocated space on the shelf, you come to know of it immediately.

Storage shelves in the garage allow you to assign a spot for all the important things that you need to find promptly.

We all make plans for having an organized garage but in fact it seems a Herculean task! Yet, you need to get started from somewhere.

When you clear out all the stuff from the garage you can categorize it in one of these six heads: Items to retain, donate, throw out, repair, sell, and things that should be storing somewhere else other than the garage.

Next, you need to assess the space needed for fixing shelves. Simultaneously, you can decide if you should have some cabinets installed in the garage.

An important point to bear in mind is to understand your specific requirements for storage and the kind of arrangement needed for that purpose.

You may be having a lot of small items like nails and screws, small tools, or craft supplies necessitating the need for shelving units that has many small compartments to store such items.

Garage Shelving Provides for Optimum Organization

Having assessed the area that you are going to need and the specific storage requirements, you can draw a rough layout of the garage.

If you are parking your car in the garage and you intend using the floor space for that purpose only, you need to have your shelves going up vertically and may be secured to the ceiling.

The arrangement that you have in mind could fit into a particular area sandwiched between an internal wall and a hot water heater.

May be you intend storing a large volume of books. Irrespective of the shape, size or configuration, shelves offer the most practical solution.

Some of the very important points that you need to take care of while installing shelves in the garage are the material of which the shelf made of and its design and style.

For instance if you happen to be living in a damp or humid area, you just can’t consider having wooden shelves.

Likewise, if you are going to store heavy or metallic items, it will be most desirable to be using heavy-duty steel shelves.

Before you really go ahead with the construction you must be clear in mind about the weight that the shelves are going to bear and accessibility of the stored items to make an optimum use of the space at your disposal.

Another important factor is your budget. The price varies from very affordable to highly expensive arrangements.

Garage Shelving Design

The old fashioned pegboard and metallic hooks that were being used by your father are obsolete these days, compared to highly efficient garage arrangements available these days.

You can get an organizer for the garage for almost any item including hangers for bicycles, brackets for wheelbarrow, ceiling shelves and racks for garden equipment or even garden hoses.

The main idea at the back of these storage organizers for the garage is to make optimum use of the available space. Most often these storage accessories are either next to a wall or hung down from the ceiling. Good storage systems for the garage are so designed as to leave sufficient space for vehicles.

Storage systems for garages come in almost any size, design configuration and material at varying prices.

That makes it important to do your own research well before hand so that you get a garage shelving arrangement that best suits your requirements.

Garage Organizers and Storage Solutions

As a home owner you would feel too bad if there is inadequate storage space in the house and goods get cluttered in the rooms, giving you that feeling of claustrophobia.

This specially holds good for the garage where insufficient parking space forces you to park the car outside the garage.

Besides that the clutter in the garage makes it too difficult to get the right tool at the right time with the result that you waste a lot of time looking for a specific item.

These days you get many options for providing an appropriate storage place for different items in your garage.

You can get a safe and suitably designed storage accessory for the garage to contain almost any household item.

You get garage organizers varying from garage cabinets and shelving to track systems and storage bins, among others.

There are too many options for storage of the smallest to the largest item. Here, let’s have a look at the different storage options available these days:

Garage Shelving

You get many options for garage shelving, varying from installation of your own wooden shelves to having metallic or wire shelves for storage of heavy or light objects.

Even if you are not a very good DIY enthusiast, you can make your own wooden shelving from wood as that would require minimum of tools.

However, the most important feature that shouldn’t escape your mind is the height so that the arrangement doesn’t interfere with the opening of car doors and the metal railing of the garage door.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the level is proper lest the items should keep sliding off the shelves.

It is also important to ensure that brackets beneath the wood are properly spaced otherwise wood might cave in under heavy weight and get curved and thus spoil the looks of an otherwise well-organized garage.

Garage Cabinets

You get many options as far as garage cabinets are concerned. You could make your own metallic cabinets, hanging cabinets to be fixed on the wall or ceiling, and even cabinets with rollers that allow you to shift them to any place or underneath the work benches, should you have space for that.

You need to decide the option at the planning stage. There are many companies in the field of garage storage with each of them presenting unique solution which may or may not suit your specific requirements, depending on the available floor area.


You can also store your paints and chemicals in the garage to keep these chemicals away from the reach of children.

By keeping such items in the garage store you are minimizing the chances of kids reaching for these, otherwise you would have stored them in the house, making them accessible to children.

You should be keeping such stuff in a shelf at a higher level in the garage or store them in a locked cabinet. These items include different fluids for your vehicle, cans of old or fresh paints, pest sprays or such poisonous materials.

Safety First

Apart from storing chemicals it will be wise to store your different mechanical or electrical tools in the garage store lest the children should fiddle with those and get hurt in the process.

Another good precautionary measure is to keep the ladder snug to the wall, using a hook and not leave them just leaning as it could fall upon a child or the child may trip over it.

Likewise it is important that you wrap up the extension cord and hang it on the wall, making it difficult for the child to access it.

Moreover, a loose chord could accidentally get around the neck of the child which could prove very dangerous.

You should be aware that lot many accidents happen while the parents are away from the garage and kids are playing around in the garage.

Improper storage is a very common cause for such accidents in the storage area of the garage. By having an appropriate storage space for different items you can surely avoid such accidents.

Garage Shelves – Different Types to Choose From

It will not be wrong to conclude that most garages in America have some kind of shelving to store a variety of the not so frequently needed items like sporting goods, seasonal holiday items, gardening supplies and tools.

One finds many types of garage shelves varying from the ones that are hung on the wall to free standing shelving units.

Then, there is another variety that you can make yourself from plywood and 2×4′s, or simply buy shelves from the local store.

Another variety comes with doors with the looks of a cabinet that makes is possible to keep things out of sight, thus giving a neater look to the whole area.

These are ideally suited for storing small items like stains, paints, fertilizers and the like that you would like to keep out of children’s reach.

We are all aware that garage shelves are of great help to organize our living spaces, but many wouldn’t know that there are other options too for standard shelving? Let’s have a look at some of these.

One of these is quite akin to other garage shelves with the main difference that they are on casters. Some refer to these as carts, but then if they are more than 3’ in height, it’ll be more appropriate to classify them as a shelf.

It’s not difficult to understand the benefits of mobile shelving units. These offer better flexibility and are more versatile.

Good quality product is provided with non-plastic dependable casters and bumpers enabling locking of wheels so that the shelf doesn’t move on getting bumped.

A very helpful feature of casters is that these can be moved around easily when you are cleaning or rearranging the garage.

If you have a workshop, you can store tools and move them so conveniently to wherever you are working. It’s quite an asset to have storage space that can be moved as and when needed.

There is another type of distinctive shelving system comprising of bins. You get bins in different sizes.

Some systems are designed to accommodate bins over one another, on or off the shelf resulting to space saving. Though often used in warehouses for storing inventory, these prove to be very useful in the garage.

These bins of larger size are especially helpful for children. Children’s outdoor sports goods like balls, outdoor chalk, water toys, roller skates and pads, jump ropes and biking helmets etc. are conveniently stored in these bins.

Given a definite space to store things, the child can use it for the purpose, thus helping to reduce clutter. The smaller bins are excellent for storing smaller items like nuts and bolts and screws.

Likewise, you can think of hundreds of items in the house for which bins of appropriate size can be procured. You’ll find them very versatile.

In case you are planning to organize your garage, you may like to look beyond normal garage shelves and consider one of the above options. You may find them working better than the standard garage shelves under certain circumstances

How to Select Garage Shelves and Cabinets

Though strictly speaking a garage is meant for parking vehicles, it’s rare to find a garage that houses vehicles alone.

A lot many other items, not necessarily connected with vehicles, find their way to the garage in most households. Of course, it is good to be making better use of the space at your disposal, but having a variety of items in there, usually in an unarranged manner leads to creating clutter in the garage.

As a result, nobody likes to frequent the garage as it begins to provide shelter to rodents and spiders etc. If you like to have a presentable garage while making optimal use of the available space, you need to organize it and the best way of doing that is to install specialty shelves and cabinets.

But, here are a few things you should bear in mind while considering installation of shelves in your garage.

Opt For Sturdy Shelves

Care should be taken to choose garage shelves that can hold a variety of items of varying weights. It is imperative that you have a fairly good assessment of items that you intend storing there.

Garage storage shelving systems can be designed to hold almost anything. You can have overhead systems, taking better advantage of the apace available there or even have your workbench there to contain all your tools.

Choose Slim and Sleek Shelves

Garage space can be put to good use but householders generally tend to avoid visiting garage except for keeping or removing items from there.

The main reason for that are the looks that the garage presents. If it’s good looking organized garage you wouldn’t mind visiting it more frequently.

Look at it this way. The normal size of a garage that accommodates two cars is 500 square feet, that’s probably the largest room in your house. Measuring about 23feet by 22 feet it gives you a total of 68 linear feet on its walls.

Over and above that, you have 500 square feet of ceiling area minus the space of raised garage doors. Now, that is a massive area that could be designed to look attractive while providing storage for the not so frequently used items and thus keep clutter away from the eyes.

Be Practical

Having an appropriate system of shelving in garage need not necessarily be a very expensive proposition. Of course, ready to install shelving is an option, but you could always design and make your own shelving, depending on the kind of items to be stored, and thus save expense in the process.

However, care should be taken in choosing the material of shelving if you plan to make that as DIY project. Choose the right metal, steel or aluminum or the right quality of wood and the supporting system for that.

Choose the right screws, nails and glue for wooden shelving to get strong and durable garage shelving. It will be a good cost cutting measure to explore the possibility of reusing some of the materials lying around the garage. Just repaint that and have fresh-looking shelving in the garage.

Garage Shelves and Brackets – Best Combination!

Did you ever try installing a shelf that came crashing down soon after you thought it was fixed! Nothing unusual about that, as it does happen, especially when it’s your first attempt. Generally, the reason for such mishaps is the choice of bracket and the placing of the shelf.

Selection of bracket for shelving is as important as the shelving itself. In case you got the brackets as a part of the shelving arrangement, it should work well, unless, of course you overload the shelf, or you fix it to a wall that’s not strong enough to bear its weight.

Other than that, cheaper variety of shelves that come with brackets also fail very often. Ultimately, you get what you pay for?

Here are the consequences of a badly installed shelf – the shelf itself may get damaged beyond repairs or some of your valuable pieces of art may be lost forever, but one sure thing is the appearance of those ugly patches on the wall.

Installation of heavier brackets calls for the provision of strong and well-designed brackets that can bear not only its weight but the weight of your heavy items too.

Though weight is important, also you need to consider the value of even the lighter items, some of which may be proud possessions of the family. These are priceless. You shouldn’t mind spending a couple of dollars extra to save those priceless possessions, howsoever light weight those be.

Agreed, that the basic function of brackets is to provide the much-needed support to shelves along with the contents, but can you afford to overlook its design and looks, especially when it’s being fixed to display your valuables. Looks of shelving are complemented by the design of the brackets; rather they complement each other, while contributing to the décor of your room.

So, apart from their being strong, you have to ensure that they’ll add to the decor of your room. That brings to mind the use of wrought iron brackets for supporting shelves and the quality of shelf brackets offered. There are many attractive designs to go with differing styles of shelving.

Understandably, the quality of shelving brackets incorporated with garage shelves and organizers is all the more critical, as we get inclined to use those for storing heavy and bulky items.

Now, the scene here is different from your living room because of the contents of the shelving unit. Imagine one of your electrical or mechanical tools or a bike coming off the shelf with your car parked in there or while a child happened to be around?

Garage Wall Shelves – Plastic versus Metal

We are all aware that most of the time, most of us use garage as a convenient dumping yard for anything and everything that isn’t often required in the house, till you realize one day that it’s all cluttered up, making it difficult to move the car in and out.

Consequently, you are led to consider having garage shelves to help you organize all that clutter that continues to pile up.

Easier said than done! For, there are so many options today from wall shelving and overhead storage to shelving unit that you may assemble yourself, plus basket systems and pegboards, that for once you are sure to get confused as to what kind of arrangement is most suitable for you.

Well, most of the users like to have common style of garage shelves that are simple, durable and easy to install. Then, you have a few options of the materials used for these shelves, which include wood, metal or plastics, with each having its own positive and negative points.

Therefore, it becomes important to decide on the material of your shelving prior to deciding its type and style. That calls for a bit of effort on your part by way of taking an inventory of items in your garage.

The purpose is to make an assessment of the size and weight of the items you intend storing, apart from of course your car. It’s not difficult to understand that needs of storing bulky and heavier items are certainly different than those of lighter items.

Having made an assessment makes the decision taking easier and logical, you nearly finish half the job.

Understandably, heavier items will call for metallic shelving for its strength and durability and you need not worry of its buckling down with all your materials. But, that doesn’t imply that stronger plastics are not available.

Yet, at the back of your mind you’ll feel more comfortable with a strong product often patronized by industries for the reason already stated.

You really won’t have to have second thoughts about the capability of shelving, every time you want to store another heavier item over there.

Wooden Shelves for Your Garage

It’s rare to come across a garage that is truly and exclusively being used for the intended purpose of housing a car. Invariably, one finds all the imaginable household stuff getting accumulated in the garage.

That’s because we all find it to be the most convenient place for dumping all the infrequently used or condemned household effects to such an extent that at times it gets difficult to move the car into or out of it.

Of course every household needs additional place for storing a number of household items that are not required on a day to day basis and a garage offers that space and the convenience of storage till it all gets cluttered up.

If ever you conduct an inventory of items in the garage, you are sure to be surprised by quite a few of the items there that you may not be able to recognize as your own.

If only an arrangement could be made for an organized storage and retrieval of goods there, the whole place could be put to a better use. And, a convenient way of doing it is to have shelves along the walls, thereby making use of the idle vertical space and keeping the floor clear. You get plenty of choices as far as materials to be used for shelves are concerned.

Naturally the strongest and the most durable material is steel. Another option is that of good looking and strong heavy-duty wire shelving that’s very versatile. Else, you may go for industrial shelving. Freestanding metal shelves offer the convenience of adjusting the layers up and down to suit required shelf height.

Another material suited for the purpose is wood. It is more economical and you can venture into making theses of your own. That way you can make them to the exact size of your requirements.

Now, there are many kinds of wood to be used here. You can have solid wood of pine or fur, but that will be quite expensive. The economical option would be to use particleboards. Plywood of ¾” thickness serves the purpose very well and costs very little.

You need to consider the kind of materials you are going to store there. Even if you plan to have lighter items, it’ll be safer to have these for heavier loads that you may not be able to anticipate initially.

Here’s a word of caution. Shelves made from particleboard tend to sag in the middle. You can overcome this problem by having shorter spans. Planning before construction saves a lot of time and possible embarrassment too.

You should realize how deep the shelving can go without eating into much of garage space. Next, you need to know how tall the shelving can go. The recommended size of lumber for the frame and shelves for a simple floor supported shelf design is 2’x4’ and ¾” respectively.
Here’s how you go ahead with it:

Keep the 2x4s vertically on the ground, pressed against the wall and separated by a distance of 2 feet from each other. Attach to the wall thru screws. Use additional 2x4s for making horizontal supports.

Lay one along the bottom, with its 4″ side against the upright pieces and check with a level that it’s straight. This is your support for the bottom shelf. Fix screws along its length, at every point where there is an upright 2×4. Repeat the same process for each shelf level, and keep going up. This forms the back part of the frame.

For the front part of the frame, assemble horizontal and vertical 2x4s as per the measurements you already followed. Nail them together and let the frame stand on the floor.

The front part is attached to the back by means of 2x4s cut to the depth of the shelf. You provide support and stability by nailing the top part to the rafters or the stronger parts of the ceiling.

Once your framework is ready, all that is left for you is to cut the plywood to the required size. Place the cut pieces on top of the horizontal pieces and nail them down.

There are many plans for shelving. It may be worthwhile to go thru some books, magazine or be online to study and decide on the one that best suits your style and requirement.

The incredible Beauty of Wall Shelves for Bathroom


Advancements in technologies such as those responsible for the toughness, heat resistant properties and strengths of materials have been responsible for the birth of floating glass shelves, one of the newest things to hit the furniture industry today.

Beautiful Wall Shelves for Your Bathroom

Advancements in technologies such as those responsible for the toughness, heat resistant properties and strengths of materials have been responsible for the birth of floating glass shelves, one of the newest things to hit the furniture industry today.

These engineering and design wonders offer an almost unrealistically beautiful space for placing almost anything on, with installation being via a simple system that does not require any sort of complicated frames and hardware to do so, making this not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the easiest type of shelves to install these days.

Their name speaks for itself: glass floating shelves are transparent shelves that, if installed properly, give off the impression that they are simply floating on the side of the wall of your house.

This is done through the use of special connectors that are almost invisible in their smallness and due to the fact that the material they are made of is usually transparent.


This floating illusion, as said above, gives the items you place on the shelves the appearance of floating on the glass floating shelves as well.

This makes for a surreal aesthetic experience on the part of the person looking at whatever you have placed on your shelves, as the items will look as if they are suspended in midair.

It is an effect that must be seen with your own eyes, and all the more entertaining when the items placed there are ones you intend to display the most prominently: antique brick-a-brac, books, magazines, gadgets, collections of every shape and size and the like are very likely to attract even more attention when displayed in one of these shelves.

With the ease and little effort involved in the installation of floating glass shelves, one can also vary their arrangement for different aesthetic impressions: either arrange them in a staggered pattern for a select few antiques, or simply keep them lined up in order to store either wider and longer objects, or an entire collection you wish to display as a whole.

Either way, you will see the shelves do their job in both looking unobtrusive and in giving a surreal angle on the objects placed on them.

With this all said, take note, though, that there are still a few things to keep in mind before you go off and install your own set of floating glass shelves in your home.

For one thing, it is important to know that there are several types of glass used in these shelves, with different types having different strengths: glass for small objects is much more brittle, for example, than the glass used for larger and heavier ones.

Also, keep in mind that shelves for small items may be easier to see when placed close to each other and within eye level, while larger ones have to be spaced with consideration for their objects’ height.

You can search and review customer comments of many different types of wall shelving. There are many different designs and styles such as floating glass shelves, stainless steel shelving, and wall mount shelves, modern shelves and decorative shelf brackets.


Wall shelves for bathroom are one of many creative ideas to design a room.

Generally, when decorating a bathroom, people only visualize how to decorate the horizontal area of the wall. By using wall shelves for bathroom, will help you to save spaces of horizontal area and utilize the vertical area all at once.

This is a way to maximizing the space of your walls and high corners. The other benefit is to help you decorate your bathroom neatly by putting stuff inside your shelves.

Nowadays, modern materials for these decorative bathroom wall shelves are designed to be very light yet durable at the same time.

You can put a lot of things in wall mount shelves, such as books, porcelain collections, family photos or even purses.

What you need to make sure is the thickness of shelves can withstand the weight of the things you put into. The main material for shelves is wood. Some of them are made of pure hardwood and some others are combination of solid wood and plywood.

You can also have modern shelves which have accents made of glass, metal, plastic as an enhancement for the design and function. The colors of the shelves also come in variety, such as natural wood finish, bright colors or even black paint finishes.

The design and structure of wall mount shelves ideas can be very flexible, they depends on your preferences.

At one point you may be convenient with conventional horizontal rows but asymmetrical dimensions and interesting curves or even an experimental surfaces (such as an uneven surface) can also be achieved.

A mounted shelf can always fit perfectly to your house interiors no matter what. You can choose a simple, single-tier shelf with a few bare accents or a full-fledged dramatic wall size mount for your book or photo collections.

Originally, bigger shelves will give you the illusion of height and depth of a room, while spare accent shelves can give the three dimensional experience and thematic insights into the room.

The effect of the added dimension will make your room look more fascinating. It will be a good things to show to your guests when they come to visit you. Let them see some interesting thing that are put inside your shelf.

By having a wall shelf, you can minimize the needs for additional drawers. It also means that you can save the cost of buying a standalone bookcase or shelf.

Having a free space in your room can make you decorate and arrange things easily due to its wider place. Shelf storage can also help you to find and return the things much easier. And it is truly the best way to showcase your collections, such as trophies, favorite knickknacks, etc.

Please refer to customer comments about wall shelves types. There are many design and styles of the shelves, such as decorative modern

wall shelves and shelves brackets for bathroom.


Metal shelves for bathroom are a great way to conveniently sort and store items, especially if your bathroom is feeling a little cluttered.

How many times have you run out of storage space, finding that your house becomes messy very quickly, because you just don’t have space for everything?

That’s a problem many people have, and usually it stems from their organization.  Metal shelves can provide a place to quickly and conveniently store those things, and create a more visually appealing atmosphere in the process.

But before you go out and buy a set of shelves, first you should take a few measurements.  You wouldn’t want to purchase a nice new set of metal shelves, only to find they don’t fit in the area you intended to place them.

Figure out the best place for the new shelving in your bathroom, and take measurements of the surrounding area.  That means the width and height of the area you have available, so you can be sure any shelves you purchase will fit comfortably, and not cause any unnecessary headaches.

From there, you’re set to find some shelves.  Metal is usually the best way to go, as metal shelves can bear more weight and are more durable than wood or plastic shelves.  Metal also offers a sleeker more stylish look, no matter in which room you use them.

There are also a wide variety of metal styles, from solid shelves, to mesh and metal bar designs.  All of which serve their purpose slightly differently, and you’ll have to consider which version is best for you.

Solid metal shelves mean that the shelving comes in one solid strip of metal.  These tend to be more heavy duty than any other shelf you could find, and are often composed from steel.

These bathroom shelves can store any type of item with ease, as there is no risk of even the smallest things falling through the cracks.

But solid shelves tend to take up more room, and usually are heavier than mesh or bar designs.  Solid shelves also don’t offer the same visual appeal and are usually reserved for storage only.

Mesh and bar shelf designs are fairly similar, but can differ on a few key points.


You’ll find that shelves with a bar design, almost like a grate, are also usually made of steel.  Because of their tightly packed steel bar set up, you can expect more sturdy shelves in a smaller space.

The same is true of mesh metal designs, although usually the mesh shelves don’t always use steel, so they aren’t quite as strong.  But both provide a good amount of durability, and are able to bear heavy loads despite their usually smaller size.

Which you choose is more about style taste, than functionality.  The only problem with either is that smaller items could easily slip through the cracks, causing a few problems.

You can find quality metal shelves at almost any department store.

From big chains like Target and Walmart, to furniture stores, and home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.  For a good set of mesh or bar shelves you can expect to pay around $25 to $50 in most cases.

That means these shelves are very affordable.  But heavy duty solid metal shelves will usually cost double that, because of their size and much higher weight limitations.

Shelves Wire Simpler Your Spaces at Your Beautiful Bathroom

Shelves Wire is something you need urgently when you’ve plenty of stuffs and things which must be placed on your minimalist bathroom.

Having small residence doesn’t mean that you don’t have any chance to own many stuffs and things.

All you can do is managing them well so you’ll get extra spaces for having much more activities there. For some people, they choose wall shelves which more save the spaces effectively since form of the Shelves Wire are usually attach to the wall so it doesn’t take any space at your home.

Somehow, other people are interested in having storage shelves which can be applied everywhere since it’s portable so they can move it based on their needs. The most enchanted thing for having Shelves Wire is about huge benefits for small and simple home.

Shelves Wire for giving extra spaces at home and bathroom.
Shelves wire’s the best solution for those who have small home and hence they need simple arrangement for their bathroom.

It can’t be denied population density have been developing rapidly while in the same time people are nowadays desperately need a shelter for living.

The needs of the people to have home and its ability are seen as imbalance thing. Therefore, wire shelving are coming to overcome people’s problem who haven’t big home to be arranged their furniture. Extra space is the most important part which should be considered by people so they can live better happily and safety.


Wire shelving units are designed to storage your stuffs and things which spend many spaces. By having the shelves, you don’t have to be worry for having many stuffs and things as long as they can be put on the Shelves wire.

Shelves wire won’t be broken easily another benefit from Shelves Wire is about its quality as this kind of furniture can’t be broken easily. This can be proven because of their materials. One of the materials is Chrome Wire Shelves whitish well known as durable material.

By the time you trust chrome for making your bookshelves, for example, you don’t have to be worry while you put many heavy books to the shelves.

Chrome can stand for any heavy weights while in the same time it’s pretty beautiful for decorated furniture. Some people love to have chrome as their furniture material since it shows contemporary furniture which will beautify and boost your lovely home. Wire rack shelving gives you more options what kind of stuffs you can put on the shelves. Bigger you have Shelves wire, the more benefits you may grab for extra spaces.

Shelves Wire never regret about its prices you’re pleased to compare the price of the Shelves Wire with other things which able to give extra spaces. You’ll find affordable price for your expenses to have Shelves Wire with wire.

To get the shelves isn’t that hard as well since you can go directly to furniture shops or simply to the online furniture shops where sell many of shelves virtually. Wire shelving systems guarantee you the shelves won’t be damage easily since it’s made of qualified and certified materials. No corrosion is another promise which will satisfy your orders.


The system of producing wire shelving parts is really considered so it meets the standard of quality and public quality. Realizing that procedures, Shelves Wire undoubtedly becomes the best partner for the family.

Shelves wire makes create your well organized characters while you’ve Shelves wire, this way indirectly builds your personality character into a better organized one.

It happens because you’re used to keep all the things in proper place. You’ve to put and back stuffs and things you’ve taken in integrated area called Rubbermaid wire shelving.

Shelves wire give you chance to make something well management of arranging the things. Closet wire shelving is good example on how you can be well organized person since you may forget to bring any small stuff of toiletries. So, there’s no wonder when you apply Shelves Wire in every part of your bathroom.


Stainless Steel Shelves

There is no doubt that Stainless Steel Shelves are among the most reliable and durable fixtures for kitchens, offices and even stores. These fixtures are popular in man homes, stores, and offices. Their nature makes them reliable, and shortly, we shall delve into the some of the things you should know about these fantastic fixtures.

Why use Stainless Steel Shelves

Unlike other materials, stainless steel shelves offer users a number of benefits.

The first of these benefits is that they come in different grades which allow uses to select the one that they find most convenient (for installation).

Besides, the standards of stainless steel are suitable in places like kitchens where corrosion is quite high.

Their anti-corrosion properties and easy to clean surface, plus the smooth finishing improves the image of the kitchen as well. Going by their durability, you will find that stainless steel shelves are far more cost-effective in the long term than any other shelving option.


Stainless steel shelves can also give you the opportunity to maximize the space in your home, store, or office.

You can do this without the need of creating a high stack which is potentially dangerous.

If you have been storing items and belongings in shelves, boxes, or drawers, then you can remove some the things that you have stowed and keep them on these shelves for easy access.

You can easily arrange the items on the stainless steel shelves and label them. Similarly, if you have installed shelving racks, then you will only need to place boxes on the shelves neatly and label them as well for easy identification.

Thus, you won’t have to rummage through different boxes because you will have easy access to the stuff you want.

Which brand

There are numerous brands of stainless steel shelves. You will find small to big dimensions, smooth designs and textured designs as well.

While some are specifically designed for installation in kitchens, others can be fitted just about anywhere you will find convenient. Some can be fitted in the living room, laundry area, and even your home office, if you so wish.

The bottom line is that most brands provide you with reasonable shelving solutions to organize your living or working space. Therefore, it’s not hard to find proven shelving solutions which match your storage needs for your home.

And though these are made from stainless steel, there are some models which come coated in paint to give it a more professional look. This will help the rack blend in better in the room of your choice.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel shelves are easy to clean. Regardless of the nature of the dirt which accumulates on their surface, you can simply remove them by wiping them off with a moist cloth.

Besides, they can be polished to make them radiate wit beauty. There is no maintenance required and you will not have to do repairs unlike wooden shelves.

You can never run short of things to store on stainless steel shelves.

So, if you want to get good value for your money, then simply identify the design or model that suits you and install it.

Save Space With Over Toilet Shelves

If you are living in a small space area you really have to manage your things and furniture to maximize the space.

You probably need furniture that saves a lot of space. When you are living on a studio type apartment, bachelors type condominium unit, boarding house, bunk house, dormitory or any facilities that has limited space; you really need to make plans before you are going to purchase furniture and home accessories that you will need in your area.

There are lots of companies that offer space saving furniture. Site for example in the bedroom, there are bunk beds that offers two beds at the same time, one on the bottom and the other one is on the top. In that way you can save a lot more space in your bedroom.

It also has complement furniture or storage areas that makes it more space saving. There are also space saving furniture for your bathroom the over toilet shelves.

You don’t have to worry anymore on how to manage your things inside a limited space bathroom. All you need to do is to purchase this product so you can save a lot more space in your bathroom.

Most of the time, your bathroom is the smallest consumed space in your house that is why it really needs to organize the things found in the bathroom including the furniture and equipment’s in order to maximize the space.

That is why these toilets shelves are very useful in many ways. It is just like a typical divider or cabinet but especially designed to be place above the toilet.

It is a set of shelves that serves as a storage area. You can place new papers, soap, toilet and bath equipment’s, towel, clothes and many more.

It is very useful and helpful. Since it is especially designed to put above the toilet, it really saves a lot more space especially in small space bathrooms.

Because most of the time, this area above the toilet can’t be used since the area was already occupied by the toilet.

It is brilliant idea to use the space above the toilet as a storage area.

Over the toilet shelves are products of genius idea. It is perfect for limited space bathroom. Now you can maximize the space of your bathroom while having additional storage area for your things and equipment’s. You save a lot of money.

Bathroom Shelves

No matter if your bathroom is the size of a bedroom or a closet, it is more than likely a space that is in need of some more storage space.

A great way to get this additional space without doing major remodeling is to install some bathroom shelves.

You can add some of these bathroom shelves to many different areas. A few great examples are shower shelves, wood shelves, and under sink storage shelves. These are all great options as they are all great bathroom space savers.

Shower Shelves

When it comes to shower shelves, there are many different options available. Probably the most popular choice is to install some shelves in the corner of your shower.

There are corner shelves readily available that are attached by screwing them to the wall, or you can choose bathroom shelves that have suction cups on them if you don’t want to drill any holes.

Another great option when it comes to shower shelves is to get a shelf unit that hangs from your shower head. This way, you always have your shower items right in front of you, and you don’t have to do any drilling.

You can find all these shelves in different colors and finishes such as chrome, white, bronze and so on.

Wood Shelves

If you have some free space on a wall in your bathroom, you can add some wood shelves that can help you store a multitude of items.

These bathroom shelves can easily store some extra bath towels, cosmetics and other toiletries, or you can simply use them for decoration and put some knick knacks on them.

A great place for wood shelves in a bathroom is directly above your toilet.

This is a space that is otherwise useless, and it is a spot that will never be in the way. By adding a few wood shelves above your toilet, you can provide some great additional storage space.

Under Sink Storage Shelves

Most spaces under sinks are just used to hide the plumbing for your sink, but with some creative thinking and a few bathroom shelves, you can easily add some extra under sink storage that can be utilized to store many different items.

You could simply add a shelf to the sink cabinet to effectively double your storage space, or you could add two stacks of shelves on each side of the sink to fully maximize the space you have under the sink. Many times, these bathroom shelves will have to be custom as the measurements will not be standard.

As you can see, there are many options for bathroom shelves available that can easily give you extra storage space, while making your bathroom look good at the same time.

Implement a few of these solutions and your bathroom will become much more efficient, and will stay cleaner.

Innovative Floating glass shelves designs

Best Floating Glass Shelves for your Home


We all have some type of shelf in our home by floating glass shelves are increasing becoming more popular than any other type.

Floating Glass shelves are cheaper than wooden shelves and they can match virtually a decor you currently have. If you do have shelves that lack sophistication or just really boring, you may want to consider glass shelves with sturdy brackets for your walls.

If you have items you wish to display and do not want anyone to touch them, a glass shelf with a lock and key would be perfect for you. If you have an autograph football or important piece of family heirloom you want protected, then you need some sort of protection.

We all know how children can be and keeping your collectable’s safe from grabby hands is very important.

One of the most stable and durable types of glass is tempered. Tempered glass is thick, which mean it will take a lot for a piece of tempered glass to shatter.

Tempered glass shelves will make a great addition to any living-room, bedroom and any room you choose to install your tempered glass shelves. Because tempered glass is so durable you can place heavy objects on televisions. This will ensure your valuable collections will remain safe and sound for a very long time.

If you want to spruce up your home office, you may want to consider glass shelves. When you install glass shelves it will give you the freedom to add an accent decoration you wish – which will give new life to your home office.

Try to fill up your wall space with quality, tasteful decorations you can be proud. A home office should look as professional as possible. If you surround yourself with a professional looking work environment, you will accomplish more during the day. If you surround yourself with your children’s toys and with general clutter you can’t think clearly, thus, you won’t accomplish as much work as you would like.

There are numerous ways to create an elegant, more spacious looking room with glass wall shelves. If you have a small office of bedroom, you can place mirrors behind the glass shelves in order to create a more spacious room. This is a very old trick that is still being done today. Why is this still done? Because it works.

You can install recessed lighting and translucent objects such as crystals and vases. This will give off interesting reflections and give your bedroom or office an entirely different look. You may want to consider a wood edge to the mirror to match any other woods you have in your room also.

Not all glass is the same either. You may not want the boring, typical plain glass you see every day but tinted glass. You can choose a tinted black glass over the basic clear glass to make your shelves more interesting.

If you look at your walls and see huge gaps with nothing there, then a floating glass wall shelf maybe in your future. You can’t go wrong with adding your private collectable’s for your guests to see or beautiful decorations for your office. You can add as many or as few glass shelves as you want to create the look you’re are trying to establish, let your imagination soar.

Modern Floating Glass Display Shelves


When shopping for new furniture for displaying accessories and storing ornamental items in the meantime, glass display shelves are the best choice.

As compared to wood or metal shelves, precious items on the wall mount floating glass display shelves can be viewed from all angles without hassle and may easily blend into your home decor.

Floating Glass Display Shelves

Not only do floating glass display shelves enhance the viewing of items, but create a stunning under lighting effect by allowing lighting to shine through from above and below. By doing so, the reflective light through the shelf can give off extra under lighting as well.

Most floating glass shelves are made from tempered glass which is generally four or five times stronger than standard glass.

However, if you want to store items with significant weight on glass display shelves you should have to take care that the manufacturer’s specification before you purchase them.

On the market today, you don’t have to buy traditional plain glass. This is because you can find glass that is colored, angled, curved, twisted, mirrored and beveled.

Besides, there are various options available, you have to choose the type that meets your needs.

The glass display shelves with chrome frames or brackets are a wonderful way to enhance the modern look of your room while wood frame add a warmer homey feel to your home. Also, you can buy brackets and supports to combine them to match your taste.

To keep your glass display shelves clean then you should maintain them from the moment you buy them. If you want to make this tedious job easier, you should look for shelf that allow you to remove the glass without the need for handling brackets.

With glass display shelves, the interior design will be more versatility for storage and display purposes.


Glass Shelves for your Home


Glass shelves can help improve the way any room looks by introducing a modern touch of class. However, the choice of a suitable shelve will depend on a number of factors.

  1. First of all, you have to put into consideration the nature of whatever is to be displayed on the shelves. For instance glass shelves will not be the best option if you are to display heavy objects since it is fragile. In this case, metallic or wooden shelves will work out well as they are stronger in terms of load bearing capacity.
  2. Secondly, you need to look at the affect to be achieved and the other furniture already in the house. In this a glass shelve may get the job done well as glass is known to be a good complement to a vast number of designs with a wide range of interior decor and styles. Glass shelves will add that modern touch to complement the cozy and rustic furniture in the room.
  3. Thirdly, look at the safety attached it implementation of shelves in a room. If the shelves need to be fixed a bit too low where children can easily reach then Glass Shelves are not recommended for they pose threat to children’s safety. However, these days we have better glass shelves which are stronger: made of strengthened and toughened tempered glass.
  4. Particularly, glass shelves are best suited to small bathroom fixtures which do not display bulky or heavy items. But glass shelves still remains to the choice of many since:
  5. They can be easily cleaned and maintained even without using a varnish as it is the case with wooden shelves.
  6. Any chips or scratches can be put in place.
  7. They allow light to pass through make viewing of displayed items easy since you can view them from any side without having to pick them up from the shelve. This makes them less obstructive as compared to wooden shelves.
  8. Glass shelves provides a striking look of high elegance with mirrors fixed behind them to enhance further reflection of light and the objects displayed.
  9. Mirrored glass shelves looks more dramatic with introduction of spot lighting at night.
  10. With the modern technology which supports advanced glass cutting and handling techniques you can easily customize a glass shelve to fit your needs and wishes, with all the wavy edges and imaginary curves.
  11. Floating glass shelves which are supported by a groove and tongue system can also introduce a look of high elegance in the room. The look is also very clean and non-obtrusive.
  12. Glass Shelves are said to be ubiquitous as the can be used in various situations. For example:
  13. Bathroom wall mirrors are integrated with a glass shelve that looks light and dramatic as it reflects everything in the room including items placed on.
  14. Glass shelves can also be used in the making of elegant TV stands.
  15. Glass shelves can also look very dramatic when combined with wood or any other material such as metal. For example a bamboo strip combined with glass shelves.


Choosing and installing glass shelves.


Most modern houses and apartments are very good for installing glass shelves as compared to the old designs of houses which have a lot of wood work making the installation of glass shelves a little tricky but glass shelves are sure to produce a significant transformation upon proper and thoughtful installation.

This requires a creative mind that will guide the choice of the glass shelves which will go with a particular house and this is true for both the modern and the classic house designs.

Before settling for particular Glass shelves design, you should consider the decor that already exists in your house.

This will lead to the type of glass shelves that will produce a stylish effect. An individual’s house could be having fixed cabinets and mounted designs that will render the use of the wall mounted Glass shelf jetsam and lead to the decision that the glass shelves unit to stand on the ground is most appropriate, similarly the wall space could be limited and mounting wall shelves could lead to overcrowding the elegant wall hence a wrong decision made.

This is a consideration that is essential in producing the beauty that the glass shelves are designed to exude.

The kind of Items an individual intend s to shelves will also dictate the glass shelves to pick, in which case if the items to be displayed are heavy such as ceramic sculptures then the glass should be heavy enough to provide a strong support to the heavy items.

Magazines and books require shelves that are within easy reach and as such may be most appropriate with the glass shelves unit that can be set next to the settee.

The positioning of the glass shelve is also Very crucial in the choice of the glass shelve design.

Corner shelves are very exquisite in any given room and should be utilized with artistic brio to give the house more aesthetics, one is encouraged to pick very eye catchy design for corner shelves. The installation of Glass Shelves is to be in safe places because there is always the impending danger of the glass shelve falling along with its contents.

The choice design should also be one which is user friendly especially the round edged glass shelves which will not scratch or cut anyone reaching for an item on it.

The installation of glass shelves require careful direction or the knowledge of a specialist to ensure that the glass shelves are anchored strongly.

This also calls for very sturdy brackets for holding the glass shelves.

Installation in places like bathrooms will necessitate that the shelves are placed at safe heights and that the glass shelves used is made of a material that is not prone to breaking or chipping off.

There is also the comfort of having the advice of the various Glass shelves store and one should be very free to consult with them concerning the installation of the glass shelves they are about to buy.


What You Should Know About Wall Mounted Shelves?


There are many different types of wall mounted shelves. While these shelves cannot hold as much as large storage shelves or bookcases, they are extremely useful.

Wall mount shelves can be put up in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage or even the bathroom. These shelves can be made from wood, metal or glass.

Following is an overview of some different types of wall shelving and tips on choosing the right ones.


Metal Wall Shelves


Metal wall shelves are not particularly aesthetic but they can be very practical.

Specialized corner wall shelving in the living room can be used to store CDs, cable boxes, stereo components and the like.

Metal wall shelves are ideal for garage storage, as they can hold a fair bit of weight and are quite affordable.

Some metal shelves have ornate designs and can be used for the living room, but should not be used together with wooden furnishings.

Wooden Wall Mounted Shelves

Wooden wall shelves are by far the most common. Floating wood shelves are particularly aesthetic. These are not held up by visible brackets or pieces of wood and will give a room an elegant appearance. These shelves are made in varying shades of white, black and brown, although one can paint the shelves any color that he or she wishes. Wooden shelves can be used in any room of the house, including the bathroom. However, if these shelves are used in either the bathroom or the kitchen, then they should be treated so that the moisture will not rot the wood.


Glass Wall Shelves


There are both floating glass wall shelves and regular glass wall shelves. These cannot hold much weight but are quite beautiful.

They can be either rectangular or semi-circular in shape. Some wall shelves consist of a single shelf while others are a two or three shelf unit.

Glass wall shelves are ideal for the bathroom, as the humidity will not ruin them. They can also be used in the bedroom, kitchen or living room.



Well Known and world class Wall Shelves

There are many furniture makers that specialize in making wall mounted shelves.

Wood form specializes in making regular wall mount shelves that contain two or more shelving units.

Four levels floating wall shelf is particularly aesthetic and will give a living room a touch of elegance and class.

On the other hand, makes mostly single unit wall shelves. Some of these are floating shelves and others are not. These shelves are rectangular in shape and come in varying colors and styles.

Oppositely, specializes in manufacturing metal wall shelving. Stainless steel shelving units are not particularly cheap, but they are well made and surprisingly good looking.


Tips on Choosing the Right Shelving

There are so many shelving options that it can be hard to choose the right one. Following are some things that one should consider when choosing wall mounted shelves:

  1. How practical is the shelving unit?
  2. Can it hold the weight of the items that will be put on it?
  3. Does it have enough space for the items that will be put on it?
  4. Does it match the room’s decor?
  5. How much does the shelving unit cost?

Prices vary depending on the brand name of the shelving unit, its size, what material it is made from and where it is purchased.

Online retailers often have better prices than the average store, but not always. It always pays to do some comparison shopping before investing in expensive wall shelves, as doing so can save one a considerable amount of money.

Aesthetics are also very important, unless the shelves are being installed in the garage. Shelves modern display are ideal for a contemporary style home. Ornate shelves should be reserved for an elegant home.

A wise homeowner will also make sure the shelving unit color matches the existing room furniture. If the furnishings in the room are wood, then choose either wood or glass wall mount shelves.

Metal shelves are perfect for a kitchen that has a stainless steel refrigerator and other stainless steel furnishings. It is surprisingly aesthetic and gives the kitchen a clean, modern look.

It is also important to make sure the shelves can hold the weight of the items that will be placed on them. If the shelves are made from glass, then one will not want to place heavy items on them.

Wood and metal shelves can usually hold quite a bit of weight, but it is always a good idea to check what the shelves’ weight allowance is before buying them.

Those who are looking for shelving that is both aesthetic and practical should consider investing in wall mounted shelves.

These shelving units may contain a single shelf or as many as five shelves.

They can be used for storing kitchen spices, recipe books, tools or even a soap dispenser and toothbrush. They are also commonly used to display vases, knick knacks or hold plants.

A person buying wall shelves should make sure the shelves are both aesthetic and practical. The shelves should match with the other furniture in the room and be able to hold the weight of the items that will be placed on them.

Floating Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves are becoming more and more popular in homes nowadays, and with good reason.

They look great no matter where they are installed, and they give the illusion that they are floating in mid-air.

They are bracket less shelves, and this really appeals to many people nowadays as they look unique and stylish in the home.

They provide a great storage solution other than furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, drawers or boxes, as they do not take up any previous floor space.

Floating glass shelves are commonly seen in bathrooms, and the main reason is because they are generally more light weight and can hold a lesser load as compared to wooden shelves with proper brackets.

Those wooden shelves can hold heavier objects like books, printers, magazines whereas a glass shelf is more suitable for a display area for your photo frames, awards, prizes, and smaller objects like car keys, wallet and your mobile phones.

Chances are you have some old decorative ornaments that you would like to put up for display, but are unable to due to the lack of space in your home.

With a glass shelf, this is no longer a problem since you have a platform to showcase your prized possessions, instead of keeping it in some carton or box and stowing it away in your basement or attic.

Floating glass shelves are not only functional, they are very aesthetic as well. Place it in the living room, and it will fit right in with your decor.

It can even go well in your study room or bed rooms. Glass is a pretty neutral material, and it will not stand out so obviously as compared to wood or metal.

It is transparent, and can go with any color scheme you have in your room.

There are other alternatives to floating glass shelves, if you require slightly heavier objects to be placed on it.

There are still glass shelves with chrome, aluminum or even wood brackets that are able to hold more weight as compared to floating shelves.

When you pair a glass shelf with a wooden bracket, it really brings out a unique look and charming appeal that is timeless and is sure to add to the stylish appeal of any room.

Contrary to popular belief that glass shelves are fragile and might shatter easily, the glass used is actually very strong and durable. It is made of tempered glass, which increases its durability and it will not crack easily.

It is about a quarter of an inch thick and has a slight green tinge to it.

It should be suitable for most purposes, unless you intend to put really heavy objects on it.

If so, a wooden shelf would be a better choice. Glass shelves are also not as expensive as most people think.

The cost is relative to the design and function, and you would expect to pay more for a more elaborate design or pattern.

However, a plain glass shelf is well within the budget of most people, and people should consider getting some floating glass shelves in their home.