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Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera MTV VMA Performance: The Infamous Kiss, 10 Years Later

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The closest she came to $125 million was in 2009 when she earned $110 million. Madonnas success, at age 55, just goes to show the incredible power of a successful music career. Many have accused Lady Gaga of copying Madonnas career. The young star is certainly emulating Madonna when it come to raking in money. Gaga ranks 10th on our list of highest-paid celebrities with $80 million in earnings. She would have brought in even more than that if her tour hadnt been cut short by a hip injury. Her latest single, Applause, was overshadowed last week by Katy Perry s latest, Roar. But Gaga can comfort herself with the knowledge that last year at least, she earned a lot more money than Perry, who brought in an estimated $39 million. To compile our list, we talked to agents, managers, producers and other in-the-know folks to come up with estimates for each celebritys entertainment-related earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, the time frame for our Celebrity 100 list. We do not deduct for taxes, agent fees or the other expenses of being a celebrity. Ranking second on our list with $25 million less than Madonna is Steven Spielberg . The director earned an estimated $100 million between June 2011 and June 2012.

A government spokesman also accused her of overstating her contributions, saying she announced that she built schools in the nation while she only helped construct classrooms in existing facilities. Malawi officials blast Madonna’s school plans The pop star shot down the reports as inaccurate, and pledged to continue helping educate young girls in the nation. Madonna adopted a son from Malawi in 2006, and her ties to the nation run deep. In addition to adopting a daughter three years later, she has several education projects in the nation. They include the documentary, “I Am Because We Are,” which highlights diseases devastating children in the country. She also co-founded a nonprofit group, Raising Malawi, to help educate and provide programs to help the needy. Despite her charitable involvement and fame, the government said, it is not obligated to give her special treatment. “Madonna feels that the Malawi government and its leadership should have abandoned everything and attended to her because she believes she is a music star turned benefactor,” Tusekele Mwanyongo, a government spokesman, said in a statement posted by the nation’s media outlets. “Granted, Madonna is a famed international musician. But that does not impose an injunction of obligation on any government … to give her state treatment. Such treatment, even if she deserved it, is discretionary not obligatory.” The spokesman did not provide specific details on what kind of special treatment Madonna reportedly asked for.

Madonna Tops Forbes 2013 List Of The Top-Earning Celebrities

Unlike Ecstasy, which has a reputation for being laced with everything from caffeine to methamphetamine, molly — a name shortened from “molecule” — is thought of as “pure” MDMA. The DEA labels it an illegal Schedule 1 controlled substance, considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted use in medical treatment. Molly is abundant at music festivals — if you know where to look. The third and final day of New York’s Electric Zoo music festival was canceled Sunday after two concert-goers died and at least four others were hospitalized due to what is believed to be MDMA-related causes, police said; it is unclear whether the drug was used in Ecstasy pills or in its “pure” form of molly. Last year, at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, fliers littered the landscape mentioning her name like missing child posters: “Have you seen molly?” And when Madonna took to the stage to introduce an artist, the pop star asked the audience: “How many people in this crowd have seen molly?” A slew of cheers answered, though Madonna later said she’d been referring to a song, not to an illegal drug. Hip-hop artists claim they know her — she’s casually mentioned by 2 Chainz in the Nicki Minaj track “Beez In the Trap,” by Childish Gambino in his song “Unnecessary,” by Kanye West in “Mercy,” by Danny Brown in “Die Like a Rockstar.” Even Miley Cyrus is familiar, although the line “We like to party, dancing with molly” was bleeped out in her most recent performance of ” We Can’t Stop ” on the MTV Video Music Awards. It seems the drug is on the minds of many. But questions about who — or what — molly really is remain. Contradictions about makeup An experience with molly starts with a bitter taste, users say, which is soon forgotten as the high kicks in. “It felt like everything was amplified. It felt euphoric — almost like a crazy adrenaline rush for a long time,” said Evan, a young professional working in Michigan. “You feel a lot more loose and comfortable in your environment,” said recent Georgia high school graduate Jessica, who’d never used molly until the concert last summer — a friend’s recommendation convinced her to give molly a try.

Madonna in bitter war of words with Malawi after recent visit

Roger Mason Darling had put a shot on goal that rebounded to Jolliffe who was able to convert for the game-winner. “We were extremely happy to come away with the win in a very physical game,” said Lumumba Shabazz, Kalamazoo College’s head coach. Neither team was able to score in the first half and Madonna struck first in the second half with a goal in the 65th minute (64:50). Kalamazoo responded just 26 seconds later (65:16) when Darling found the back of the net (Kyle Hernandez assist). “We responded very well after giving up that first goal, and we stayed pretty well disciplined through the second overtime,” said Shabazz. The score remained tied 1-1 at the end of regulation despite a combined total of 32 shot attempts by the two teams. Neither team scored in the first 10 minute overtime on four combined shots. Madonna outshot Kalamazoo 23-17 overall, including 11-9 on goal. Beau Prey made two saves in goal in the first half. Kellon Johnston Roper made eight saves in the second half and through overtime. “We made the change in goal at halftime and Kellon did what we expected him to do,” said Shabazz.

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Come on. I dont get it. J. Lo. She doesn’t understand. For a dog it’s like climbing Mt. Everest.” Kanye West Doesn’t Let Taylor Swift Finish (2009) Taylor Swift won the “Best Female Video” award, making history as the first country singer to do so. But she soon made history again when Kanye West appeared out of nowhere and interrupted Swift’s acceptance, claiming that Beyonce had made the best music video of all time and turning “I’mma let you finish” into an eternal meme. Lady Gaga Bleeds on Stage (2009) Lady Gaga is known for her eccentricity but nobody saw the unexpected blood-soaked finale coming during a performance of “Paparazzi” at the 2009 VMAs. Sacha Baron Cohen Lands on Eminem (2009) Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed like a scandalous angel to promote his Bruno movie, dropped from the sky and right onto Eminem’s face. The rapper did not find this funny and walked out, though it was later revealed Slim Shady was in on the joke and they even practiced it at the dress rehearsal.

Miley Cyrus Compares Herself To Madonna & Britney Spears, Says Her VMA Performance Made History

But Mileys here to remind us all that we witnessed history herstory. Speaking to a documentary crew, Cyrus essentially (and not surprisingly) gave the interview version of this . How many times have we seen this play out in pop music? she asked rhetorically. Madonnas done it. Britneys done it. Every VMA performance, thats what youre looking for; youre wanting to make historyMe and Robin [Thicke,] the whole time said, You know were about to make history right now. Cyrus continued, Whats amazing is I think now, were three days later and people are still talking about it. Theyre over thinking it. Youre thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didnt even think about it cause thats just me. So there you have it: Miley walking around in a latex bikini with a giant foam finger poking her own crotch and other peoples bits is just Miley being Miley (being Britney). [via MTV ] Do you think Mileys VMA performance is on par with Madge and Brits iconic performances?Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter !