Noel Gallagher Mocks Rihanna’s “small Army” Of An Entourage As Riri Steps Out With Biggest Hoop Earrings Known To Man

The “Umbrella” hit maker is a strong believer that life exists beyond the planet Earth and has hired an agency to give her regular updates of alien activity! Rihanna is a strong believer in alien activity and UFO sightings. According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper Rihanna has hired a person called “Sky Scanner” to keep her updated on the alien activity from Little A’Le’Inn – a motel in Nevada which hosts UFO hunters. “Rihanna has always been convinced aliens will land on Earth in her lifetime,” one of the UFO hunter told the newspaper adding that a particular person gives the singer information on what all is happening at the UFO and alien front. “So she started using the man, who calls himself a sky scanner, to give her information from Nevada on anything that relates to sightings. He keeps in touch with her from the Little A’Le’Inn – a motel which hosts UFO hunters,” he adds. Must Read Rihanna Believes in Aliens, Pays a “Sky Scanner” to Track UFO Sight Seeings and Alien Activity Sponsorship Link He reiterated that Rihanna does not consider UFO sighting as a fad and strongly believes in it. “This isn’t a fad for Rihanna, she is a total believer and doesn’t mind spending her money on it to get results. Rihanna has always been convinced aliens will land on Earth in her lifetime,” he said. As a child little Rihanna was asked by her dad to look for UFO’s in the sky for so many years. She and her now 23-year-old brother Rorrey are firm believers of the alien world and use to think they actually exist. “My dad used to make me sit outside on the steps all night long in Barbados looking for UFOs flying by. I had to do that for years. I didn’t see any, but I saw a falling star once and I was like: ‘Yes, Dad! Come and see!'” RiRi told the newspaper.

Rihanna Believes in Aliens, Pays a “Sky Scanner” to Track UFO Sight Seeings and Alien Activity

Of course, that’s easier said than done when you’re the former singer-guitarist of Oasis, but when he told a story about his run-in with Rihanna at Wednesday’s GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, it was really all in good fun. Speaking to the magazine (via ), Gallagher couldn’t resist recalling the time he encountered RiRi and her overly large posse backstage at a music festival last year in Norway where she and his band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, were on the same bill. NEWS: Unlikely feud alert: Noel Gallagher takes on…Katie Holmes?! “I don’t have an entourage, and when I do it’s pathetic. Never more than two people,” said the 46-year-old rocker. “I was at a festival in Norway and Rihanna’s just arrived with a hundred people. F–king small army. And I had to go into this room, which was all just racks of clothing and stuff that designers and punters had brought to give to Rihanna. And they all had these cards in front of them, saying: ‘Dear Rihanna, we are such huge fans, please accept this $90,000 handbag from whoever and whoever.'” That being said, Gallagherwho’s not without a sense of humorfigured if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So he sent a present the singer’s way as well. “I’m reading all these cards as I’m waiting to go in,” the prankster added. “So I went back to my dressing room and got the little bowl of Cadbury’s Sensations and left it there on her table with a card saying, ‘Dear Rihanna, please accept these chocolates on behalf of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. And she took them. She f–king took them.'” No word what Rihanna has to say about that. PHOTO: Rihanna wears gold necklace believed to be from ex Chris Brown Barbera/Cepeda/ At the same time Gallagher was poking fun at her massive entourage, the “Unapologetic” hitmaker was snapped out and about in New York that night wearing the largest, most bizarre silver hoop earrings we’ve ever seen.