Khloe Kardashian Momager Misery On Kuwtk! How Kris Jenner Separated Her From Dad


But no, it wasnt about her troubled marriage to Lamar Odom , which has NOT been explored on the show despite making headlines for weeks. Instead, during Sunday nights episode, the reality star was suffering from severe memory loss. Then Khloe went under hypnosis and found out she can never remember anything because of a traumatic incident in her past that involved her momager, Kris Jenner . Khloe revealed that at the age of 13, Kris had prevented her from seeing her father, legal eagle Robert Kardashian, because he supported O.J. Simpson, who was accused of killing his wife, Kris close friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. PHOTOS: The Costliest Celebrity Divorces I remember having nightmares and I remember not being allowed to see our dad because he was on O.J.s side and my mom was on Nicoles side, Khloe dramatically told hypnotist Caroline Fitzgerald about the famed trial of the century, in which Robert Kardashian was part of the dream team of lawyers who represented O.J. The football player was acquitted of the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995. O.J. was like our uncle O.J., Khloe recalled. My mom felt that my brother and I were too young to be around that. I was too young to understand why someone would be accused of doing that. GALLERY: Hollywood Divorce Lawyers Tell All Prostitutes, Cross Dressing, Drugs & More Shocking Split Secrets Khloe told the E! cameras, O.J. and Nicole were a part of my life so when she was killed so violently and disturbingly I remember that always stuck with me. When hypnotist Fitzgerald asked what it was like not being able to see her dad, who died in 2003, Khloe admitted, I was really cold to him when I was a teenager. He died very suddenly. Without elaborating, Khloe said, Then after, I chose to not be with my family for a long time. They reminded me too much of my dad. Fitzgerald told the TV star, Theres that part of you that chooses to not be present so when youre not present, you dont remember. When things arent feeling good, this little girl devised a way to not be present. This whole thing about forgetting the pastif you want to, Khloe, you can remember, allowing yourself to be at ease and at peace. After pulling her out of a trance, the hypnotist told Khloe, These memories are hard for you to retrieve. You were there, but emotionally, you were not there. Khloe said in confessional, I think with a few sessions under my belt, the hypnotherapy could work. Before the session, however, viewers saw Khloe wondering if she had suffered the memory loss after a 2001 car crash. I went through a windshield, she recalled to her sisters when they all went to visit pregnant K im Kardashian s chiropractor. And Khloe claimed as a result, she could remember little from her childhood, even when she looked at family photos with sister Kourtney .

Kim Kardashian has lost almost 2 stone on post-baby body diet by locking her fridge and giving Kanye West the key! – EXCLUSIVE

Kim Kardashian has taken to locking her fridge and giving Kanye West the key. Copyright [Splash] But since giving birth, Kim Kardashian has come up with a novel way of losing her baby weight – locking her fridge and giving boyfriend Kanye West the key. The 32-year-old has lost almost two stone already by ridding her house of food and keeping the fridge padlocked. [ Kim Kardashian desperate to be a UK size 10 following baby weight loss diet ] A source from Kim’s team exclusively told omg!: “She can’t go any where near the fridge, it is literally locked and Kanye has the key. “Theres nothing for her in the cupboards except foods that are part of the regime, all being made for her.” Kim Kardashian gained four stone during her pregnancy. Kim has food trays made for her daily, supplying her with low-fat meals in a bid to get her back down to a UK size10 ahead of her first public appearance. The source added: “The food trays change every day and shes loving it, she sees it as an adventure and is really into it. “The meals are different every day and the diet changes as she progresses. The weight’s coming off so shes feeling terrific, but still hates her body and cant wait to be LA thin.” Kim’s trainer has apparently introduced dates into her diet, in a bid to ward off her sugar cravings. Our source revealed: “Kims new trainer has told her to focus on putting dates in her salad, she’s got a sweet tooth so the dates keep her from snacking. “She’s still obsessed with slimming down and trying to like her body again’, but she’s getting there.” After giving birth in June, Kim has remained out of the public eye, going to extreme measures to avoid being photographed. .