Kanye West Performs For Grandson Of Kazakhstan’s Authoritarian President

Pharoahe Monch Recalls Kanye West Dissing His Jacket

Getty Images Kanye West is doing weddings now. our editor recommends PHOTOS:Kanye West’s 20 Most Jaw-Dropping Quotes Yeezus was seen arriving in a black Mercedes at the Royal Tulip hotel in the city of Almaty, where Nazarbayev’s grandson, Aisultan Nazarbayev, wed Alima Boranbayeva, the daughter of a top executive at aKazakh state energy firm. West was reportedly paid roughly $3 million for performing for the couple, TMZ cited an unnamed Central Asian source . A video posted on Instagram showed the rapper performing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” from his third studio album, Graduation. The photographer, Alyona Gadjilova, who uploaded the video, declined to comment on the wedding when reached by The New York Times . According to the Kazakh news agency Tengrinews, West was reportedly President Nazarbayev’s personal guest for the wedding. The Kazakh leader, who has ruled the country for 23 years, drew criticism in 2011 for mistreatment of striking oil workers in the city of Zhanaozenthat left more than a dozen people dead. The tragedy led Sting to cancel a concert in theKazakhcapital city ofAstanaover human rights concerns . This comes on the heel of Jennifer Lopez’s performance in June when she performed at a birthday event for the Turkmenistan leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who has also been cited for human rights abuses and authoritarian rule. Lopez’s representative described the event in Turkmenistan as a “private corporate event” held by the CNPC that was “not political in nature” and was not “government sponsored.”

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian BAN Color Pink From Baby North’s Wardrobe!

The couple have essentially banned the color pink from their baby North West’s wardrobe. In fact – there are only three colors that the cute North really wears! Here’s what a source said those are: They do not dress North in any other colors except three: black, white or cream. No pinks allowed! Wow! We guess Kanye is not a pink guy! Hey – we can respect that. Especially when we heard about North’s amazing nursery! Here’s how a source describes it: The colors are dark navies, blacks and whites. Its not girly at all. It has a flat-screen TV. They really spared no expense when it came to Norths nursery. Plus, North’s closet sounds ridiculous!!! A source says the baby girl has: Fendi, Bonpoint, Lanvin, custom Giuseppe Zanotti baby shoes, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes she has it all! That’s seriously incredible!

Kanye West: Love’s more important than branding

<img src='http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/130610201520-kwest-2004-horizontal-gallery.jpg' width='200px' alt='November 2004: The loss of Best New Artist to Gretchen Wilson at the American Music Awards turned ‘Ye into an outspokenly sore loser. The “College Dropout” artist not only walked out of the AMAs, he told the press, “I felt like I was definitely robbed. … I was the best new artist this year.”‘ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

It’s Kanye. I’m like, ‘What up? What up?’ Gave them the five. “[Kanye] touches my coat,” Monch continues. “He was like ‘Yeah. That’s Diesel right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah. How’d you know?’ He was like, ‘I had that shit last year.’ I said, ‘This mothafucker, man. What the fuck?'” The narration of the incident is accompanied by animation below. Pharoahe Monch and Kanye West collaborated on Talib Kweli’s “Guerrilla Monsoon Rap” off of 2002’s Quality . Earlier this year, Kanye West dissed Sway Calloway by saying that he got him his first television set. Sway later explained the incident on his MTV Rap Fix show . “This is my first TV,” Sway said, sitting beside the television set that Kanye West gave him. “We met in 2001. Back in 2001, me and Kanye West would hang out from time to time…Kanye is one of the most talented visionaries we have in this business. So, him inviting me to see his house? Of course I did it…When I opened the bathroom door, which was probably the size of a closet, the first thing I saw was this hunk of a TV sitting in Kanye West’s sink.

Kanye West - P - 2012

November 2004: The loss of Best New Artist to Gretchen Wilson at the American Music Awards turned ‘Ye into an outspokenly sore loser. The “College Dropout” artist not only walked out of the AMAs, he told the press , “I felt like I was definitely robbed. … I was the best new artist this year.” September 2005: If you didn’t know by September 2005 that Kanye is not the type to stick to the script, he proved it during a relief telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims. Speaking alongside Mike Myers, ‘Ye memorably started ad-libbing, leading to a phrase that still hasn’t lived down its infamy: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” February 2006: A year after his theatrical performance of “Jesus Walks” at the Grammys, West posed as Jesus Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in February 2006. It was a move so controversial he later claimed, “I can’t even get endorsements now. The ones that might have been open to me when I was just a cute kid in a Polo.” November 2006: Kanye really doesn’t like losing, and he reminded us of that at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2006, when he stage-crashed Justice vs. Simian’s best video win for “We Are Your Friends.” Clearly, his video “Touch the Sky” should’ve won because “it cost a million dollars, and Pamela Anderson was in it.” Having a “sippy sippy” pre-awards show might convince one of such merits. September 2007: Awards shows are such a sticking point for Mr. West. When he lost out on all five of his MTV VMAs and wasn’t scheduled to perform on the main stage, which had boasted the likes of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, West threw a fit, threatening not to return to the awards ceremony. June 2008: Like most with an overwhelming number of strong opinions, Kanye was a natural at blogging on his site, Kanyeunivercity.com.