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It was a Labor Day bonanza on the 1st Avenue Bridge where anglers packed in shoulder to shoulder to get in their casts. Dozens more spilled out onto the rocks and pilings on the east side of the river. With the Seattle skyline for a backdrop, the sport fishers successfully pulled in hundreds of pinks as they school up before bolting up the Duwamish. More anglers were waiting for them upriver and having equal success. The every other year pink run has become a local favorite attracting all ages. It also attracts those who cheat by snagging the salmon as they pass by. Most people fishing on the bridge follow and enforce the rule of keeping only fish that are hooked in the mouth. We did see one man bring in a salmon snagged in the tail who then stuck a hook IN the fishs mouth and kept it. State Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers often watch this area for poaching and other signs of trouble. The season is now officially open on the Duwamish and will stay open for the rest of the year. Pink numbers appear to be peaking now and will slowly dwindle as the season goes along. For more on the rules and regulations you can call up an online version of the State Fishing Regulations.

The singer wore a black crop top and a shiny red, green and purple skater skirt that pushed the fashion boundaries. The 33-year-old star accessorised her outfit with skyscraper red heels and a black clutch bag. Pink:The American pop star arrives in Sydney, Australia for a meet and greet with record label executives with husband Carey Hart Feisty: The cropped hair singer pushed style boundaries with a black crop top and a shiny red, green and purple skater skirt Pops feistiest star looked great, as the outfit showcased her super flat tummy and toned long legs. Carey, a retired motorcycle racer kept things a little more casual in a grey t-shirt, showing off his sleeve tattoos and completed his laid back outfit with baggy black jeans and black trainers. The pair who have been dating since 2001 and the unconventional pop star asked Carey to marry him, while he was competing in 2005 race by holding up a sign that read: Will u marry me? Serious! Going on strong: Pink and Carey split up in 2008, then got back together in 2010 and have been rock solid ever since The couple tied the knot in 2006, and looked very much in love as they held on tight to one another at the end of the night. Whilst their marriage got off to a bumpy start when the two separated back in 2008, they reconciled in 2010 and now have one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood. The husband and wife duo welcomed their first child Willow Sage Hart in June 2011; yet their little one was nowhere to be seen on their date. Breaking tradition: Pink proposed to Carey whilst he was competing in 2005 race by holding up a sign that read: Will u marry me? Serious! The husband and wife duo welcomed their first child Willow Sage Hart in June 2011; yet their little one was nowhere to be seen on their date. No doubt their little one was with a nanny, so the rock star couple could enjoy some alone time together. The Hart family are currently Down Under, whilst True Love singer completes the Australasian leg of her Truth About Love Tour.

She’s just a skater girl: Pink shows off her slender figure in crop top and flared miniskirt on date with husband Carey Hart

Breaking tradition: Pink proposed to Carey whilst he was competing in 2005 race by holding up a sign that read: Will u marry me? Serious!

Moonlighting as a musician. Its all very Hannah Montana. Shapiro, 34, started at NPR in 2001, and he spent most of 2012 on the campaign trail covering then-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He can be heard on three Pink Martini albums Splendor in the Grass, Joy to the World and Get Happy, which is due out at the end of September singing in five languages (showoff). He took a break from listening to President Obama to talk about his musical past, the karaoke skills of his NPR co-workers, and why hed rather hit the road with the band than jet-set in the presidential motorcade. (Scott Suchman/NSO) – Singer Storm Large with Ari Shapiro during a Pink Martini’s performance at the Kennedy Center. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Starting at the beginning: Were you always into music one of those kids who sang along with the radio all the time? I was a theater kid. I did choirs and musical theater. I took singing lessons and things like that.

NPR’s Ari Shapiro gets his groove on with Pink Martini

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman (C) arrives at Pyongyang airport, in this photo taken by Kyodo September 3, 2013. Flamboyant former basketball star Rodman arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a five-day visit to North Korea, his second this year, but said he had no plans to negotiate the release of a jailed American missionary. Mandatory Credit. REUTERS/Kyodo (NORTH KOREA - Tags: POLITICS SPORT BASKETBALL TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) ATTENTION EDITORS - FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. MANDATORY CREDIT. JAPAN OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN JAPAN. YES

Photo: Aruliden The microfiber sleeve around each bottle can be replaced once it gets too schmutzy. Photo: Aruliden Certain chemicals and cloths can damage the glass, but the entire AM system is designed to clean the screen as safely as possible. Photo: Aruliden The AM line is segmented by screen size with different dispensers for smartphones, laptops, and big-screen TVs. Photo: Aruliden AM cleaning products range in price from $14.95 to $34.95 and are available on the web at Getclean.am . Photo: Aruliden The round square motif and bright colors that mark the new AM line are a playful homage to the ubiquitous app icon. Photo: Aruliden Spending $14.95 on a spray bottle might seem excessive, but if it can help you avoid a bout of pink eye, that’s a bargain. Photo: Aruliden Recent studies have shown that toilet seats, dog bowls, and doorknobs carry less germs than smartphones and other gadgets. Photo: Aruliden The new AM line was designed by the NYC-based creative firm Aruliden, whose principal has previously worked for Fuseproject and completed projects for BMW, Nike, and Herman Miller. Photo: Aruliden The AM line has a clean, modern look, but the company dates back to 1971, when it was founded to develop cleaning products to accompany Bang & Olufsen sound systems. Photo: AM You wouldnt press your face against a public toilet seat or let your mouth get within millimeters of a dog food bowl, but both of these absurd scenarios would expose you to fewer germs than using your cellphone. Our eyes enjoy the clean lines of our gadgets while our immune systems have to grapple with the pink eye-causing bacteria that thrives in their gaps. Fortunately, a Danish company called AM has partnered with creative agency Aruliden to develop a clever line of cleaning products optimized for our electronics-filled existence. Johan Liden is the co-founder of NYC-based Aruliden and has completed projects for Nike, BMW, and the Estee Lauder group in the past, but faced a serious challenge when presented with the opportunity to design the next great germicide.

Boys Who Wear Pink Aren’t Just Internet Sensations

The final match of four-team tournament will be played at the Eden Gardens from October 1-4. Bengal A, Bengal B, Odisha and Jharkhand are the four participating teams in the tournament that begins on September 15. Pink balls have been used in Australian domestic circuit strictly on experimental basis while one of the opening games in an English County few years back was also played with pink balls. CAB treasurer and member of the BCCI’s NCA sub-committee member Biswarup Dey revealed the elaborate plans. “Day/Night first-class matches are way forward and we wanted to be the first in India to try it out on an experimental basis. The players will be wearing white clothing and pink balls will be used. The sightscreen will be black,” Dey told PTI over phone from Kolkata. Dey informed that he has already placed an order for pink balls with noted Australian ball manufacturing company –Kookaburra. “We have ordered for four dozens of pink balls. Each ball will cost us approximately INR 6500. It means we will be spending close to Rs 3.12 lakh for importing these balls. The idea is to provide the teams with enough pink balls so that they can use them during net practise as a preparation for the final,” Dey said Just like Hyderabad CA organises Moin-Ud Dowla Gold Cup, Tamil Nadu CA holds Buchi Babu and KSCA tournament, CAB has started S K Acharya Challenger Trophy as a preparatory tournament for Bengal’s Ranji squad. Jharkhand and Odisha will be sending their Ranji teams for the tournament.

BlackBerry’s pink Q5 in Dubai, for boys

Theres rarely a middle ground.And then, as quickly as they arrived, they disappear. But they arent isolated cultural phenomena, and they shouldnt be treated that way. They are brief glimpses into the lives of a few boys who are part of a much larger group that faces much bigger problems than the occasional insult during a shopping trip. As the mother of a gender-nonconforming boy, Im not so sure that turning them into miniature lightning rods is what they really need.Neither one event nor all of them as a whole has had the power to inspire and sustain a lasting conversation that raises awareness, understanding and acceptance of little boys who dont conform to traditional gender norms. (MORE: Manning Biographer: Media Should Respect the Trans Experience ) Gender variance or transgender identity occurs in as many as 1 in 500 births, making it more common than childhood diabetes. Gender-nonconforming boys have the highest rate of suicide attempts and are three to six times more likely to suffer from major depression , addiction and unsafe sexual behaviors.More than 80% report being harassed at school and, even worse, many are harassed at home. Life can be dangerous for boys like my son. In her book Gender Born, Gender Made ,psychologist Diane Ehrensaft wrote, To be gender nonconforming is to risk being killed, but on a daily basis it more likely means being harassed, confused and misunderstood in the community There is no doubt that these children are among the ranks of minority individuals in our society who must anticipate bigotry and antipathy from those who either do not understand, are ill-informed, govern their thinking with myth rather than reality or project hatred onto those who are different from themselves. These at-risk children and their families are not getting the help, empathy, acceptance and support they need, because for a lot of people its easier to live with phobias than to get educated about sex, gender and sexuality. Often those same people think gender-nonconforming children should change the gender identity they were born with which is as much a part of them as their eye color and handedness to avoid the problems they face. I argue that its never the job of a child to make an adult feel comfortable and that we as a society should be working to eradicate bullying behaviors, not the behaviors that prompted the bullying. (MORE: Transgender People: The Next Frontier in Civil Rights ) As they grow, gender-nonconforming children need to feel safe and understood. We help them when we stop seeing femininity in males as weakness and realize that colors, toys and clothes are for everyone regardless of whom they are marketed to.

CAB to use floodlights and pink balls

How else would you explain the fact that it is targeting boys for the pink variant of its entry-level QWERTY Q5 smartphone? In a media note sent today, BlackBerry says the pink BlackBerry Q5 smartphone is now available at all leading electronic stores in the UAE. Great. But that isnt all. The company says that [t]o celebrate the launch of the new color, weve come up with five fun facts about the color pink. The first of those facts takes us back to the 19th century when the colour pink wasnt associated with girls but with boys Did you know that the color pink was not always associated with femininity? In the 19th century, pink was associated with boys as it was considered a stronger color as compared to blue, states the BlackBerry missive and for what its worth, also credits a source, the Smithsonian Mag for it. Now were not doubting the 19th century fact, but this is the 21st century for ringing out loud. The statement tries to further sell the colour pink through its facts: In Japan, the color pink is associated with spring only because the cherry blossoms that bloom in springtime are pink in color, it says, and again a source is duly cited. Theres more. Pink was one of the official colors for the London 2012 Olympic Games. (Source: Economist) In USA, there is even a day set aside to celebrate the color pink. The National Pink Day falls on June 23 and celebrates the color pink (Source: National Day Calendar) Notice how a lot of cupcake shops use pink in their packaging and branding?